"The future ain't what it used to be."

Deja Vu? No, Remembering what you have already done.



We, Earthlings, are given a special gift to see and recognize alternate universes,How? It is called Deja Vu. Have you ever felt like some thing felt fimiliar? But,you couldn't put ur finger on it? Alot of people think it is coincidental. Unfortunately, It's not. We are oe of billions of Alternate realities, the CIA has known this for almost a decade now and has not released the intellegence.They think that we will screw around w/time, alter our past. I'm getting tired, Good Night All

3:50 Sunday,Frbruaury,15,2002
You should put this in the time travel section. You will probably get a lot of responses. As some of us have experienced this intensly.

I've experienced De Ja Vu since I was twelve or sooner, i'm seventeen now, and I see things iin the future in my dreams, a year or so before they happen, I don't remember them until they actually happen, little things, like saying something or doing something small, nothing big, it's really creepy when it happens but cool, I want to see if I can control it but not sure where to begin.


On more than one occasions I have seen in night dreams or other visions people in my future, howbeit not always in the same context as I later met them. I have also in recent dreams met up with people FROM my past, once again in different places and different contexts than I had orriginally known them . . .

Beyond this, there have been countless dreams of people, places and circumstances & situations I have never been in, on this time line, and I truly believe that I dream (phase) shift INTO other time lines where I may be only a partial participant.

Does anyone have any comments about this?

Dilligently searching,

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I am uncertain at this time if this means anything significant to me, but I seem to be spontaneously recalling my past déjà vu experiences as just that. Faint memories of the times I had them, but not applying to the present time or future of when they would commonly apply. But more like constant cuts and sequences of events flashing through my eyes of the past déjà vu’s I’ve had. Like if I am recycling memories for some reason, being reshuffled and gone through like one goes through A –to Z in a filing cabinet. So far I am have only gone as far back as 10 years worth of déjà vu experiences (that have resurfaced) that I thought I would never remember again.

What could this mean? I don’t know yet, but I am very suspicious and intend to find out one way or another.

Anything and Eveything my friend.
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How about this,


No not one single occurance of Dejavu since I witnessed Time Travelers!

I'M ON A NEW PATH!!! I know this is the fact because since that exact day there has been NO DEJAVU!!!

Hmmmm . . . would the fact of HAVING seen a time traveller changed your time line substantially enough to stop deja vu?<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Mr. Daniel E. Lauirer

aka: Commander Zxavier
I have a theory on Deja Vu. I have only had one dream that did happen the next day, it was very simple and just involved getting off a bus, but as soon as it had happened, my dream came flooding back to me and it was so odd. What if we dream like this a lot, but not everyone always remembers these dreams, so when we get to what we have dreamt but we don't quite remember the dream, if feels like we have been there before and hence that feeling of Deja Vu. The feeling I had when I realised about my dream was very similar to Deja Vu but a lot stronger - maybe because I remember the dream - without remembering the dream if would just be the feeling of Deja Vu!!!! Something else to think about anyway! <font color="black"> [/COLOR] /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif