Differnces between Barbra Marciniack and Time02112:

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Please note, that former creedo299, is now restricted FROM the subject of time travel on this board.I am permitted other catagories.I can only appear back in time travel, upon request, for special apperances only, for certain issues?

Please note, that the contrast within Barbra Marcianck's works as opposed to expert Time02112's claims are as follows.

Marcinack, as well as Randolph Winters through Pleiadean channeling had told of an object that is comeing towards Earth's vicinity.

I could not extract within both of what nature of charicter this comeing disturbanmce is?

I would only like to breifly mention that Time02112 has said, within the Magi Tap-ten posting board, as well as this about.timetravelinst.com's board, certan statments concerning the Earth and our central sun, traveling INTO the photon belt.

I had checked with emaritus expert in astrophysics, Pat Whiler, of Askme.com, concerning the nature of the photon belt.
Pat had said that all infreances as far as conventionality to the photon belt, were manufactureus and not slid evidence.(See main heading page, SCIENCE, then click INTO physics subheading, or serch for expert locii, within physics)?

I am wondering in absence of more solid edivence, such as negative particle evidence contrast flux.This would be via the Chandra orbiting observatory, is there by negative contrast, a possable photon belt, within other dimensions, which is also effecting the sun?

The sun, FROM what I have found out, enacts as a central frequency point, to the many worlds concept.

So since light or C, is transint local, to only one real time frequency, "whatever that may be", then photons of other sorts must also be inhearent within thoser other supposed worlds.

In other words, could a said or supposed photon belt, be inhearent to another realm or dimension and this said photon belt within length, be effecting our central sun, if not this Earth, only via negative shadow contrast other frequncy-space presure?

Very truly creedox9
creedox 9, do you not know about zachariah sitchins work. there is a planet headed this way. I don't beleive it is going to hit us but may hit other planets in our solar system. The ones who messed with human genetics are suppose to be living on this planet. Mr. sitchen is a scholar who has been studing Sumerian text for over 30 years. He has written I think 12 books on the subject and travels and lectures . I think you will find his work fascinating. Just type in Zachariah Sitchin on your search. Let me know what you think. clara

Ps this planet is supposed to cause extensive problems for the earth. It does orbit our sun and comes around every 3,600 years.
It is due to pass somewhere between now and 2012. that is what the mayans were predicting.
I sat and read the Twelfth Planet, as a proper sitting some time back.

This book is heavily involved in certan aspects of the genisis web, of how humans are humans today.

This book is also a hidden aspect to part of the bible codes, other than Chuck Missler or Michael Drosnin, who have written books, on out of time super-quantum dealings, with certan asscpects of biblical and Toorahaic writings.Gentile and Jeish versions, biblic prose::

I hope that I'm not here by the time this planet gets to us and am based on another star systyem.

I think what the gods, as well as God does not realize, is the horrorific tulmult that Earth people have gone through, just to be Earthlings.

Honestly, I just want to get off and away FROM Earth and have no future dealings with Earth, say if this were possable?