"The future ain't what it used to be."

Did John Titor Make it on Art Bell?


Go the link below.
Look at the audio download files under Audio / Voices.
It's on the left in the lower corner.

There are two MP3 files of what sounds like an Art Bell show.
Did Art really talk about our friend John Titor?
Does anyone remember this?
What the heck is this doing in the UK?


Went to the site offered and logged in.

Went to download and left my sys.

Download did not take cant find file.

Have heard of man on Art's show, saying that he was from 2015.

Did not mention an N-war as Tit did.

This fellow I have heard, used a system that I know of now.

British are technofiles, some of the best and like to consume vast amounts of info, for their society.

Probably why this Titor file is there?
The download interface is a little awkward.
You need to press a new button after each new screen comes up.
It took me a couple of trys.

After listening again, the show is old - like two years old before John appeared in the forums.
Did anyone else here the part about New York????

They took the picture of the lady reclining with the downloads encrypt offer on it, off the front page.This was after I had visited the page?

If you go to your private messenger service here at TTI, I can give you my address.

If you want, you can e-mail me the file, if it's not too preposterously long?

Please no viruses though, I'm sorry, I do not know you.

Does he say pretty much what the Titor of Pamlea Moore's commentary does?

Get back to me, I working now and will be back in about a half of an hour from now?

Thanks for your consideration.