Cosmic Dance of Time

Time's riddles unravel in hours:
15 past 12 strikes 3,
Echoing March's call.
6, the hour of June's embrace,
As 30 retreats to 15,
A dance of numbers and months.

45 past the stroke of 12 heralds 9,
September's gentle arrival.
Retracing steps, numbers intertwine,
15 becomes 6, as 3 mirrors the seasons' turn.

In this cosmic cycle, I find my anchor in pi,
3.14, the numerical embodiment of love.
From A to B is a journey of discovery,
Through C, the vision of three,
To D, the fourth dimension of awakening.

As night draws its curtains,
I close this door with a gentle whisper:
Goodnight. 🌙
I really like this one, the "Through C, the vision of three" stuff sits nicely in my brain each time I read it. Well done!