Could John Titor have read this site?

So no one seems to think it strange Titor talks of Russia nuking america and a Russian invasion of Europe and this website clearly shows nostradumus's predictions of this aswell as at least 7 other people from different centuries who predicted the same thing?
I think the point of wether JT read the site or not is moot. Either JT isnt a time traveler, and conciously or subconciously used Nostrodomus predictions to fabricate the whole thing, or JT is indeed from the future, and Nostrodomus did indeed glimpse the future.
We are a long way from understanding everything about the universe, or even the human mind. I think it is entirely possible that people can scry into the future, but the problem is, they only have their own language currently available to them to convay what they saw. How would a person from the 14th century discribe a computer?