"The future ain't what it used to be."

Chronohistorian...EVERYONE HERE HATES YOU.

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hey watch your mouth!!! Hate leave to murder you must forgive and love your enemey and don't kill remember what Jesus Christ have to say?? you shall not Kill and by the way I will talk to the owner of this board if you don't let people speak freedom.
he can't die from siegmund, its a paradox then. Because I looked through the database, and he died from chronoradiation in the yr 2523
I don't hate him. Actually, if he wasn't in the forum, then I wouldn't have seen all those real funny posts from Siegmund (like the one with the bouncing kid..or the free cat...eh..or the bull"o"meter!)
bad symptoms, i can't write it all out because its really bad, and theres tons of symptoms that will take forever to post on the forums. thats why I just gave you ur conclusion to your life.
siegmund, this is getting to be a really old bit and you are becoming just as annoying as chrono. Chrono's been pretty good lately. Take this crap to his section of the forum
Not open for further replies.