"The future ain't what it used to be."

Contacting John Titor


I just found out about John's story this morning from a friend, who referred me to the webpage http://www.johntitor.com... According to what I've read, John posted:
The Internet is still alive and well in the future.

I believe he's referring to "our" Internet, as he never says that a new system is built. Why not build a page contacting John? One would simply have to make sure it stayed up on the web until his time period.

Edit: Whoops... I just remembered how he referred to different times as worldlines... I think he implied that different worldlines didn't effect each other... Well, it's still worth a try anyhow... One could always contact the John Titor from our worldline.
Presuming that the 2% difference still includes a John Titor in our worldline, who knows maybe he was never born here?
In John's post he stats that he is staying with hes family from this worldline, and that there was a Two year Old Version of him sleeping upstairs while he was typing. So he is in this WorldLine.
Even if he does survive in this worldline, John did say that many main internet servers were destroyed in his worldline. Granted if everything turns out the same way here, who's to say that the website and/or message would survive? Another thing is, since we don't know his real name, who's to say that the "John Titor" of our worldline would even recognize that name? I suppose it's worth a try, but it will probably end up being futile.

Just some random thoughts.