DNA Mapping

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Does the recent discovery of mapping out the entire DNA structure not help in the theory of time travel?
I don't think so because it's in a science so diferent, but maybe you can clear my mind, what are you talking about?, in what sense is your question
Mapping only helps if you know the changes that need to be made, which requires an exact knowledge of reality and "time".

...~The Doctor~...
What if a copy of your DNA was stored on a massive computer in the future. Just incase the timeline was altered, your body could be restored.
This may be true, but it's similar to the cloning debate - the dna may be the same, but thinking patterns and recollection of previous memories are bound to be different
hello i think if you sit in space just out from our solar system and played the sun from beginning to end like a vcr our solar system would look like a dna strand would that mean that we are part of one big atomic dream.
may be if we can synthesize double stranded dna and create chromosome and include all genome and genetic replication of ours and modify for adaptation in the future then mapping is helping us to adap in the future
Wow...posted my dream about time travel before seeing this message. Hmmmmm, really got me thinking now. Hope I can sleep tonight!