Combined Thoughts and Theories of Time Travel


Temporal Novice
]]]] What is Time

I believe that time travel is a broad statement indicative of multiple meanings. I have broken time travel into 4 types; time line ‘alteration or manipulation', the ‘physical real' time, an ‘imagined' time and an ‘altered state' time. In any of these aspects of time travel, we experience the sequencing of time.

In essence, we are a temporal being; a time traveler.

The ‘physical real' time travel

If we visualize time as a large tree (there are as many ways to visualize), the trunk and main branch is the ‘physical real' time that we all perceive, manipulate and experience events (ie. time travel) on a moment to moment daily basis.

The ‘imagined' time travel

These branches represent the ‘imagined' time lines that we lament for, wish for, or ask the proverbial question "what if..." during our lives. We travel these imagined time lines and process sequences of events and consequences on the minor branches - are these real - yes, the can be. By following the branches in part or to their fruition, they can modify the real time line by implementation of these imagined time events. This is growth, expansion and exploration that make possible some of the great changes we experience on the ‘physical real' time line.

The ‘altered state' time travel

Other than ‘time line manipulation, this is the most interesting method of time travel to me. Have you ever wondered about the out-of-body experiences , the lucid dream (on controlled by the dreamer within the dream), the dream/vision quest or deja vu that people experience, perceive and vocalize? You may even be able to through alien abduction into that pot as well. As an American Indian (even though you don't have to be one), I put a lot of emphasis on this arena. I believe that movement through time, along time lines, manipulation of time and events can occur within and experiencing the ‘altered state' time travel. There is too much history, current events, scientific studies, "black" (or dark) studies performed to minimize the importance of this type of time travel. Singularly and collectively, the human mind is extremely powerful. It may be more important to learn how to manipulate, control and focus a collective thought process to allow for time travel in a ‘projection' type of movement than the actual physical.

The speed of thought and sequencing in brain is in the in the neighborhood of 50 microseconds to 50 milliseconds for neural transmission to occur. The fastest recorded transmission was .2 microseconds during an experiment in 1980 at the John Curtis School of Medical Research. Given the length of the cells used in the study (.37mm) the overall speed of transmission can be found as a function of r=d/t. This equates to 1.85 millimeters per microsecond. This extrapolates to about 4,000 miles per hour. As you can see, it doesn't begin to come close to approximating c (speed of light in a vacuum). However, if you could amplify the strength of the signal and compress its frequency, the potential is there to have a very strong transmission and a very fast speed.

The ‘manipulated' time travel

This is were we actually try to manipulate time via some device and/or means to move into a different temporal space or dimension. This is the ‘time machine'. Read on the other discussion threads for more dialog and contemplation of such a device.
If time is transitional from state to state (on an incremental scale) of physical existance, this describes a ‘continuum' (ie. continuous) and therefore disallows for ‘discrete packets or particles of time'. Earlier the article < see "jbmckee information on ‘What is Time' discussion thread> states that "time is the animation of.... material" and as stated above "space remains frozen...". We know from empirical data that at absolute zero (0Kelvin = - 459Fahrenheit) the atoms of physical material remain ‘at rest', that is no motion. Time continues during this phase eventhough the material is in stasis; time does not stop- however the ‘animation' of the material has.

The more intense the gravity, the more space and the accompanying matter (including photons<quanta>) is affected, not time. This has been the essence of relativistic studies and empirically proven via satellite measurements of Mercury during its transition behind the Sun as observed through the limb of the sun. The ‘fabric' of space is warped (ie. the term ‘gravity well') within high gravity fields, not time. Time remains a constant. The warping or folding of space (the physical) allows for transition times between points on opposing sides of the warp to be shorter. This is what the theory behind wormhole travel or ‘warp' travel. In essence, if you could manipulate the shape of space around you via gravimetric means, you could make time, and therefore travel between points shorter (or longer) based on the way you shape space. Remember, space is 3-dimensional and not to be thought of on a planer existence. Just using Newtonian physics, and applying it simply to the above, the formula d=rt, you can see that by decreasing the distance (by space folding) and increasing your rate (velocity), the ‘time' it would take to traverse could be very short.

Remember, that according to quantum mechanics, the more momentum an object has, the shorter its wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the faster the particle and therefore, shorter the instant. Gravity interaction with quanta, speeds up the quanta and shortens its wavelength and ergo, the faster the particle within an intense gravitational field.

]]]] Surpassing the Speed of Light - Nature Already Does

The speed of light is 186,292.+ miles per second or 2.9979E8 meters per second IN FREE SPACE. This is NOT the velocity of light in other medium(s).

Here may be an interesting concept in time travel in a ‘manipulated' sense. As you may or may not know, Cherenkov radiation is emitted whenever charged particles pass through matter with a velocity v exceeding the velocity of light in that medium. The charged particles polarize the molecules, which then turn back rapidly to their ground state, emitting prompt radiation (in the form of photons). The emitted light forms a coherent wavefront if v]vt; Cherenkov light is emitted under a constant Cherenkov angle with the particle trajectory, and at a given maximum emission angle. Given this information (which is old in the nuclear industry), you can see that traveling faster than the velocity (speed) of light already occurs. The velocity is dependent upon the medium you are working within. Potentially a device (or particle) could be built (generated) which incorporates the mathematics of Cherenkov radiation, the Heisenberg principal and Lorentz formulae (as applied to a given medium), and within that medium ‘move' an object through a ‘time dilation'. Working along these unified lines, anything within a given medium and confined energy field that exhibits the above ‘unified mathmatica', could hypothetically travel in time.

]]]] Space-Time Travel Device

It seems to me that the focus of manipulated time travel should be not only on moving through time but also through space. You may not want to move through time without changing your spatial alignment when you ‘reappear' in time. Where you are standing (or other position) when you "engage" the time travel, may not be a great place to be when you "disengage". You may end up in a swamp, prairie, inside a hill or other nasty place.

As stated previously, Cherenkov radiation is emitted whenever charged particles pass through matter with a velocity v exceeding the velocity of light in the medium. Cherenkov light is emitted under a constant Cherenkov angle with the particle trajectory, and at a given maximum emission angle. Potentially a device (or particle) could be built (generated) which incorporates the mathematics of Cherenkov radiation, the Heisenberg principal and Lorentz formulae (as applied to a given medium), and within that medium ‘move' an object through a ‘time dilation'. Working along these unified lines, anything within a given medium and confined energy field (used to polarize the molecules of the medium) exhibiting the above ‘unified mathmatica', could hypothetically travel in time.
Given that we can calculate the velocity of Cherenkov radiation eminations in a given medium, revisiting the wave/particle duality, we can negate the need for ‘finding' its velocity and concentrate on ‘knowing where it is'. We also know that the particle is also in motion (just as you stated). The direction of travel of the particle (and hypothetically a ‘device') would (should) be derived and identified via the ‘unified mathmatica' as described above. This direction should be identical to the Cherenkov angle.

Based upon the information presented, the hypothetical field mechanism noted above entertains the possibility of being incorporated into a study by NASA (Journal of Propulsion and Power (AIAA), Vol. 13, No. 5, pp. 577-682, (Sept.-Oct. 1997)) known as a ‘Pitch Drive'.

This drive uses a localized slope (ie the Cherenkov emission angle) in scalar potential induced across the vehicle which causes forces on the vehicle. It is assumed that such a slope can be created without the presence of a pair of point sources. If V is the gravitational scalar potential for the combined system, which is equal to the superposition of the potentials from the vehicle and the induced pitch effect, the term for the vehicle's gravitational potential is the familiar Newton's gravitational potential where r is the distance from the source mass (r2 = x2 + y2 for the x - y plane). The origin is taken to be at the center of the vehicle. To entertain the possibility of a Pitch Drive, a localized gradient in the scalar gravitational potential is superimposed across the symmetric gravitational potential already present from the vehicle's mass. This induced pitch effect is represented by a magnitude, A (units of acceleration), with a negative slope in the positive x direction, and is localized by a Gaussian distribution, e-r2, over the distance, r, centered at the origin. This localizing equation is illustratrative only.
By taking the gradient of the scalar potential at the location of the vehicle, specifically the derivative of V with respect to r of the induced pitch effect at r=0, the acceleration for the vehicle is determined to be equal to A, and acts in the positive x direction. NOTE that the ‘x direction' denoted above is assumed to be the Cherenkov emission angle and not specifically along a planar geometric x-axis.

]]]] My Work on Space-Time Travel Development

In 1969, I was working on a series of experiments dealing with high-efficiency propulsion systems for deep-space vehicles. Among some of the leading candidates were the arc-plasma electric system, direct fission heating, ion drive, reflective detonation, solar sail and magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) systems. You must realize that microwave and light amplification systems (MASER and LASER) were in their infancy, much less applications thereof were still very little explored.

I began a study on what I called the CoNeMaLASER (Complete Neutralization of Matter by Light Amplification of Stimulated Emissions of Radiation). This concept incorporated the development of a LASER plasma generator (now called an inertial confinement fusion (ICF) system), a magnetic confinement system (now/then called a stellerator or TOKOMAC depending on design) and a MHD accelerator. This system would cause fusion heating temperature of a selected target (fuel) mass within the magnetic confinement field using an ICF laser or heavy ion accelerator which would in turn generate an ion burst that would be converged and directed through the MHD accelerator. The dual fuel mass was chosen based upon spontaneous generation of particle-antiparticle (ie antimatter) sets. This system had several conceptual advantages. (1) It generated its own power once the fusion was sustainable, (2) the target fuel could be varied depending upon availability (note that differences in fuels would have to be evaluated for best efficiency in energy conversion), (3) exhaust velocities would be very high and capable of a high density/mass ratio, (4) depending on the target fuel, capable of producing its own direct or indirect ignition driver for sustained operation, (5) capable of using free hydrogen, virtual partical pairs and possibly even dark matter in space as a fuel augmentation source, and (6) minimal reconfiguration of the system would lend itself to a solar-sail or direct laser drive if necessary. This system gives you the necessary momentum (ie velocity) to take advantage of the relativistic folding and/or warping of space caused by gravitational bending of space and therefor 'time travel' transition times would be shorter.

I presented my work to NASA. They promptly replied by saying that my work was ‘interesting and valuable' however they were not at a point where they could use or further the research into the concept(s). I was also told to continue my work and ‘forwarded it to the Inventions and Contributions Board in D.C'. What a the work and let some national laboratory continue and take the credit. I must say that I did not follow that course , however, they got enough information to combine with their own to end up where they are today in fusion reactions.

I have also done some research and experimentation on gravity field reduction systems and inertia dampening systems (very closely related). One thing people forget about in space travel, whether within ‘real space' or accounting for ‘warped space', is if you accelerate up to a given velocity you need to be able to stop and explore as well. By not accounting for the deceleration, particularly a rapid deceleration, what's the point of going if you can't visit. You must find a way to dampen (counter) inertia in order to maintain a high velocity, get to your destination quickly and then be able to decelerate quickly.

I am sure there are other potential systems (methods) for exploring time and space-time travel. I think this website should explore all possible avenues of performing this feat. I realize that time travel means different things to different people, however our focus should not sway from traveling through time either in body or by other means. Who knows, maybe ‘projection' of an individual or group may be the way that we travel rather than by a physical means.

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