Creedo ask Tran 001, a provocative question:


Epochal Historian
In time sets;History; Could it be that the Jennings-Thaxton combination, would have placed an unfair value on resonance heard, at the very first value?

Re;Thaxton, Lloyd, Jennings Peter, in the first position of employment, as realized by the fist algorithmic set of the non-joined, but post pubescent set:
Well' if you've followed the doings of Thaxton, Clark and Jennings you will always notice that when the first series of harmonic resonances had occurred, that their follows always assigned these resonances an arbitrary value, with respects to a number.

For instance, a one, sometimes a two, of a six all the way to ten were afforded in determining these resonaces..

It seemed for a long time, that the numeric values of the resonance's were it seemed, almost always above three or four.

Most of the equipment that was used to determine these values, outside of the working area of these three experts, had been mobile.

So no concurrent scientific data could have ever been derived at how these numbers were reached.

Everyone had a differing scientific opinion.
Oh sure, now this one I know. Just when I think you are crazy Creedo, you amaze me. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

According to Walter Britton, Professor at the University for Magnetic & Sound Resonance, "the Jennings-Thaxton combination was off because it was Non-Synchronous to the gestalt harmonics. It did start with a 47 level differentiation and then went to a positive Diegesis which caused miscalculation."

See, the first position of disposition was displayed as you said Creedo, in the first algorithmic set, but NOT post pubescent. This is where Postsychronous Pre Pubescent resonance took place.

We all know that Thaxton, Clark and Jennings were pioneers in the field, but learned from Prof. Britton the theory of Bonner's Resonance Equation. I think this is why they assigned the incorrect values.

The whole study was diachronic or analysis concerned with the resonance and change over time; but a synchronic study or analysis, in contrast, limits its concern to a particular moment of time.

~ Global
I've done just what I've wanted to do in this string and this was, to draw you out.

Thaxton, Jennings and Clark, were all host of dance show programs, where the people dancing would rate that particular song from a one to ten.
"I've done just what I've wanted to do in this string and this was, to draw you out."
My my my...the great Creedo!
So you were trying to draw out Trans001 or just anyone in general?

"Thaxton, Jennings and Clark, were all host of dance show programs, where the people dancing would rate that particular song from a one to ten. "
Oh really? You mean your amazing post was a sham?
A fraud?
You mean you post meaningless stuff to make fun of us all?
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Maybe it's because I lured your great ego with the "you amaze me" crap.
Actually, you are an idiot.

I suppose I suppose I will simply take some small satisfaction that you have now revealed yourself as a trickster, and COMPLETE FRAUD.

University for Magnetic & Sound Resonance indeed...hahahaha!

~ Global
By the way...all of your "facts" and "references" you refer to on every post?

/ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif definately are an idiot.

~ Global
If you do not understand something please ask for more info. I get afraid that the antiterrorist trap worked. Don't worry about looking dumb by not knowing every wacko refference that comes your way. By validating a falacy(sic) you take away the merits of real scientifically minded mad scientists!
If the people creedo refered to were really involved in said television shows, than for once creedo was not just spouting off jibberish. The statements he made all apply to a television show where the audience rates music. You're claim that finally this was something you knew something about was just jibberish, however. Don't hide behind the you didn't trick me, I tricked you defense either. From what I've seen of your personality, you would not patiently wait for creedo to confess had you known what he was talking about. You would have thrown the evidance in his face denounce him as an idiot and feel ever so better about yourself.
I would also like to see some evidence that creedo's evidance is not real if you don't mind. If you have none, than I would suggest not to claim you know the truth about creedo's sources.
Fine...all real duscussion is gone. I guess you must have understood all of that then. And as for sources, disputing mine? I am a alien overlord hybrid child so I know all. As for Creedo explaining, I have asked and asked repeatedly, what any post I have run across means. Creedo replies with more nonsense and others simply say "oh don't worry about him..."

I mean WTF? Can anyone give a straight answer? I have never seen a single person here understand or validate a single one of his posts, but when it is pointed out? Then I'm at fault? So I can pretty much say anything and it will never be disputed?

Okaaaaay...I will stick the Creedo style. He has so many supporters then.
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Applications to Physics and Engineering

Among the many applications of integral calculus to physics and engineering, we consider two here concering said time travel or TT as it is fondly called: force due to water pressure and centers of mass. As with our previous applications to geometry (areas, volumes, and lengths) and to work, our strategy is to break up the physical quantity into a large number of small parts, apporximate each small part, add the results, take the limit, and then evaluate the resulting integral. Of course, I'm referring to hydrostatic pressure and force. Deep sea divers realize that water pressure increases as they dive deeper. This is because the wieght of the water above them increases. The converse is true with astronauts in outerspace and it is theoretically possible if the stem of TT starts in the void of the black hole. In general, suppose that a think horizontal plate with teh area A square meters is submerged in a fluid of density p kilograms per cubic meter at a deapth d meters below the surface of the fluid. The fluid directly above the plate has volume V=Ad, so its mass is m=pV=pAd. The force is exerted by the fluid on he plate is therefore F=mg=pgAd, where g is the acceleration due to gravity. Teh pressure P on the plate is defined to be the force per unite area: P =F/A = pgd. The SI unit for measuring pressure is newtons per square meter, which is called a pascal (abbrv.: 1 N/m2= 1 Pa). SInce this is a small unit, the kilopascal (kPa) is often used, as you may know. For instance, if the density of water is p=1000kg/m3, the pressure at the bottom of your standard swimming pool 2m deep is P=pgd=1000kg/m3 x 9.8m/s2 x 2m = 19,000 Pa= 19.6kPa.
An important principle of the fluid pressure ist eh experimentally verified fact that at ANY POINT IN A LIQUID PRESSURE IS THE SAME IN ALL DIRECTIONS. (A diver feels the same pressure on nose and both ears). Thus, the pressure in ANY direction at a depth d in a fluid with mass density p is given by P = gpd = gamma d
This helps us determine the hydrostatic force against a VERTICAL plate or wall or dam in a fluid. While I admit this is not a straightforward problem, because the pressure is not constant but increases as the depth increases, since the converse is true of outer space, time travel is possible through a liquid medium, instead of light. But as all great theories, I can prove it on paper with above calculations, but we just dont have the technology to experiment as of yet.
Re: Applications to Physics and Engineering

Very interesting observations, Space Cowboy. But I have a few questions for your theory. I'm not attempting to debunk it by any means, just making sure I fully comprehend the evidences you've set forth. You failed to mention hydrostatic pressure on the diver's center of gravity. Theoretically, the divers, on their trip back to the surface would be swimming against the pressure that the hydrogen-hydrogen double bonds are forcing on them. As we all know, resonance is an amazing thing. If the molecular orbital of the hydrogens in said double bonds were separated by forces unknown for example gaseous emissions from one diver's rear ends, wouldn't your theory hit the fan? You also claim you can prove your theory on paper, but technology prevents you from proving it physically or concretely. I'm sure the rest of the forum agrees with me in saying "Why was it mentioned then?" You have simply laid out theoretical ideas that have no basis and then you hide behind the cloak of "Technology will not let me prove it." I don't understand your equations either. If F=ma with F being force and "m" being mass then "a" must mean acceleration as set forth by Janov's Geneva convention theory. However, you didn't take into account that the wormhole required for TT is only open for seconds if not hours. How then is it possible for the F=ma equation to take any precedence to the e=mc2 equation (You might know it better as Einstein's theory of relativity). We all know time is relative. If my force equals your ma, then I've just insulted your mother. Please reply and let me know what you think.
Re: Applications to Physics and Engineering

I have no idea what you're talking about. Half of what you are saying makes no sense and the other have is just irrelevant. Who is Janov and what is the Geneva convention theory? If you are serious, I can honestly say that I have not taken into account the time traveller's physical state. If you are really concerned about flatulence negatively affecting pressure, perhaps a bottle of maalox will do?
why dont you go back to Calc I before you debunk my work???
Re: Applications to Physics and Engineering

I just like how you go from Global's incoherent rambling to this without missing a beat... ha.

As to the afformentioned topic, I don't claim to always know what Creedo, or anyone else for that matter, is talking about. I just try to put a practical look on things (using a somewhat warped logic) and maybe learn a thing or 2 att he same time. I hope I've done just that, make you guys/gals think... cause I know you've done that to me.
Re: Applications to Physics and Engineering

Global's beat is very rambling, I like it?

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If one would only respect said wood slat fornication, all would feel as densified as a snake pit on Andromeda.

See! Now I know how to spit regularly?


Kind Regards,
RainmanTime...having fun....all the Time!
Re: Applications to Physics and Engineering

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