"The future ain't what it used to be."

Diary, Nugen Sung, robotiscist, first class, Demur


Diary, Nugen Sung, robotiscist, first class, Demuria system:

>I had secured a polly metal frame for this project.

I chose not to go synthic, as reports that the aversion viruses, made in earlier synthic humans, were never quelched.

I wanted a polly alloy, as it was both light, strong and could be molded much the same as human bone.

I have this in store and will start the procedure, as soon as holoCAD comes back with my optimum, for the final height and stile.

Day 30.I wrote this program and became very excited about what the program was saying back.

I used the proposed posatronic structure, which was ventured for on, by the great Vulcan roboitcist; however I added a bit more liberty to the written input program.

I had turned up the German operas, of the Vienna nights, as loud as it would go, as I was creating, creating a child.

Juliana seems to think I've gone crazy, but I know what I'm doing.

Day 40:I have run up against a wall and now face the uncertainly that this posatronic matrix, in gelatin forex mold, will never work.

I had suffered cascade failures in the two way matrix during real life load and could not stop this demise.

Day70:Today I cried.I cried both because I had listened to Earth's beautiful operas and that I had stopped the cascade problem in overload situations.

Day 76:I got the frame assembled and the micro-motors installed.

The synthic skin went on quite well and in the failure proof chamber, the android worked well.

However this was to an umbilical with a constant feed of the mainframe.

Day 80:This both scared me badly, but moved me in a very great way.

I call him Data, his name is Data, which seems almost French,.... but very much like my own son to me.

>I had him activiated and was going through the programming leads to the extremities, leaning on the localisings ring, that stood him upright and connected to the main frame.

I,....I,...had called him son, once and he replied, but only as part of the program, well" over the speaker at least.

It was at 14:20 while checking linearity of his extremities, the hand became activated.
I,....I, ah' ...was standing next to him and his hand moved all by itself and with the utmost gentleness, rested upon my arm.

His head rotated and look at me, uttering the words, "father.

Day 89:Juliana and I are celebrating old Earth Christmas and we put up this God-awfull tree.

Data can not walk as of yet, but I let him sit with us, as we opened presents just the same.

We gave him a banjo with some music.

Data handled the Banjo as if it were the world's most marvelous gift and played Oh' Susanna for us.

Juliana and I had danced.We laughed as Data was so serious about what he was doing and played the music with such intent.

Juliana could not bear, we did not want to adopt, we had a child now.

Day 100:I closed the hermiseal case on Lore.

There was something I did not care for, in the second copy of Data and sealed this second back-up androbot, as there was a mal air about this one.
Creedo of EarthTR125.0121
Your post reminded me of.....

....Niccollo Brunnelli was staring blankly towards the starlit void of space. Although it was not his first venture into the outer planetary regions there was in him a sense of nervousness, anxiety he would really admit, about this particular sojourn into space. Probably because it had been nearly three decades since he last boarded a star cruiser, but even then that was not it. It was something else, something that at the moment he could not quite place it in his mind.

The cruiser outjumped from the hyperlane and materialized back into real space nearly a parsec from their intended destination, the famed planet Aurora. The last place Brunnelli visted before he left his adventuring career in the past and now twenty nine years later he had returned to conclude an old business.

As the aging man looked out the port window and saw the looming form of the brilliant blue planet took out from his pocket the last souvenir he had hold on to for the last three decades, the shattered remains of a chronocron. The device was one of the earlier ones, it was nearly palm sized and its entire digital pad was burned to a delicate crisp and it's reality collider orb was broken into two segments.

The starship weas assuming landing procedures and the old Brunnelli tucked the broken device back into his pocket. Landings were not his favorite part of travelling, not that take offs were either, so he pushed himself back into his seat and tried to relax.

Then as the ship had landed a female voice instructed from the distance of the starship's bridge, " Passengers from Earth 789 A.D. we have arrived to our Destination Aurora 48259 T.M."

Those were soothing words, he had arrived home. After nearly three decades in isolation in the middle of the Dark Ages of Earth. Now, he should find out why in the world they left him there for so long. The first.......

Until later becomes now.
Thank you Tran, that's such a nice piece of literature.

You have a flair for the creative.

Let's add this to this thread?

Thanks so much!
Thanks Creedo.

You see this being a time travel site why could not we start, with the permission of the Moderator start a series of segments dedicated to just that, stories. Let us see how far our creativity takes us. What do you think?

...."But twenty nine years!" exclaimed the old Brunnelli bewildred.
The younger man before him, giving him excuses and what not sat comfortably behind his carefully atomic polished desk. He wore a grim on his face that somehow did not help Brunnelli's mood.
"I understand" he began apologetically as he leaned forward interlacing his delicate fingers together in front of him, Niccollo simply thought on breaking them like twigs but he listened, " but we couldn't spare a timeship to go pick you up. Besides, what are three decades? We could simply toss you inside one of our matter reconstitutionizers and you will be as young as you used to be." He finished his dumb reasoning with a grim on his face even more repulsive than the previous one.

"You could not spare a darn ship? I was on Earth. You know how easy it would have been to simply send an agent and look me up? I spent three decades alone, isolated and alienated there, trying not to interfere with their lame history. You do not even begin to conceive the things I had to endure over there, in that back water planet. I want to go see your superior."

"That won't be neccessary", a voice interrupted the old man. It came from the door behind him. When he turned to see he saw a a tall man and a face. A face he would never forget. " I am already here. Will you please follow me."

Brunnelli knew that man. And now things were starting to make a little sense. Maybe his case was one of forgetfulness, willfull forgetfulness.

Until later becomes now
Diary. advanced androidology, Nugen Sung

ENTRY>It was this day that I had added the finishing touches to one of my most perfect creations.

Forty days before:I had received the order through Juliana's proxy server, on Regulaus 4.

There was no name attached to this request, however a full payment was received and forwarded to me, via this request.

The demands of the pre-paid contract, had stipulaiuted an as close to human as possible effigy.

I can not at this time figure out why anyone would want such a request?

The prerequisites were, a fully articulated android frame.

A fully functional hybrid, internal stores power reactor.

And as close to possibly human aims and drives, for this life-like representation.

There was a code number given with this request, to be run through Star Fleet's Security, for verification request against anti-terrorism.

I ran the request through fleet and it came up negative.

I can refund this payment which is forty inter-galactic credits, not to be scoffed at, however the offer at this time, does certainly intrigue me.

I went to the lab and took in-house inventories and I have almost all of the parts here, with exception but a few, to be invented and or synthesized.

>THE CRYSTALLINE ENTITY:This was a horrible day for the colony.

Many had perished and the duty of calming down the ones who had escape its wrath, was quite arduous.

Lor came in late, and I had found in my laboratory, that there was a code affixed to the deep space emergency protocols.The frequncy which is to be shut down always, unless an emergency exist.

This is a set universal comminications frequency, which is not a standard sub-space relay protocols.

I hit Lor with the at range deactivator, had Data gather him.

That other android is now dismantled and held in hyberseal.

Nobody knows about this.

I can't find Juliana and I'm worried as she was teaching during an outing this day.

ENTRY SIXTY DAYS FORWARD:The sun set in golden crimson reds, accentuated with fiery tones, and I fixed her hair.

The yellow sun gave a strange and translucent glow, to her golden hair, as a hint wind, from the near desert part of the encampment gave movement to her hair.

Juliana's star cruser was waiting on the pad.The ship warming its after section, as the magnetic seal, on the plasma recycle, heated to an optitmenum efficacy.

She looked at me, her eye sparkled as if to say thankyou very much for such a nice stay.

I drew her close to me and gave her a gentile hug, as the automated instrument assistant on-ship, told over outer-phone that the ships course and departure times were now set in.

It was a more dated ship. I myself had done the P.M.s and knew that this loaning of her ship, would be well justified.

She laughed and said to me, "You know, I have never quite done the Hula in quite such a manner. You must ask me back again, so that I can keep you and Data company"?

She looked so much like Juliana, but this was maybe coincidence?

Data was in back of the dwelling compound playing in the sand, as our guest departed.
The mains issuing a white plasma streak, as this ship went into hyperspace at fifteen.

I had done what was right.....I knew this and nobody, nobody again could ever refer to me as wrong again Sung.

FIVE YEARS HENCE:The lady seemed to know and understand Data well.

Her eyes glistened and she told him of his fist attempted steps, as an android child.

She said>Data, when Nu-yen turned you on, you were just as a child!

You stumbled and fell a couple of times, just as any child would have.

Your first words made us laugh, as Nugen was delighted as if we ourselves had bought you forth into the world./\

The golden hair lady slide her hands forward and with utmost politeness, gently so, clasped and placed her hands around Commander Data's.

For that infatesiamly small period of time, a fraction so, Data remembered something, something forgotten. In just that instant, he let her place her hands ontop of his own.

This was maybe a fractional moment, that something was recalled, prior to his complete loss of memory.

His hands drew abruptly away.

There was both the self preserve protols.This every so odd feeling, (feeling??) that prompted him to ask the concepts to his own self's minds eye, "What is a mother and how did this mother,...my said mother, come all of this way, to meet me once again?
Re: Brunneli\'s Loop

...So my dear friend that was why we could have never gone earlier and look you up." finished gently the mature looking slender fellow.
Brunnelli could only listen in amazement, to think that he was left there for over thirty years because someone had been implanted in interdicted time and gotten killed. However that didn't made any sense to him. He had been an agent of Central for more time that he could remember and that was not standard protocol. However, this was not the time to argue with Charles Matts. He was too old and fragile now he would have to wait.

"Well Matts,"began the old looking Brunnelli, "when could I return to my duties?"
Matts gave him a pat in his shoulder"and laughed, "can't wait to start traveling, huh?"
Brunnelli knew he could only do but pretend to like this guy. "You know us old timewolves."

"Report at 800 hours to the rejuvenation ward, they'll fix you up good."

Brunnelli waved him good-bye and left.

"Brunnelli, its good to have you back."

Until latwer becomes now.
Re:Development of the posatronic matrix.


Nugen here.There has been a power failure in one of the converters.

It was an adjustment made by one of the working droids, with the solar flair that has just occurred.
So we can only record to main memory on partial power.

This is why the protocols intercept message?


In my early theories which in a great part are based on others experiences with artificial intelligence, I was drawn to attention, by a number of works.

>The Vulcan on Rugulus 4 would had emotively programmed loading bots, so that a greater comradely could be reached.

>The twentieth century Earth hidden experiments, in what they referred to as A.I. in the ask boards, online as they said, at this time, using very early androids.

This was at Ask-em.com, a utility page for people at that time, who had any sort of question.

They put a specialist robot in there, however so things did not occur to her thinking, outside of her own mental store..This was as that when a lady goes outside, that she must wear the bottom half of her clothings...

>There were the coppies of Grays who had adopted a society of their own, after Earth's war, that were as close nit and gentile as kittens.

This was a great improvement over the Gray continuum, which was in-part hostilely based, as they had problems with their genetic statures.

The Grays robots were a blessing as it had freed the Grays intellectual pursuits, to another form and self expression and confidence, was much much alieved.

>>The Vulcan is what had tripped me, in his early programming of variable in artificial intelligence protocols, for droids.

I set out with some of these protocols in-question, as I had so wanted to construct a sentient being, in andrology, which would reflect the best in composition and careing, which would be a hallmark of developments.


In the development of the human brain, as seen by Gray,..? oh' Gray's anatomy, one lifts off the covering and the brain is exposed.

How the human brain works as realized now, is a series of internal, synapse interchanges of positive and negative electrons.

These signals rapidly fire down inter-laid-spinal as well as intercrainal ganglion, to set a balance of interplays, which inturn, denote exchanges in interbody physiologies.
(Or how the body works?

There is a rapidly fire induction apparent in most humanoid brains, which plays as a balance.

By balance this equation is so expressed, is at any time, the brain and all of its neural net functions, can suffer collapse.

I had wanted to develop an android brain, which in its working capacity would express function.Know however' as a reaction to how the android's inner systems functions, would also reflect as inter spine, as well as set intercrainal demand functions.

With the subject which is now on my dynamic simu CAD display, the poastronic brain has capacity if rapid fire neural response, held in Gel-situ, as a placement for how this unit will think.

During the dynamic interplay of a this type of android, when its fully set functions are set free, the rapid fire response of continus interfeed, along a cranial set series of pathways, is designed.

This is so that at all times, according to the clock-down speeds, set by the reactor within this android, that constant levels of power are sent to the brain.

Other aspects such as the artifical muscle interbalance are set to sub main brain architecture, such as a paired amiglia, or reptile set hind brain.

So there is always main motor response as well as sub motor response blance, for the functions of standing up, balance, action and so forth?

>The key critical areas in this android's development, was a a logged variable, a exceedingly difficult chip for me to construct; however in this droid, a life's telling.........?

I had desperately wanted to do this, from the working based from the Vulcan robotacist, in making a friendly and interactive sort of giant robot.

>NOTE FROM JULIANNA SUNG>n this day one of the worker droids,. keep bugging me about data,..Data......hmmm,....hmmm? kind-of has a ring

>DAY FOURTEEN:I have the android body held in the supporting rings.

The brain is set in the body, to bring the neural fire synapse, closer to actual pause in synaptic relay balance, as nobody who is human to my knowledge has a fourteen foot spinal cord.

I don't have a the skin laid on as of yet, but set function as far as the inner circutry, is now in plain with eletrical nural self parody inter-responce.

All function interplay is acceptable the droid itself, realizes that it now has arms an appendages.

>ADVANCED S CHIP THEORY.Juliana and I became quite inebriated over too much wine, the other evening.

She called me a bastard and I responded, I,.. I' was at least trying to give creation to something worth while.

She cried, I had hurt her feelings........Maybe this day, I am a bastard.

.CHIP RESPONSE>The nature of this chip, is that through a microcosmic writing, I have been able to pattern the complete augmentable life of an android, within a single Fourier's chip.

Fourier is old stuff in this time, but provides a sectional telling of how events must play-out for this android.

This chip has varbile pan factors, such as I will or will not do.I shouldn't.Maybe if it were done this way, then....?

There are other highly developed chips in,..........Daita-BOT, I'm calling him now.
However this life programmed chip, is the most developed chip that I can come up with.

I had to micro-work this chip, using ancient minute working techniques from both China as well as Vietnam.

This chip and how it is designed, allows this new droid, to expiernce a childhood, learn to be an adult and in a very special way; possably in some way,...show emotion.

INHELD RING PECULIARITIES>Juliana came into my laboratory toady and sat watching me work with the new droid.

For some strange reason, she seems very attracted to this bot.

I, in my good conscious do not know why?

Re:Exponential codes, suffix man androbot

ENTRY OTHER DATAS:I noted that in my last correspondence to self, the auto-boyt had signed off with this notation>Sung Julian R. out >>>>>>>POWER FAILURE MANERD, REORDERED FULL POWER REESTABLISHED:>........?

The word manered is not in the functional lexiconal dictionaries, of any of the core data sets, for this instillation.

This had worried me for some time, till I did a per-bit fraction trace, on the code source and I found that the write code, was from my very own lab?

I'm sure that I did not have any electronics equipment that would generate such a code, till my final trace route, took me to the prototype androbot that I was working on.

The source code, was being gneratited from the posatronic brain, which in active stases mode.

I simply isolated the bot's mind, then retyped the command code, with a ferreter, to seek out the false lexiconal dictionary impiuts, then let the sys. reboot.

This occurrence is most odd....??

One year later>THE FINAL TESTING OF THE CHIP, THAT DAY:Data as we call him now as a product of Juliana's cooing, is only a few months old.

He walks, but still stumbles.

He had great difficulty in understanding this new world around him and he often turns to both Juliana and myself, in order to understand why?

I was using the convince in a sitting down position when Data burst through the door and had demanded to know why children on the Space-Napped Station, had toys, where he had none.

I almost scolded him, but then firmly asked him to step-out of the privy and I would make him some of the toys these children had.

THAT DAY:I was working on the second backup prototype.

I had wanted to interface some information to the Vulcan Instite Of Robotetry.I had to entry the back access way, into our domed house to access the broadcast protocols, from by baseline desk-files.

I smiled as I saw Data sitting in the sand, scooping piles of this with a replicated plastic shovel, into a plastic pail.

His gold-like skin, showed a certain innocents, as his young mind became to ask himself, variables such as, are as many grain of sand as there are stars in the universe.

I quickly entered the rear access door and was passing through the special kitchen that I had made for Juliana, when what I saw, caught my eye.

She did not see me, as the way the walkway rose, I was out of sight to her vision and she would have assumed a different pose.

She had a graceful elegant figure of a woman.Very fine refined anatomical lines.
These features coupled with a most gracious set of long, well proportioned legs.

She was still in her translucent morning gown, as I stormed through the access breeze. I had wanted to get to the desk-notes, to mainframe-hookup, so Vulcan Institue Of Robototetry could be complete.

She, Juliana's was staring at Data, through the clear translucent polymer viewing port.Her posture raised up on her toes, to get a better view of him.

She always wore her hair neartly piled above her head. But on this morning, one golden lock of hair hung forth, so catching the morning illuminace of the sun, as she fixed her gaze upon the innocent android.

Data not noticeing her, was still very intent upon his playtime.

As she balanced over the wall counter, placing her weight upon each palm alternatly, I noticed Juliana seemed to be saying words, muttering utterances.

Shock set in as I paned in closer with-my eyes,... translating the words.

I noticed that her hand was placed gently on her lower abdomen, when her womb was.

In a most soft, maternal way, she as in her mother's loves, called to him in a whisper that he could not readily deicern..... the words came, as Ba'...b.y
Again with utmost tenderness, she mouthed the words she could only hear, ba'by,....boy.

I at first became very jealous. Then mad, but did not betray my presence to her.

In this lucent sunlight vision, she was connecting with Data, our,...hughmm!!?..boy.

Something rapidly grabbed my sense of self presence, as I said nothing.

My inner self told me, "Shut-up Nugen.Please let this woman have her moment"

It was from that time on, I knew, that Data was very special.Not only to his own right as a sentient, but to us both as a child.

It was from this time forward, I never regarded either Data, my new son, or Juliana quite the same way.This was a new and special time, as well as a new role for me.

I had succeeded in creating an artifical; a lifeform, that had the ability to love back, ...so becoming part of our family.

I think out of any moment experienced by me, that this one cherished view, this moment, was my proudest.

Sung, Nugen, > out