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"Deterrence" a film


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\"Deterrence\" a film

Hello one and all,

I have just finished viewing a non-fiction film that I checked out from my public library entitled "Deterrence".

It is the most horrifying, frightening and disturbing film that I have ever watched. More so than any "Horror" film.

I address it here in the sub-category of "New Science and Technology" because it is in these fields that my hope for a sane and peaceful future, globally and locally, rests.

A dim hope. A candle lit against all that is inhuman and cruel and our ability, as individuals, to create something better.

A candle lit in a hope for a future when we are privy to the real truths. The ugly horrors wrought from unbridled power.

Noam Chomsky warns, with sincerety and conviction, that a democracy is only effective and free from sin if it operates as intended by "our forefathers". The press must function separate from executive influence, be that political or ecomonic.

Courage. Truth. Awareness. Understanding. Humility. Compassion. Unity for a vision of beauty, of justice, of accountability.


"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
Re: \"Deterrence\" a film

I read something about our potential evolution. Someday we be be made of tachyons and the only feeling we'd have is love.

the same day i saw something on tv about a guy who saw the white light while dreaming or something and the love was so overwhelming that he woke up, and it changed his life.

i read that the spiritual beings might actually be made of those particles, and it explains the religious and paranormal experiences people have.

so basically, other civilizations have reached total awareness or whatever it's called.

read this book - The Moral Society

it's not religious if you're thinking it is