"The future ain't what it used to be."





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:August AlonzoPhone:1-312-988-7524Email:[email protected] site:http://www.time-alterations.org  "COULD IT POSSIBLY BE TRUE?"  "Although time appears to be a series of passing moments, in actuality, time is a fixed dimension. By utilizing Time Alterations techniques, it is possible to go back into time -- as it exists in our sub-conscious -- and alter a situation in the past, in order to bring about a change in our current circumstance."     CHICAGO, USA: Chicago-based mystic and mathematician, August Alonzo, presents these challenging ideas in his online examination of the concepts behind the theory of Time Alterations. This free, personal training guide is based upon the harnessing of certain universal and natural laws.  As someone who has spent the past 30 years exploring the benefits of natural law and harmonics, Alonzo is well qualified in this field, having developed the theory while a practitioner at American  Wholehealth, an affiliate of Chicago´s Grant Hospital. As a Mind-Body Counsellor at Wholehealth, his patient consultations included Creative Visualization Therapy, Music Therapy and Treatment and Recovery Cycle Analysis. He has also presented seminars for healthcare professionals at Columbus Hospital, American Wholehealth and other medical facilities.    Alonzo believes that it's possible for individuals to take control of their own life, health and well being. He says, "Physical health is a state of mind," and then poses the interesting question, "Do you believe  you are sick, because you are sick, or are you sick, because you believe you are sick?"     In his discussion, Alonzo quotes such eminent authorities as Albert Einstein who wrote, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." He then offers some answers to the question of why imagination really is more important than knowledge, explaining, "Even if we don't possess sufficient knowledge about a given problem, the imagination can always dream up a solution."  While many might at first be unconvinced about the prospect of changing time, Alonzo explains the belief behind the notion of Time Alterations in a straightforward way. He says, "Once we possess the knowledge that the world is of mental construction and it can be brought under our control through the use of creative imagination, the ability to literally alter time becomes a distinct possibility."    Philosophers and sages from both West and East have been propounding the  power of the imagination and the human mind for centuries, and it's only in the past decades that the general public has started to listen.     A state of mind that recognizes that physical health is under the control of the mind and that we are not subject to external influence unless we believe ourselves to be, can lead to a self-perpetuating state of health and  well being, according to Alonzo.     "Although the TALT guide was initially developed for health matters," he says, "the concepts are clearly defined, and can now be applied to such diverse areas as weight loss, personal relationships, wealth, athletics, business and career."   Dr. Mimi Lal, Chicago psychiatrist and clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, confirms the effectiveness of using these techniques, "Time Alterations concepts have proven extremely beneficial to me personally and professionally," she says.    Midway through the TALT guide, Alonzo says, "Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives us something to do, but it doesn't get us very far." The TALT training guide provides a method to help many leave their rocking chairs and start moving toward control of their own destiny.     The book's foreword states that the program will suit all those "... with the desire to explore, the intelligence to hypothesize and the flexibility to search out alternatives." If you are up to such a  challenge, go to the free web site www.Time-Alterations.Org and find out how you can alter time.     E-mail: [email protected]   ### "COULD IT POSSIBLY BE TRUE?" [email protected] <font color="white"> [/COLOR]