Do you have time travel machine?

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I read some many articles and documents about time travel, but never heard of anyone got a time travel machine. Just wondering all are just a bunch of bullshit or bluffing around?
Dear John,
If you had a time machine would YOU tell anyone? The people that have them are NOT talking. They will probably NEVER be discovered because if someone found out about it they might just be able to go back and change that. It would end up as someones faint memory or come out in their dreams. If people really had them they would definately keep quiet. don't you think? The people that claim they have them I really don't beleive them. it would have been taken from them Iam sure.
Anyone got a time travel machine? Please contact me... I need to change something happened in my life, not for money nor changing a future, but to prevent myself from the mistake I made.
Dear Pamela
So, you really believe that time travel machine exist? If you know anyone who got it, would you mind to let me know?
Dear John,
sorry if you misunderstood me. I do not know of anyone who has a timetravel machine. But dont you think if someone did have one and were actively using it the energy feild they created would show up on some grid and they would be investigated and it would be taken from them? I do not know if a time travel machine even exists. but I do beleive that it is possible to timetravel.but this is only my theory.
Dear Pamela,
I understand what you are trying to say, and I agrees that even someone has the machine, he/she will not reveal it to the world. I hopes to meet one of them, but i guess it is just a dream, which will never comes true.
Of course there is a time travel machine. It's a simple box. Place any object in the box, like a newspaper, then seal it tight. Then sign it saying do not open until fifty years have elapsed. The box will then slowly move forward in time second by second. The box will hopefully arrive safely in the future. This would allow future generations to look back in on us and see what we had done. I'm not to sure just how well organic material would hold up, so you would have to freeze it for the trip. If this wasn't the time machine you have been looking for, well... just keep looking.
Do you think I am a stupid? Have you read my messages before you reply? Use your eyes and brain before you present your idea. No offence... I am looking for a machine to go back to the past from this point of time to year 95. You theory is right, and all of us are time travel machines too, we travel to the future. What I want is something to travel backward in time.
Keeping in mind that the earth undergoes constant changes and is continually moving through space, I think that most time travelers to the past started out from a safe present location, but when they reached a destination in the past, they rematerialized inside of a mountain, or underwater, or in a rock, or in outer space. The rest died from diseases that we have no resistance to. If they arrived safely, then they faced to same problems on the return trip.
No I don't think your stupid. But then again I don't think your ready. Not until you fully think of all the permutations of the action you will comit when you go back in time of known history. If you can prove you can go back, change things that are fact without changing the present, maybe the person or device your looking for will become easier to find. And no, I don't have one. Keep looking. Better yet, go back to school, get bachelors in physics, nuclear theory and a few other diplomas and build one. You might be the inventer of what your looking for and don't know it. I do recomend that you read 'The Man from When'(1966) before trying. The ending is real twilight zone themes.
hi alpha romeo,i from work

i will ask any one. if you go back in time will you be mobile? or do you stay in one place and anything that is built or will grow in the place you are at. you are in the thing that is there.
to any one that can answer or guess
I think that would depend on the method of travel. If you hAve a worm hole kind of device you would travel through that. and that would feel like kindof falling or being sucked through it. If you have an actual time travel machine my guess would be sortof like HG WELLS the TIME MACHINE. everything seems like it is moving around you or changing around you and you dont seem to be moving at all. also when I remember that movie at one time he was inside of a rock but then he moved forward just a little bit and he was outside of it. Therefore it would depend on where you stop. Even though it was just a movie I think this is how it would be.
I think the man was ahead of his time.

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