"The future ain't what it used to be."

Did not trust the Pleiadeans after all:HISTORICAL POST



Third person singular:

After a while, Creedo299x9 no longer trusted the offwolrd beings, known as the Pleiadeans.

This mistrust came after going into the contigual web sites, offered off the Michael Horn web site.

There is a painting posted of the Pleiadeans intentions.

This is to let a very large rock with tremendous magnetic powers, come close to the Earth, so stopping its level of rotation.

Once this would be done, then there would be much disaster here on Earth.

This is volcaino after volcaino set off, with the additional loss of land masses and the deaths of many millions.

There are problems here with this said, as a fellow from the supposed future, by the name of John Titor, had spoken of an atomic war, which would occur within the future.2015

These two known points are not clear and not balanced with each other, unless John Titor came from another time line differing from Earth?

What is known, is that the supposed date for the giant magentic rock, to do a fly-by of Earth, is in April 2003 sometime.

Creedo realizes at this point, that his supposed relatives, the Pleiadeans, may also be his sworn enimies and may with what tools he has at his ddisposal, have to go against them?

This would be the realm of very high tech space craft, aginst one with imense psy powers.

Creedo at this point in time, if he can find the vector of the oncomeing rock, can probably deflect this rock, through psy power.

Creedo is not, I repeat, not, a normal human being, but a genetic archatype, from a long lost race of beings.

With his psy powers has caused accidents to happen and only at this point in time, near 2002, is he finnaly learning to control these powers.

The closeing thought however is, to move a near moon sized object, only using these powers?

The second is to be able to destroy saucers, with the same power, if the Pleiadeans should really turn on their own people.

Note in reality, the Pleiadeans and Earthlings arer related.

However it was the Atlantian sect of the Pleiadeans that the shorter origional Pleiadeans had recurted to as it were, "to cleanse Earth of an excess population".

Note' Creedo is not what one would call a political zellot, even in the face of the WTC 9.11 disaster.

He has grown fond of Earthlings, and just doesn't want to see them eliminaited, for some vain Pleiadeans ideal, of how Earth should be.

Creedo is the fraternal cellular reactiviated twin of Pleiadean Cosmonaut, Semjase, pronounced Sem-ya-zee.
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