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Dimentional jumping


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I saw a documentary on people becoming invisible reasently, and the conclusion was that there physical bodies were jumping to an alternative dimension. being as when someone astroly projects there mind or spirit jumps to a different dimension, does anyone think this could be done with a ship of sorts for either long distance travel or even time based travel? aparently some dimensions are thought to be only cms in length, I was wandering if when in these dimensions they would then be of comparitable size to our own physical dimension.

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No what I saw was a women who was shopping in a american mall, and had a number of people just walk right into her as if she was not there. The expert who has studied hundreds of such cases has come to the conclusion that these people's bodies are jumping to an alternative dimension (hyperspace), while there minds remain in our physical dimension, this aparently is why they are still thinking they are in the mall shopping. The effect happens for varying amounts of time and there seems to be no connection between the subjects in question. I think its basically a form of astral projection but the physical body goes instead of the mind. maybe the vibrationary rate of the body has gone out of phase? the analogy of multi dimensions that made sense to me was its like a radio being tuned, there are hundreds of different stations floating through the air but only one is being received by the radio at one time, maybe these people just got 'tuned' in to a different station so to speak. It got me thinking about long distance travel if a human body can dimensionaly jump then it makes sense to me that this could be repeated with a 'ship', and being as time is in our dimension maybe we could 'jump' to a different time as well.

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