Circular Theory - A Way to Travel Through Time?


Temporal Novice
First off I must say that, in my mind that this theory is really exciting. However, I am only a junior in high school and very limited in knowledge as to all those equations. I honor those few individuals who can write and understand those long complicated equations. Anyway I hope that I can present a subtle theory and welcome comments on this idea. I need someone of higher education to either prove me wrong so that I can put my mind to rest, /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif , or enlighten me on this subject. You know what I mean. Okay so here it goes:

From all the books I've read, I found that there were many ways to possibly move through time whether that be quantum tunneling or moving faster-than-light. I figured moving faster than light was easier,lol, since I did not have the know how of quantum mechanics. However, Einstein did say that moving faster than light or even light speed itself was impossible. But in nature, I've learned that their are particles that move faster than light. How can that be if that speed is impossible? Is it possible that there are some flaws in Einstein's equations? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif Now please don't think I'm going against him or anything, but still...Anyway what about circles. We know that a point on the outside or the rim of the circle travels a larger distance than a point on the interior. So in theory, if we had a gigantic circle we could rotate it so that the outside point, say point A, would travel at the speed of light if need be. And that is depending on the size and the number of revolutions the circle makes. So I know that making a gigantic circle is out of the question. So the question remains, how do we get something to move that fast? Well it is not in propelling the object at great speeds that makes you move through time. It is the speed that warps the area around it kinda like matter warping space-time. I mean ask yourself, WHY WOULD SPEED AFFECT TIME? You would think gravity, however the illustration has been made of traveling near the speed of light in space, not near any planets or stars! So since speed affects or warps time if you will, does it necessarily mean that we have to propell that object at great speeds? Again we turn to the circles. First I have to say that the keyboard has no math symbols like pie, so please bear with me. If we had a circle (say c2)that had a diameter of lets say 1 foot, that would give it a circumference of about about 3.14 feet. So lets say that this circle makes one revolution every one second. It's outside velocity would be of course of 3.14 ft/s. So if we were to connect the outside to a smaller circle (say c1) that had a diameter of 1 inch meaning its circumference was again 3.14 inches (sound familiar). That means that c2 would rotate c1 about 12 times a second at a speed of 3.14 ft/s(Do you follow?). Well lets connect c1 to another c2 by attaching c1 to the mid-section of top of c2 (complicated I know), like the layering method. And so we continue this same method until we reach the speed that we want to achieve represented by this equation (v2/v1) to the exponent of x-1 where x equals the number of c2 circles, times v2 equals your ending velocity. This is a very exciting idea! By this method we can achieve these infinite speeds. Please e-mail at [email protected] for a illustration of this. I know its complicated to read but its very subtle and I can't insert an image here. So to make a long story short, with a series of circles, I feel that it is possible to create a machince that will do one of two options. Either creating a gateway to move through time or a "StarGate" if you will that will allow you to travel great distances. If you happen to get what I am talking about right now, then you may be wondering about the tremendous amount of friction that would be generated by the high speeds. Well that can be allieviated by magnetic fields to reduce the contact friction and maybe a vacum space to eliminate the air friction. So I do welcome your comments and my e-mail address again is [email protected]

Thanks For Your Interest and Time /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif