Creating tachyons??


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I haven't got the time to go through the mathematics of it myself - but how fast would light travel in a circle?

OK bear with me, if a there was something small but with a huge mass and therefore with a strong gravitational hold, would it be possible to create a situation where you could trap a beam of light in it's orbit?

Would light travelling in a circle still travel at c or due to the nature of centripical acceleration actually travel faster than light and therefore become a beam of Tachyon particles?

Light can and does get trapped around black holes. As well, that light begins to swirl around it faster and faster as it gets closer to the center, and theoretically creates a tachyon partical stream. So yes, you can trap a beam of light in the orbit of something very small and dense, and yes it will create a tachyon partical stream (theoretically).


P.S. Be reminded that this is my opinion, but it is shared with many respected physicists who are researching ways to travel through time..
Careful satan you might confuse people:
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Hey awesome, thanks. I posted about Dr Mallet's work once before. I just didn't know what his name was. Apparently I was slightly off with my descritipion of his "machine" however. I appologize to those who are trying to figure out wtf I was talking about. haha This makes a hell of a lot more sense, and somehow makes that documentary I saw that much more exciting/frightening.
I kept trying to remind myself that show was going to be aired 12/03 but i forgot until i saw these posts. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if they are going to show it again.