"The future ain't what it used to be."

Chronohistorian is dead

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Well... my memory is a little sketchy from being in a murderous rage.. but I do remember that you were extrememly ugly!
Yeah... me and a lizaran were freebasing some crank, talking about you.. he got real pissed and said something to the effect that "We should DO something about that piece of sh1t." And I was all like "HELL yah Nigga!"
so you were doped up? so thats why you think you can time travel and that you killed me, its because you were doped up and you think you can do this stuff. I thought you were a retard but now I know you were just doped up.

that explains a lot

I was dressed in lots of colours wasn't I?
yeah yeah... I still killed you. Your days are numbered. I wouldn't call it "Doped up" so much as "wired into a murderous rage".
D00ders, there's a big difference between crank, and LSD. Get a clue you primitive caveman!

Look.. I was thinking about going back in time and stopping myself from killing your sorry ass, but I'm pretty sure that I can get away with it and I'm glad you're dead.

So... if you want to NOT be murdered by me, GO FCUK OFF AN DIE ALREADY!
"there's a big difference between crank, and LSD. Get a clue you primitive caveman"

that makes sense. you come from farer in the future than me and crank and LSD are. I would have thought I would have known more about them seen as it is closer to my generation than your generation

go ahead and kill me now. I dare you
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