Could dreams be portals to other worlds?


Temporal Novice
First of all this is my idea. I came up with it as an interesting idea on how to visit other universes. There is no scientific evidence backing it up. I just thought it might be intriguing if it were true.

Now, imagine that you were going to sleep. You start to dream. In that dream, you are the president of a country. You then, for no apparent reason, order an air strike on a smaller country. You may have just killed millions of people in parallel universe.

What if every dream you've ever had was a visit to another universe? That every night a destination was randomly selected and then you visited through a body that was predetermined just for visitors. That every little thing you did had an effect on the people in that universe. Our universe could probably be visited by beings from other universes right now!

If only it were real...(sigh)
Um... I don't think that dreams can do that... See, the only thing dreams are is the random, sub-conscious ramblings of your brain, not some kind of projection. It would be neat if that were true, but... And how exactly do you transfer into a parallel universe? If your brain can do that while sleeping, then imagine what it could do while you're awake!
Maybe the unconscious is more powerful than the conscious. And maybe dreams let us see the true reality, because in dreams what we see is not filtered through our sense organs and is not distorted by other factors.
Um... you're referring, in your message the 90% of your brain..., as 'who knows what the other 90% could do...' . You're taking your brain as something different than you... but it's not. You are your brain, and your brain can only do what you tell it to do? Actually you can't tell it to do anything; you just do! You're edging into metaphysics here... be careful!
If photons are energy trail in the shape pf a funnel with the appex of the funnel of the photon in direct contact with a tachyon that is the photons origin, then perhaps any action done to the tachyon will be transfered to the photon in the form of complex polarizing patterns. If one will consider uclidean geometry... imagine two parallel lines spanning to infinity to the right and to the left. Let the top horizontal line be labeled x1 and the bottom horizintal line be labeled x2. Let there be an intersecting vertical line y1 intersect x1 and x2 at right angles. If one were to pivot line y1 45 degrees to the right one would form a semi parrallelgram. The intersecting angle between line y1 and x1 and x2 will decrease to 45 degrees. If one were to pivot the line y1 other 45 degrees the angle between lines y1 and x1 and x2 would diminsh to zero. Thus all parallel lines merge at infinity. Imagine that you are standing between two telephone poles the angle between the top of your head and the two telephone poles is ninety degrees. If you were two compress yourself to half your size then the angle between the top of you head and the two telephon poles would diminish to 45 degrees. If you were to compress youself to a singularity the angle between the top of your head and the two telephone poles and all other telephone pole to the right and to the left would dimenish to zero so the two telphone poles would become and all other telephone poles would appear to be confined to an infinitely small point obove your head at an infinite distance. Thus all points in the universe and in time are conected by an infinitely small omnipresent singularity and to that singularity the entire universe appears to be infinitely small from an infinite distance that is defined as the center mass of a quantity. to compress beyond the center is to give the angle between the top of your head and the two telephone poles a negative angle with a negative time. This is equivalent to accelerating a mass to a super luminal velocity thus converting the mass to a tachyon. A tachyon universe that is superluminal and transfering energy to the subluminal universe through a port that is defined as photon. This port always traveling at the velocity of light and therefore able to interact and transfer energy from the super luminal tachyons to the subluminal electrons. If the electrons in ones brain were to interact with the electroweak forces around the nucleas which are indistinguishable from the electro magnetic force and the bosons of the nuclear force were entangled with with the tachyons that are emitting two photons in two different dimensions or even times interactions of each of those photons with electrons in their times or dimensions could emediately be transfered to the tachyon and from the tachyon to the bosons mediating the nuclear force and from the nuclear force to the electron in your brain which is being fired to form an image in your brain that you call part of your dream. If this is true then indeed dreams could be a port to a different dimention if no more then to obtain visual information from a parellel universe or different time most likely a time in the past.
Edwin G. Schasteen
I think that tachyons are the high energy output of black holes and as they slow down and lose energy, they become light waves. As light waves slow down and lose energy, they become light particles (photons). As light particles slow down and lose energy, they become subatomic particles. These particles combine to form the chemical elements and then molecules. When a sufficient mass of molecules combine, then we can see and feel them as solids, liquids, gasses, or plasmas.
Correct, Mokrie: We are composed of atoms and atoms are composed of subatomic particles, among other things.
Mr. Schasteen, your story about the telephone poles is wrong. If you shrunk to half your height the angle would not decrease to 45 degrees, except in one very special case, in which your height was exactly 2/3 that of the poles. I could prove this geometrically if you want - all other height ratios produce different angles when the height is halved. And, (this is the clincher) in none of the cases except the trivial does height reduction to 0 decrease the angle to 0. Really, you should come up with better examples, because this one really mad no sense. No amount of hieght reduction could create what you call a 'negative' angle.

Oh, and the EM force is distinguishable from the electroweak, except at very high temperatures. EM and the weak nuclear only unify at high temperatures.
Sorry, I did the quick geometry wrong. The height
ole height ratio varies with the distance from you to the poles, it's not a constant 2/3.
This is true when not taking into consideration the volume and compression. I will have to send you the entire theory before any of this will make since. In short by mathematically uniting uniform velocity with exponential acceleration one can relate compression of a set mass to a distance between the mass and a point or group of points in free space. I will have to send you the theory and graphs and scientific measurement that suggest this before any of what I am proposing will make any since.
Well, I have a vague idea of what you're saying - I think you mean to say that the velocity at which something is being compressed will affect its time frame - sort of a twisted version of relativity. But does this take into account the huge intermolecular and interatomic forces you'd have to overcome? They all increase to infinity upon 'infinite' compression.
True. Also if there is an infinitely small point that connects every point in the universe then the infinite nuclear energy increase would be evenly distributed across the entire universe. By equivicating every point of an infinitely divisible mass to a point in an infinitely divisible universe one may acertain that the size of the universe is a multiple of any given mass since mathematically there are the same nuber of imaginary points in a mass as there are in the universe. It all depends on whether our universe is absolutely united to mathematics or whether only partially united to mathematical laws. If it can be proven that our universe follows after mathematical laws completely then our entire universe can be picked apart accurately purely by resorting to mathematics. If it can be proven that our universe follows only partially to mathematical laws and that there are domains that donnot follow mathematical constants such as the undefined zero rule...then one can prove that there is a definate mathematical boundaries in the universe. These boundaries may fall into ranges and domains where mathematical constants are only valid within a range of that particular mathematical portion of the universe. For instance, one were to attempt to divide five apples among zero people then how many apples did each recieve? May be mathematically meaningless in this mathematical dimension but may also mark the border of this dimension. Perhaps this is even a gateway to the another mathematical domain where different laws of symettry an logic prevail. If one can ascertain that there are infinite number of probabilities in our universe as a direct or indirect result of making this computation, one may be able to calculate how actions in the universe where this mathematical meaningless thing may affect our universe