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Creepy shot!!!


This is absolutly crazy, I was hanging around in my appartment with my new sony camera, with the "NightVision 0-Lux" on (this allow us to film and take pictures on the total darkness) and I was looking for the last thing to "catch" because there was only one shot left, I get goosebumps just by thinking of it (wooooohh...) When I got INTO my bedroom I saw THAT THING, floating in the air, I got "frozen" in an instant, this 'thing' was standing and moving slowly to the next end of the room, it disapear once, going thru the wall, then I was so mad to didn't got the picture, but then IT CAME BACK, I was shaking like a leaf when I took the picture.

What is that??? Is it a ghost, a spirit, somebody that I should know? I don't think my appartment is haunted, well, I hope.


Since that, I don't have the guts to touch the camera anymore, and I'm shure I'm gonna have nightmares to night. Hey, this is real bad, how come you can catch this kind of thing only using the 'night shot' option on your camera. For anybody who would ask me about it, my camera is: Sony DCR-TRV17.

I'm just starting to come down, but my mind is going 200 mph. Is anybody had a similar experience in here? What should I do know? Who would be interested in HAVING this picture?

For those who won't believe this, I understand you, if I had seen this I wouln't believe too. I'm trying to make myself believes that this is not true, it's my imagination that "projeted" on the camera, but that would be weird too. Ok! Stop! I'm going crazy...

Dude, that’s scary… I’m actually in the market for a new camera. So I take it you recommend the Sony DCR-TRV17

I don’t know what to think about that picture, are you sure you didn’t make it your self. Isn’t your occupation a 3D Artisit & Trainer?

The apparition seems to have a lot of detail, aren’t ghosts shots just blurs of white light, and barely able to make a face out?

This picture you can make out everything.

But I’ll tell you what. You’ll have some people here in the BBS that will verify if the picture is real. And if it’s not, then I’m sorry, but you just made an enemy for trying to lie to me and everyone else.

I don’t like liars and manipulators. I mean, here you are wanting people to take you serious and to help you out. Now wouldn’t it be wrong for people to have sympathy for you for going through this if your lying?

Javier C.
I,ve readed that most of 98% of stories and stuff about "paranormal events" are made-up stuff, and a very 2% left is original. On this very 2% original, I guess 9 times on 10 it's explainable, the very little portion of very unexplicable is very rare. I don't ask you to believe this, as I said, I wouln't believe it myself if you were showing it to me, I'm so skeptic myself about that stuff!

Would this picture change anything in your life? Do you recognize the person, is that why you're telling me that?

I want to see the results of the lab tests. On both results, the worst that can append to me is that I'm gonna pass for a liyer or a crazy guy. I just knew I should'nt SHOW it.

What can I say now, if you menace me to be your enemy than I don't know why I stand here any longer, I don't expect you to be a friend, but, at least, there's the right for free will and speech.
Dear Dob
We can only know a person on this BBS by their posts and I did a quick revisit to your last posts before I decided to write to you.

I beleive your photo is real - BUT - it could be caused by accidental double exposure, this could be ratified by an expert. Please post the shot before to prove the camera has not be damaged.

PS - you seem to be an upfront guy- you did the right thing to post.
Thanks for your support SidSoft, there is 1 images took maybe just before the first "appening", it's FROM approx. the same point of view in the room with a small angle of difference.


Then, about the way it "shows" things in 0-Lux Night shot: The first example have been took in the middle of the day;


This other one is in the total darkness, I blocked the lens with my hand, when it was dark, I put on the night vision and took a picture of it:


Actually, I've send the shot to many friends, and one told me that in Japan, some how, a company was selling a camera with night vision that actually allow the user to see thru white cloth, they recalled all the models (that have been sold) to REPLACE them with 'regular' ones.

I got a flash <...>not talking about the one above the camera, that could explains things:
many stories tells that certain animals can "feels" things that we don't, cats tend to feel spirit apparently(...?). One night, I was on the balcony behind the appartment and I was using the night shot to found if I was able to see in the other appartments (I was curious not to brake people's personnal bubbles, but to CHECK out the technology), then,,, I saw a cat passing in the small street behind, when I pointed the objectif in the cat's direction he stopped subitly, in the camera's screen his eyes was shinning like stars, then I played with him, I'm not shure but Actually I think that the cat perceived the infra-red waves, and maybe because the cats "see" spirits, maybe spirits are in infra-red also?

Since yesterday (the picture), I went on many many many website and also went at the library to find out about ghost. Must of the time "apparitions" appears like a little bubble or a cloud of 'smoke'.I EXPLAIN the "fairy-purple-flame" in the graveyard by the gas getting out of the dead boddies under ground, burning in contact with the air. But among all the 'pictures' of 'peoples' in apparition, very few seems credible, the use of 'double-exposition', in certain cases, seems too evident, it's movie-like scenery. That,s why I have been skeptic for so long!

I'm sorry if I'm too long to tell my story, thank you if you read it all (you could understand me).
Just a parenthese:

If you look at the pictures, there's always a "wither" spot in the middle of the image, this is normal, it's the actually "invisible infrared flashlight " that the camera use with 0-Lux night shot, those are not mini-spirits of any kind
I'm laughing, have you noticed that the actual ghost put is "ass" in front of the fan? (I should have more respect, sorry mister Gasper, I didn't intend to hurt you

Do you think it's more a men or a women, and FROM when? Do it seems more FROM our times or a very long time ago, what about the long "dress"?)
I ran your photo through PhotoShop 5.5. It looks like a guy with his back to you and wearing robes like a priest would wear. I am curious though, I get a face in the picture to the right on the wall, when I enhance things. But normaly it looks like a picture of a planit. I have not spent a lot of time on it to look for more details, that is one of the weekend projects for myself. I will let you know what I find.

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djayr42: Men you effraid me with this face thing, post whaterver interesting you find I beg you!

Oh! I just look back at the picture an other time, maybe your mentionning the flag of the earth on the wall; it's a blue planet on a back tissus. Now that you mentionned it I see a headbone...
Here is a little area with just some brightness and contast adjustments. Do you see the outline? It is like the figure is looking at his refection. I might be wrong, it depends on your poster and how it looks.
I can't seem to post that picture. I'll try again.

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You can't send the picture in the forum, you have to send it anywhere else than copy the path INTO your post. By exemple you got an account at geocities and the image is at:


To SHOW the image put a "<img>" on the left side and a "</img>" on the right side of it (sticked to it). If you can't do it, just put the URL adresse to reach it. Thanks!
Was looking at your picture.
I wouldnt be afraid .It doesnt look like anything evil. It is in a white robe, which looks like his back is toward you and maybe a white hood that is down on the back.
It looks just like an angel or a priest.
because of its white glow.

Maybe it is there to protect you FROM something evil.

I think there is a lot of things going on in the spiritual world that we have no clue of.

Its actually one of the clearest pictures I have ever seen of a ghost or spiritual being on film if that is what it is.
Pamela: You know, I'm going to SHOW you something even more special. Since the event, I did passed less time in this forum and more in a spirit forum.

For those who wants to see it, it's a video of "something" like a white ball flashing over my little 2 months kid. My wife saw it too, so we're 2 witnesses and an half... Email me, and I personnally send you the adress of the movie. But I won't put any promotion of it on this forum. (why should be the purpose anyway?, this is more a time travel forum)

Wow! a real ghostbuster you are, thats cool! tell her to come back and give you some more poses I bet she would comply.
I know this is really, really old, but can somebody find these pics again?

Id really like to see them
it's fake, but you can find the website in the source code, right click then go to 'view source.'

I would, but I'm in too much pain now... so I don't have the patience to look for it.