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Has anyone heard of Dr. David Anderson? He has a time travel research center as he calls it in Long Island New York and I believe that if your organization joins with his a serious breakthrough in the time travel field may come of it, this is no prank his website is www.time-travel.com please put further investigation into this as I hope only the best for you all.
I am also doing some investigation on someone with a 199.***.** IP and i know that they have been to this board and I need someone to help me track them down, they have committed a very serious offense against me and I shall not rest until they are apprehended.

thank you all for your time,
Dear Sir,

Who is it that you are looking for and was the crime commited through or on this forum? If you will, what was the crime committed and how do you think that we may help you. Do you have evidence for a crime if so the authorities might be your best option. Are any of us on the forum in danger?