"The future ain't what it used to be."

Disolvement of time effects = Time Travel


IN mans world time travel currently is not possible because of society and conditioning and thought and learned behaviors and actions and theories of life. We are from birth receiving programming and signals of what life is and our mind as loaded up with a belief system and value system.

What if one were to remove every thought ever learned to be reduced to pure form, pure thought, yet remain in physical form. To take away all ideas, teachings, thoughts, pasts everything ever absorbed into grey matter and subconscious behavior.

In this state of purity and being I believe it then becomes possible to reveal the consciousness to time and space and actually new value of "no time - no Space".

If realized, believed and harnessed this then allow for the consciousness to reveal time travel. The mind is said to be only 10 - 12 % used of its full capacity. In the right situation, in the right environment and conditions, once then exposes the fourth dimensions of possibility. The belief in what we don’t see, the energy around and the soul.

In Time Travel I believe is not of moving matter as many tend to typicalise in their theories. It is a mater of soul shifting (for want of better words). The transference of our being from one point to the next. Is it possible to find such a state - yes but for us a challenge to remove thought of learned behaviors through disolvement. We tend to look in a more physical light for how to move matter but when matter becomes energy - pure electrical forms (soul) we then move more quickly than light itself.

Then is it possible to move from one point of existence to the next, to reveal those things which we can not see, to travel what is known as distance through what is known as time.

Possibly time travel is only possible through the consciousness of NOW. That every element of thought that exists at any given moment and developing the mind to a point where it is possible to stop that moment entirely fro maybe several moments. Hence when sopping time the rotational effects of the earths movement causes the shift in position when removed from the earth (say in the air) or levitated through soul.

Have you ever had a dream in your sleeping times that you have seen an event, a place, a situation and some future point you have found yourself in exactly that situation? What causes this? Imagination?? I differ from this view. I believe that in certain state of being we can possibly through altering of the minds energy and our thought and being move through time and space effortlessly. It is a part of our true state of being that is stolen from us when born into society. Finding the keys to time travel are finding and unlocking the keys to the power of the mind, the power of our souls full ability, the power of the truths hidden from life but so natural in fact that we don’t even see them.

We are all born of soul and with a soul, we are all born in purity and at some point of no consciousness or absorption of environmental factors (possibly conception - single cell fusion). It is not possible for us to see or are we looking to science and what is believed by others theories of what is.

I challenge you to contemplate this, experiment with this, give birth to this understanding. Maybe the information contained in the Free Library of www.buytheart.co.nz Book 1 and also 2 3 and 4 and the Holy Bible, and if read without mortal understanding will reveal the fourth dimension to our being. If read with eyes not taught but in the purest environments, controlled and nurtured from life as we KNOW it then will be the point of time in which life as we don’t know it will reveal itself to us.

Time Travel is the altered state of being that allows us to move through the mortal barriers of time and space.