"The future ain't what it used to be."

Cones - and a theory of time travel...


OK, what I'm going to explain is a little complicated without pictures, but at the moment I don't have webspace available, that I could use as an archive for pictures. So bear with me...

First we assume that the universe has only two dimensions, ie flat, and that we are looking down at it.

At the beginning of the universe there was nothing. If we consider that light is the fastest travelling element in the universe, we can assume that the first source of light becomes the border of this universe. Therefore after 1 second, we have a circle created in our 2d universe. This circle has a radius of 300,000,000m. After 2 seconds it has a radius of 600,000,000m. Now dealing with denominations of time so short, and distances so great it may be helpful to imagine a smaller scale for c. eg we'll say that the speed of light is 1 and that every second is also 1.

Now place these circles on top of each other. A three dimension shape is being formed, with the third dimension being time. The three dimensional shape being formed is a cone. Now, if we traverse this already gigantic cone up to a point of several trillion years or so, and take a transection of it along the 'time' axis t, we get a snapshot of the universe at this point. Visualize an inhabitant of this flat universe somewhere on the transection. If we take the next slice of the universe we might see that he might have moved relative to his position. I say relative, because of of the universe is still expanding. This relative movement would simply occur because of his daily routine, oblivious to us Gods looking down at him. His points in each slice of the cone would show his journey through life if they were joined together.

Now the important part. In a 2d world, the people would have no concept of a 3d universe. Therefore their view of the universe would be just a series of concentric circles eminating from the centre. Imagine having points to represent the various positions of our little frind going about his day to day life. These points would appear once for every circle that he existed for. We could draw a line connecting the dots to show the path that his life has taken.

The visualization of all of this seems pretty straight forward because we exist in a 3d world. Hopefully I don't get tied up here...

In our 3d universe, the first light expands in a sphere. Here comes the first problem. Do we assume that we can only visualize the passage of time within our own dimensions ie a sphere with many layers, each layer being an entire and complete sphere itself representing a snapshot of the universe, with a larger sphere representing the next snapshot of the universe superimposed over it? Or do we try to visualize a 4d shape? A string of ever increrasing spheres? If so, how are the stationary points of an individual linked? What about time having a vector - superimposed spheres moving in a certain direction but getting bigger? Time moving at the speed of light - The sphere with many layers but at a certain point, on the surface, all points since the begining of time are superimposed over ecah other representing a superconduit to everytime in the universe!

In any case. If our life lines cross over each other in the superimposed models, due to mainly the orbit of the earth and other such phenomena, does a possibility exist where we could kind of switch tracks into our future or past life-lines?

This post is based upon an idea which is mentioned in the book Necroscrope III(or IV) by Brain Lumley.

I was with you up until this part--

Time moving at the speed of light

That statement makes no sense. Speed, by its definition, is: distance unite per time unit. Time doesn't move at the "speed" of anything. It advances as time.

Anyway, interesting thoughts there.
Re: Time and Space

Friend James of EarthTR125.0121

The way you have described the constitution of this universe is quite interesting, in fact I too believe the universe to be constructed in this fashion as well. Some time ago I posted about The Constituion of Time and Space and I wrote something like this.

"For example the first construct it is composed of but one dimension, in this construct (C1) this energy form ( I mean time ) is not present at all, thus there is nothingness taking place here. In (C2), which is composed of but two dimensions, the energy form begins to create a pattern that moves back and forth. A perpetual re-enacment of those primeval realities is taking place. In (C3), a construct composed of four dimensions, is that this energy form begins to behave as we all experience it. However the energy form also begins to occilate from (C1) and (C2) creating something similar to an ever expanding Gabriel's Horn effect. By the way, this is the construct that we find ourselves right now. (C4) is much more interesting. This construct actually allows for a sort of curvature on the gabriel's horn ever expanding rim, making it crumble upon itself endlessly, creating an n-number of folds. Upon these limitless folds of the energy form ( TIME ) is that quantum realities are born. The effect of the energy form in this Construct tends to coagulate itself as it moves towards our subjective future creating for the first "time" the lattice of Space/Time. Finally we arrive to the fifth construct, (C5), in this realm is when/where the entire scope of this multiversal energy form has ran far and wide eternally and had coagulated, leaving behind the inert realm of the Prime Temporal Point."

In your post you speak of an ever expanding cone, I tend to think of it as an ever expanding Gabriel's Horn function in the (C3) universal construct. You propose a number of questions, they my friend are all intimately related at a single point, the Center!. You state the following :

""The sphere with many layers but at a certain point, on the surface, all points since the begining of time are superimposed over ecah other representing a superconduit to everytime in the universe!""

Well that superconduit to everytime in the universe, multiverse or paraverse is known as the Prime Temporal Point. Yes from this sixteenth dimensional space we can traverse not only our time but those times of every other realities. In this sixteenth dimensional space every single moment in time is arranged in a great lattice-like universal architecture. And yes, you could actually enter every single reality without having the problem of quantum signature differentials or things of the sort.

Until later becomes now.
That statement makes no sense. Speed, by its definition, is: distance unite per time unit. Time doesn't move at the "speed" of anything. It advances as time.

Sorry, my bad. What would be a more accurate definition would be that the centre point of each sphere of time moves along the axis of time. As we have no way of knowing what existed before the universe rolled into town, we have no basis to identify whether or not the universe moves. After all, to observe movement one must be outside of the moving object, otherwise it appears that everything else is moving. What if the universe works in a similar fashion?

My use of the word speed was indeed wrong though.

An interesting point by Transient001. If there are multiple universi(?) moving away from each other other at the speed of light, then the idea of a 'Prime Temporal Point' is quite interesting. The centre of the multiverse being at the edge of our own perception of the universe. Boggles the mind /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif