Does light age?

That depends on your view of what time is. Regardless i dont believe a photon can be altered in a way to reflect a change of 'time'
The only thing that changes when you reach the speed of light isyour perseption of time, imagine you're travelling at the speed of light, to stationary observers you have slowed down so much you look like you've stopped but as far as you're concerned time is normal and you are still ageing.
Nothing slows it down but the particles or magnetic fields it collides with affects the direction it travels, and affects its vibration (and therefore wavelength).
So because of time dialation, if one travels at the speed of light, it would be effectively traveling into the future? Wouldn't that be a future without you until you get there? To everyone else, you were gone for a long long time, but to you, time seemed to have passed normally?

So light does not age? Does it have a beginning and end, or does it simply change from one form to another?
light continues forever, unless it bounces off of something or is converted into another energy level. Shine a flashlight at the moon (assuming correction for difraction) the light will hit the moon, but its cone is so huge at that point that its much larger than the moon, and dispersed. Because it is not seen does not meen it isnt there.
Everything in the universe is acted apon by entropy. Entopy is the II Law of Thermol Dynamics. This Law is a evocation of the dimention of time. Time in this universe moves forward by creating chaos form order. This is how we whitness time. It is not a contradiction to say Light is amune from this law because light does not opperate with in space time. Photons have no mass. Having no mass they are not acted apon by the laws of timespace.

The energy of light is not disapated by entropy. It is however acted apon by timepace. The intensity of an EM field is dictated by the curvature of space and the dilation of time. The energy of light is amune from all time space laws, because light does not travel through our positve temporal reality. Light travels throught he medium of nutral temporal reality, this being the same part of the conceptual construct which is the singularity.

The energy of light is only released into timespace when it is acted apon by the polarized magnetic field of matter. The Electron carries a negative charge. The nutron carries a positive charge. The negative and positive charges create a polarized magnetic field. This polarized field is a temporal distorion of the magnetic component of EM radiation, The EM radiation carries no charge as it is pure energy. The polarized magnetic field creates a temporal distorion with in the fabric of space time. This distortion is a gate way as it were between postive and nutral temporal reality.

The polarized field of the atom converts the infanite energy of light into packets of energy. These packets corispond to the vibrational frequenciy or the thermol energy of electrons. The unit of exchange is fixed as the mass or non thermol energy of the electon is fixed. However the units or quanta of energy recived by the electron are variable as the thermol or kenetic energy of the electron is veraible. We call the thermol energy of the electon its shell, a shell is an energy state. The fixed unit of energy released onto the electron by an the polarized field is known as the photon.

The intensity of the EM field is the same as Grav and other fields. The potential energy available from the field source is inversely squared in proportion to the distance from the field source.

Light seems to be amune from the entropy of time. Yet when its energy manifests as the photon, the avaialblity of light energy follows the Inverse square Law, creating the illusion it radiates within timespace. A posible answer to this inherant contradiction could be the dual nature of light itself. For example a conductor of energy does not actual carry electrons, that is to say in a electrical curcit no electons are created. The electrons of the conductor are simply moved in a forward direction (DC). In the case of AC the electrons are moved back and forward in the form of a sine wave. Ergo light is created as a disturbince in the polarized field of two Hydrogen atoms becoming a Helium atom. To create a new state of magnetic equilibrium with in the new atom magnetic energy is released and radiated in units corisponding to the polarized field of the electon and proton. This energy becomes manifest as EM radiation. This radiation does not actualy create new energy, merely a temporal disturbance is created forceing exsisting energy out of positive temporal reality and into nutral temporl reality. This is because The field energy is not polarized. The energy does not travel but actualy pushes the exsisting energy in nutral temporal reality in the same way a magnetic field pushes the elctrons in a curcit. Nutral temporal reality already contains infanite energy.

Ergo EM fields create temporal distorions in nutral temporal reality. The key to understanding the radiation of EM fields can be found in the fields themselves. All known fields are created by matter itself. Fields seem to direct the interactions of energy with in timespace. I beleive light follows the contures created by Gravitation because gravitation itself is a distortion of the nutral temporal reality. Egro Light using the nutral temporal reality would be directly effected as its medium is being distorted.

A good name for this theory would be sponge theory, because I beleive the energy released by atoms is created by thier gravitaional intensity. Timespace consisting of limitless energy at a nutal temproral level. The grav fields created by matter bend time and space ero creating a temporal disturbance in timespace. The intensity of the grav field is propotional to the temporal disturbance created. And the intensity of temporal disturbance is proportional to the amount of energy radiated too- and released from the nutral temporal reality.

This is in its essence a cyclical thought process because gravity drives the fussion process. And Light is a by product of the fussion process. And light opperates at zero time and has infanite length. Ergo light is a manifestation, or exsists as a conceptual representation of nutral temporal reality.
enoch2 says>This is in its essence a cyclical thought process because gravity drives the fussion process. And Light is a by product of the fussion process. And light opperates at zero time and has infanite length. Ergo light is a manifestation, or exsists as a conceptual representation of nutral temporal reality. //

*Note' light does not have infinite length.
It is an interesting theory you have dear sir. So I took it apon myself to test it out my self. Here in Australia it is night time. I went outside and turned my trusty tourch on. A very powerfull 9v battery and a nice parabolic lenz. When I turned it on I was almost ready to concied your point. Then in an instance I was struck with a moment of shear Genius. I thought to myself if the ground was not in the way mabe the light would keep going.

My Hypothisis was correct. I shone my trusty shiner up into Gods own fermament. And my theroy was proven corrct. The light traveled of into infintiy.

Excuse my fun. EM fields radiate in the same way as all fields. The field strenght or intensity is inversely square proporitonal to the distance from the said field source. Mathmaticaly the field length is infact infanite. And light is and Electromagnetic Field.

I was looking up realitivity as I was going to through some Eienstine quotes your way. This is when I realized I did not need to. The inverse square law is a well establised scientific fact, even for newtonians.

And so it is just like your pie, your just going to have to keep down that rabit hole
enoch2 said>I was looking up realitivity as I was going to through some Eienstine quotes your way. This is when I realized I did not need to. The inverse square law is a well establised scientific fact, even for newtonians.

Creedo answers;Enoch, get this straight, I DON'T, go by Einstein quotes.

My theory is that light or C pressure at reciprosical length, must reinfactuate itself, in order to be C at dynamical length.

In otherwords, light or C from the most distant sources, is light that has reinvested.

This must be so, or the Hubble would have never been able to visualize early proto-galaxies.

If red shifts and blue shifts are realized to have the same pressure, then light via its natures, must be self sustaining, but only at a pulsed width variable.

Einstein was great in his era, with two models only given as per one, the Cartesian super-coordinates and the bowling-ball bed spread theory.

That was him and actually it took two to get this out and this was Oppenehimer along with Einstein, not just Einstein himself.

Know him, don't quote him.

Absolutely would not dare....
enoch2, also get this within your relative knowledge banks.

Newtonians, in space or deeper space mechanics are it refers to fractal C, is a woeful painter to command.

Stringed theory, although for some inane reason, now suppressed and only at times accomplished by both the gifted and super time and matrix computers, is the way to examine C in its travels at length.

Definition Painter:A small dingy stile of boat, that is sometimes accompanied by sail, suitable for inlet, however not high seas navigation and or worthiness.
Light has infanite length, infanite energy, as it operates at zero time. Zero time is absolute time dialation. The photon is a fixed unit and has no mass. The quantum only exsists in a defined temporal or quantum state.

Now my friend Realityity Theroy is well established, its only flaw seems to be the lack of dimentions to accout for the fact energy seemingly enters and leaves positive temporal reality at will. This is why I say the universe has an eight dimentional base, this is not my theory it is a priciple of UFT which seems to have been completed and used in the philidephia experiment.

So to prove or disprove UFT we must discuss the philidelphia experiment.

To prove or disprove Gravity timespace curvatre/Dialation we must discuss the experiments with atomic clocks which have proven realivity theory correct.

Dopplar shift explains that if a light emiting body is moving away from us the intensity interms of temporal photonic intensity changes. That is the frequency. The speed of the light stays the same only the frequency or units of energy in temporal terms decreace. Because the space between two bodies is expanding the light also under the inverse square law must distribute the quantas of energy over this expanding distance. We equate the expanding distance with a loss of temporal photonic acivity. A less energetic light wave has a longer frequency that is the wave gets longer. Hubble used this to prove the universe is still expanding. And as a consiquence Eienstien removed the cosmilogical constant. The cosmilogical constant was a add on to acomidate a steady state theory where the universe was in a state of rest.

When crossing a the road at a corner most people do not look behind them to see if a car is going to turn infront of them because they can hear if a car is decelartaing behind them. To take the corner cars must slow, The drop in velocity means the speed of the air wave has more time and space to release its energy. The speed of sound like light is also fixed. Only the intensity of the energy changes. More sound energy is a higher frequeny. Lower sound energy is lower frequency.

So when a car passes you it sounds like this:


------------------------high frequency-----------------------------Low frequency----------------

you can hear the change in frequency. Given the uniform conditions of the medium the speed of sound is a constant just like light. Less space higher frequency and more space lower frequency. Everything in the universe moves. This is the method we use to determine if they are coming or going and now we can acualy deduce the velocity useing this simple method. This is because the speed of light is constant.

IT is very simple I must say you make it sound very dificult.

Also it has been proven that the speed of light always remains the same to the individual observer. We could be traveling at diferent speeds to or away from a body emiting light yet the results will always be 300 000kms. only the frequency or intensity would change, that is doplar shift.

If you have a problem with realitivity I suggest you examine the indiviual experiments and look for flaws in the assumptions used. I can not realy grasp what theory you are talking about. I am familiar with realitivity, and you must disprove the established dogam or build apon it, before you create something new.
One really cannot argue with this explanation. It is quite clear, and the implications regarding time from the similarity of sound and light should be obvious. Just as sound cannot propagate without a medium appropriate to its frequency, so it is for light. Human senses do not seem to be able to perceive the background medium that light propagates within. However, the recent scientific measurements that have revealed dark energy are showing us that the background medium is there. Call it "ether" or the "sub-quantum vaccuum", it is just a name.

Time is just an artificial byproduct of wave propagation in a background medium. Consciousness can and does transcend time, and therefore we are eternal beings whether we like it or not, or even whether we believe it or not.