Creepy shot....


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I just had the experience OF MY LIFE!!!
Go have a look at the paranormal sub-forum of tti board, under creepy shot.

Have you ever seen a spirit, or a ghost or something, I'm going crazy, please somebody help me figure out what this is PLEASE!!!

I don't think I'm going to sleep anymore now, at least I won't sleep in my bedroom.
Whats so scary? It's not like it has eight legs or an SS body guard or something.

Did it 'slime' you? It didn't SLIME you did it? Because if it did..........

Seriously though, any place where you don't have nightmares is an ok place to sleep.
Dear Dob
Just realised I replied to the other pages.

I said to post the previous photo in case it was also double exposed and might indicate a faulty camera.
Sidsoft, I answered you in the post...

If you find that the picture have a weird greenish tone, it's because this picture have been took in the total darkness with the "0-LUX" (night-vision) "on".

Shadow: Finally, I slept like a baby last night, maybe because I wasn't alone, but I taught of the fact that I wasn't effraid before I knew, if there's no danger, how should I become? (No risk of being slime

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To me, it looks like the "spirit" is wearing one of those dress things that the chior people wear at my church. The picture is to low of a quality to tell if it had been tampered with. It looks like a guy in the picture.
Well you sure do want a lot of input about this photograph don't you Dob? Not to accuse of you anything, (I been getting alot of that my self lately, so I think I'll chill out for awhile) but it's not so much that I think your lying, but aren't you a 3D Artist? Do you do similar work like this?

I know your a nice guy, and I'd hate for you and me be enemies, but please be honest here. Are you sure you didn't create this your self? If you come out and tell me, I won't hate you, but admire you for being honest about it.

Other then that, I guess we just have to wait for someone to analyze the picture. But it looks to detailed to be a real spook to me. It looks like a Catholic minister to me

-Javier C.

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It's always easier to believe that this kinda thing are "false", even more in my case, because I'm a 3D artist. I'm not mad a you when you suspice me of having did it in 3D, almost, I take it as a compliment. But I do 3D since only 1 and a half year, I'm already a trainer and proclame myself as an artist, but this doesn't have anything to do with this picture. You should have a look at my stuff later (I'm building up my portfolio at this time). To achieve something realistic like this I would have pass a lot more time then just click the "photo" button of the camera.

I can't prove you that I didn't make it <here>. Even more difficult than that, the camera is numeric, so if you're skeptic then forget it. As I mentionned earlier, I would have thousands of skeptic comments (myself) on that picture if it wouln't come from me, so.

If I've post it, it's not to convince any skeptic, I would be skeptic myself - in the inverse case...,no, it's to get peoples point of view about the nature of the event and the thing. I really want information about it, if I can't find any here, I'm just gonna look somewhere else, I don't want to get in any fight-it's not my goal.

For the approvance of the picture, I've send it to a friend of a friend of mine who got the picture (skeptic) and want to get involve in the process of finding an evidence to proove that this is a "false". If the photo reveals to be "true" then I guess I will have to take an other one in front of <parenthese-the name of those in the court, in the long bench on the side, who vote for guily or not, I forgot the name>, I think that in Quebec, there's an association of skeptic that can give you a lot of money if you prove that you can show something extra ordinary.

Let's see!

For the guys in my picture, it could be a servant of mass (church), but why he would come to my place, I wonder. The nearest church is at the end of the street (250 m) and it's a Greek Orthodoxe (old style) church, the next one is about 400 meter, a regular Orthodoxe one, then a Catholic at 550 m. (I never been in a Orthodoxe, do they wear like that?)
It's not necesarrily a ghost from the recent past. There could have been a church there before. Maybe he died there or something like that.

Tell me, have you ever had any head aches since this incident? Or felt a cold chill in your room? Any voices or manifestations?

I believe that these things are ways that they try and communicate with us.

When I moved into my house, I got these sharp pains in my brain as soon as I entered the door, and I never had pains that bad before (eventually they went away).

Later on I found out that the lady that lived there before us, was an Air Force Captain. And since then, I've been dreaming of flying Airplanes and being in the military.

Weird huh?

How about you, feeling the urge to go to church yet
... and confess?

-Javier C.
I should go to the city's hall and get old plans of the city, to get an idea of what could have been there before my appartment got built, the guys is going to ask me why I'm looking for those information, <[euh, I'm a ghostbuster, you know...>] Do you know if they sell electric ghost trap (like in the movie) at the HomeDepot or PriceCosco?

TTA: I didn't notice to have more headache that the normal, but since this appened I feel a bit weird an makes weird dreams the last days, I didn't felt that this priest or church boy was attempting to communicate in any way (by showing me his back) I think this is maybe just a coincidence, maybe I wasn't suppose to see that.

You story is interesting, have you "seen" anything about it? I believe that some people are more sensitive than other, I know that I am, but not as much. Have you ever got this feeling?

If I can confess something, I could have chance is this priest come back...
I have big sins!!! (remember when I was young, I crucified a frog, make fried frog's eggs in a pan, and cut of the wings of the dragon-flies...
I think I saw an electric ghost trap on sale on ebay (of course, it was from the movie Ghostbusters)
Dob, you said: *--I have big sins!!! (remember when I was young, I crucified a frog, make fried frog's eggs in a pan, and cut of the wings of the dragon-flies... --*

You call that sin? I think a better word to call that, would be demented. Were you going through some angry times growing up or something?

Oh by the way, you may want to add sending me a computer virus on your list of sins
that’s of course if your keeping a list.

As for what your going through, like you said you may just be sensitive to it, and that’s maybe how your able to perceive this spook. Through dreams, manifestations, visions. That’s how I sense everything that happens to me. I’ve just about felt everything there is to feel (paranormal, psychic, temporal), so things like this rarely surprise me anymore.

Do you keep a journal? If not, start one.

Well I should get going, I been busy working all day. Tomorrow won’t be any better. If you want, just e-mail me, or I can respond to your questions here, it doesn’t matter.

But if you do e-mail me, no more viruses, Okay

-Javier C.
Since I'm infested of virus very deeply, I won't send U any emails until I'm free.

I pull out hundreds of files that was contaminated, but there's still few that I can take out (@%?$!%$@!!!). So the party will be going online instead that by mails...

About the crucified from... I think I just have too much imagination an openness over cruality. And I can't tell everythings, many of you would react badly. BUT! Maybe this ghost came for my punishment... oops! dddooooooooohhh!