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This is nothing inherently profound about what i'm about to say, nothing new i'm about to reveal...i just want you all to keep it in the back of your heads for a day or two.

The only reason the temporal flow moves in a linear fashion is because our consciousness, our perception is our only tool of measurement. "moments" aren't lined up in succession like lines on a ruler. we have interjected our limited understanding into a universe that is a thing in-and-of itself outside of our own understanding. Traveling forward or backward in time...its merely a matter of stepping outside of that collective conciousness, displacing the perception of the "forward" progression of time. Once outside, all of time is instentaneous...or infinite depending on your point of view. Something that we can not comprehend. Until we figure out HOW to comprehend that, time travel will remain impossible.

Hope those of you who are honestly trying to crack the puzzle are paying attention.