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people are selfish,, if the invention of the "time travel machine" many people will try to manipulate the "history" to avoid many accident, at the moment we can see many Terrible history such as WW2,,human also suffer many kinds of disese and disaster,,that why i think time Travle is impossible
It wouldn't really matter. Our history is set. The only changes these people would make is the history of a parallel universe. It's possible that once they activate they're device, they might never be seen again.

Ofcourse, this line of thinking also has its flaws. There has been some evidence that might suggest time travel as the culprit, like human skeletons found in bedrock hundreds of million years old.

If these are the remains of time travellers, they would most likely be from a parallel universe, and the changes they have made resulted in our universe.

You're right; if people had access to a time machine, they would probably try to change history. Like WWII. We might have lost originally, and some time traveller changed it. This has been the basis of many sci-fi stories.

I don't think completely preventing an event as big as a world wide war is practical. Suppose you killed Hitler. It's possible someone else would have gained power instead. Changing the outcome would be alot easier, by giving strategic information to the right people.

Time travel is possible; wether it's practical or not is another story. The energy required is enormous, but given the rate of technology, who knows?

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I have a hard time believing the parallel universe theory. Some physicists say that if we were to go bac and try to change the past that it would result in an alternate parallel universe, but how? This seems contrary to Conservation of Matter and Energy. How did this parallel universe just get created? Any ideas anyone?
It could be that these parallel universes aren't created, but already exist, and have since the big bang. Still, we can't attempt to answer this question until we can successfully explain where the energy came from to create this universe.

I'll leave this controversial question open for debate.
If parallel universes exist, then they obviously <u>were</u> created and maybe are still being created as we think up more probable scenarios. The Law of Conservation of matter, or energy or anything else have to conform to what exists and not the other way around.

We continue to cite scientific laws, the speed of light, etc, etc as excuses for why somethings <u>can not</u> happen. We seem to <u>want</u> to limit the possibilities.
When I said they weren't created, I meant that they might not be created activly by say, the flip of a coin. They might have already existed since the bigbang.

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The laws of conservation is based on the closed system view of the universe. In such cases where a system is closed, the energy is conserved.

A rubber balloon is a good example of this phenomenon. When you blow up a balloon and tie lip of the balloon into a knot so as to hold the air inside the balloon, you have created a closed invironment. So long as the balloon has no openings the quantity of air inside the balloon is conserved(accept for the air that leaks through the micro-scopic pores in the fabric of the balloon.)

Know before you tied the knott in the lip of the balloon the balloon was an open system and the quantity of the air inside the balloon was variable. Depending on how much air you blew into the balloon determined the amount of air that was in the balloon. This is an open system.

Know in the both balloon expamples we were dealing with quantities of air which are made up of molecules, which are in turn, made up of atoms which are energy in the form of mass. Now energy in the form of mass is far more dense then energy in the form of energy in terms of unit quantums per volume.

Energy in the form of mass is closed energy. Now energy in the form of energy is also closed energy. However I believe that energy in the form of energy is a single binding of energy that propagates once per given instant. I believe that mass is a quanta which is quanta is a double probagation of energy such that one of the propagating quantum waves serves as the skin of the other probagation wave of energy which probagates away from the center of the particle outward perpindicular to the 'Balloon skin wave'. This is an inaccurate representation of the complex nature of subatomic particles in that it does not include the strong force glouns bosons mediating strong force in point particles known as quarks which are, if I remember correctly, formed together in groups called hadrons.

Now I assume the posibility that the energy inside the circumferance wave of energy is an open form of energy that has a quantity of infinity when the radius of the circunferance wave is zero, and a quantity of zero when the radius of the cirumferance wave reaches it's upper limit.

Now when one breaks the circumferance wave of a three dimensional quantum of energy(four dimensional if you include time), the radius of that quanta of energy at the break is equal to the size of the universe(not taking into account the other atoms and the natural expansion of space from the centermass of an event).

Assuming that the universes end is the upper limit of the cirumferance wave then the quantity of energy at the break would go straight from its presently defined state to zero. This model would be true of the open energy had a centermass.

However since a quanta of energy having a centermass is a closed system by the same arguement that the closed balloon is a closed system, then in order for the energy in the making up the depth of the partical to be truelly open in and of itself, this energy must have no center mass and therefore infinite depth. In this case the near opposite would be true, that is, the quanta of energy at the break where the radius extends to the edge of the universe, the quanta of energy is innfinite infinite, not zero, because of the infinite depth nature of open energy.

In this case the quanta of energy in the closed system would also be determined by the circumferance of the circumferance wave measured from space outside the circumferance of the circumferance wave. This would redetermine that quanta of energy in the universe is open in cases such that the energy has no centermass and is confined to a system that has the topology of a plane, not a shpere.

Thus the basic conscept illustrated in this analogy is that if energy were to be split at the surface area of the circunferance wave that the quantity of energy released by such an action would be infinite.

What does everyone think?

Does this sound accurate?


Edwin G. Schasteen
I got it. If I blow a certain quantity of air in a balloon, this create a potential circumference wave of power, that could be activated using a kind of nail? I can get the balloon and the nail at the dollar-store, but how this is gonna help me with time travel?

Time travel is possible, the problem is that there's no proof of parallel world, we get to the point, to analyse the idea that if you go back in time change something you might alter the fact that you are going to born in get to the same point. This mean that you could'nt change anything that you would "see". Anyway, helping people from the WW2 would maybe 'help' to create a war at our time...? Who knows?
Dob, Brilliant!!! Why did not I think of it before?! Using a BALLOON, HAMMER, and a NAIL from the 99 cent store to induce a time warp field

On a serious note the conscept could help out considering that the energy beyond the centermass is probably mediated by tachyons and therefore probably has a negative time component.

The basic idea is to pry apart an e and h field and allowing a conduit to be formed through which tachyons may be chanelled into this universe from subpoint space. Charging mass with tachyons having an energy from zero watts to infinite watts can allowing one to send a mass on instant back in time or an infinite period back in time by increasing or decreasing the energy of the tachyons being conducted through the material.

I can not go into the method on how to do this yet. But in the near future I hope to be able to reveal more about a device that I have contracted a research and development firm to develop and mass produce. This device at minimum will be capable of generating ungodly amounts of energy and is currently in the development stage. As for it's ability to create a chanel through which tachyons may flow has yet to be confirmed by test.

If I am successful then another tool will be able to assist in the quest for time travel. If not then I will post the results so others can learn from my mistakes.

God Speed,

By the way I laughed out loud at the library when I read Dobs reply. That can be very embarrasing.
Laughting is healty, apparently. Anything healty make you live longer... or it help you to. For sure if you get an piano on the head you won't have the time to laugh, and all the laughting time that you've accumulated won't help in any way.

But if time travel would be possible, using a circconferum ringwave of transluscent power that have the potential to time-travel, you would be able to prevent this accident.

RGRUNT!When you find out about this mystery I want to be v.i.p to know it. Thanks

I will try my best. If I succeed I hope to be able to post the results if not I will definately post the results.

You also have a very good point about the piano. I imagine that if one is always joking and laughing then one's mind might not be on his or her surrounding environment which can make one oblivious to the piano that is about to fall on them.

The dangerous part of being a dreamer is that one tends to dream quite often both at times that one should and at times that one should not. Such as when operating heavy equipment or when working on high voltage electrical equipment.

In my field of Aircraft hydraulics focus and attention to detail is paramount to the safety of the pilots that fly our F-18's as well as to the f-18s.

For this reason I dream when I am not at work and when I am at work I divert my focus to my job so that I can do my job properly.

Anyhow, since it is the weekend I am free to dream. So I think and I dream.

God Speed and be safe,

Edwin G. Schasteen
rgrunt, sorry about the lack of messages on my part. I havent had much use of a computer, so I havent been able to visit the posts frequently. I was just wondering about the details of the above theory, and the device you speak of. you have actually designed a device, or just as impressive, have actually developed a theory of time/energy/space?
Rgrunt, maybe this will have no direct link to time travel, but speaking about dreaming and jobs, for me this have to sounds the same thing. For sure you have to get fun of your job, either if it's demanding your full concentration and efforts. Me, I'm 3d artist, kinda game creation device, and an other day a very technician trying to do some special effects with video. I prefer to dream as long as I can, I have responsabilities, a kid and a bunch of responsabilities. The trick is to train yourself to keep always an eye open. So your mind is in a parrallel world or over the sky, but your feets are on the ground.

I hope you'll achieve your dream, others have did so, it's your turn now, and mine, and for everybody here.

Be dreamer, be time-traveller!
Dear Dob and Richar18,

Thankyou both for wishing me well. I wish also that your dreams as well as the dreams of everyone here may also be realized.

I think that if we all work together we can accomplish our goals.

In reply to Dobs question, Yes I have designed a device. I have contracted the conscept for this device out to a research and developmnet firm called Davison & Associates which is an invention firm. I would recomend this firm to anyone with a good idea. They are very honest and forthright. The telephone number to Davison & Associates is 1-800-677-6382. I recomend requesting Mrs Charlene Reynalds for a case manager. She, and Davison, have been very good to me.

I do also have a theory on how to create a time travel device. The invention that I have will produce the energy and is theoretically able to generate a tachyon current. This of coarse I will not know till I test the device, which is now in the development stage over at Davison. According to all the current theory the device is feasible and should work. The firm would not have proceeded to the development stage if it had been established that the theory behind the device were flawed. The firm is looking at prospective small generator companies to contract the device out to for mass development and distribution on the open market. As for whether the device will produce tachyons has not been researched by the firm. The only way to find that one out for sure is to throw the switch and tune the dial.

As for right now I can not go into detail about the device until I get permission from the firm. This will not be given until the a provisional patent is filed.

I hope that my theory is correct. If not I will atleast learn from this experience. I will also post the results of the device as soon as I recieve a proto-type and test it.

I, in conjunction with, Time02112 am still honing the theory of the temperal accelerator. We are now working on a conscept to enable time travel with a Zero divergence factor.

After all, if we go temperal sailing, we want to be able to return home.


Edwin G. Schasteen
Of course! But I recommend somebody (who doesn't care to get back to present) to try a first one-way to the futur (not so long, let say a good 1 minutes). Then we'll speak!

;-) :-) 8^)
I think my neigbors dog, the one that barks til two o'clock in the morning, won't mind taking an experimental trip to the future in our microwa--err--I mean Temperal accelerator.

On a serious note I do agree that before any trips are taken that the device must be safe. We will need to have radiation detectors and some pretty sensitive equipment to make this device ready to transport humans safely. I donnot want to submerge the inside of the ship with the field needed to temperally accelerate the ship. I only want to surround the outside of the ship with a field dense enough to seperate the space-time on the outside of the ship from the space-time inside of the ship such that any interactions between the space outside of the ship and the space inside of the ship would require energy greater the energy contained inside an arbitrary mass with an arbitrary measure of
!1unit( that is, one unit compressed of energy mass that is compressed to a singularity such that the masses density is infinite so that if one were to smear this quantity of mass over a greater area by cutting slivers of the singular quanta that each individual sliver will have an infinite density. )

The Mathematical symbol !1-!1~r^2= = 0. is stated as follows: The total quantity one is divided in half an infinite number of times and confined to an area zero. This is my own math and the symbols are also my own that I used in this accept for !.

I mean that I have not taken calculas so I don't no how to right this down in previously established mathematical language.

The theory is based on the mathematical theorum that I came up with a couple of years ago. It states that if you divide an imaginary continous mass an infinite number of times the last quantity at and just shy of infinity will equal zero. Therefore a continous quantity one divided in half infinitely equals that same quantity minus itself. Any quantity minus itself equals zero. So 1-1=1/0 and 1-1=0/1 for 1/1=1, .5/1=1/2, .25/1=1/4....0/1=1/0=0.

The question I have is does this new mathematical theory that I pose to you now define the infamous "undefined 0/1"?

Anyhow by compressing a field to a singularity and then dividing that field up and allowing that field to cover the surface area of a ship completely and uniformly, the energy field will be of sufficient density to seperate all interactions between the interior space-time inside the ship from the exterior space-time outside the ship. So the space-time inside the ship will be a universe independant of the universe outside the ship.

What does everyone think?


Edwin G. Schasteen
RGrunt, the story I'm telling you is true, real, and it append to my grand-father when he was 10-12 years old. As the begining of the century, going to the moon was still a crazy idea, some prophets and artists had imagine the trip but there was no 'tools' to do it. So my grand-father decide to get his little brother on the moon (the little one because he was lighter). So they made a kinda rocket, basicaly a barrel of metal with 100 pounds of cadridge powder under it. The little boy had a lunch box, a helmet, a kind of map of the city (for when he get back), and every body was ready for the launching... At the very last minute my great grand-father arrived and the whole bunch of young kids ran out in all the direction. 5 minutes later this small kid would have been reduced to hundred of meat pieces.

This means for me that we all have dreams, some of us will go further than others, some will be shy to try, who cares? You have to do it safe. I know you don't have the rights over animals life but it have to start somewhere... otherwise try it on yourself, but how could you be shure of the safetyness?

I vote for your neightbor's dog to be your first patient to try your time-travel device!

(Put a couple of cats too, that would be cool, at least they would be so preocupated that they would'nt know what is appening to them)

dob, short and symetric.
rgrunt: creating a "space-time bubble" would in fact separate anything inside that bubble from the ambient space-time outside of the shell, but how would you possibly go anywhere in a controlled fashion; i.e. how would you connect yourself with the reality you are trying skip through?

p.s. you are truly brilliant, if you have actually figured out a way to achive this "space-time bubble", and invented a navigation system which would allow inter dimensional travel. good luck to you.
Dear Richor-18 and Dob,

Thankyou for the reply and compliment. You also are very brilliant as are all the minds that are here on this forum.

Dear Dob,

Thankyou for that truelly enlightening story. I will do my best to do all things safely.

As for the uncontrolled nature of the craft..that is a very good point. The problem should be rectified by creating the temperal accelerator with a point of the space--time inside the ship connected with the regular universe grounded out to this dimension of space( present space) allowing us to create a temperal path that follows the ship as it sells through time. The first example was a temperal device that acts like a capacitor in that it is entirely closed in a bubble and not connected to any dimension for an extended period of time, but seperates a mass from it's cause-affect world line all together making the entire system independant of the rest of the universe. It is seperated from the rest of the universe by the closed fabric of tachyons which give the ship a negative-time component. This is like the space of a capacitor that seperates the first electrical post of the capacitor from the secondary post by either free space or an electrolight. An inductor is one solid piece of metal that is a closed circuit unlike the capacitor which is a open circuit(so I have heard). The impedence for an inductive circuit is 1/2(pi)*resonant freq. *the inductance in henries. This means that as the frequency increases the impedance of the circuit increases thus decreasing the amps and increasing the volts( I believe?). For a capacitor the impedence of the circuit is determined by the equation 2(pi)*resonant freq.*capacitance in farads. This means that as the frequency of the capacitor aproaches infinity the impedance approaches zero and the capacitor is superconductive. Now I was considering that one might be able to assist the velocity of the ship through temperal space by applying some form of this equation after taking into consideration the negative time component which will more the likely invert the two equations so that for capacitance with a negative time component, the inductor with a positive time components equation applies and vice-versa.

Any how by adjusting the frequency the ship will alter it's velocity and posibly position by adjusting the impedance, and therefore, the amperage and voltage of the system

Regards, what do you think?

Edwin G. Schasteen
RGrunt, thanks for the flowers...

Richar18, your questions are so precise then I would'nt be able to answer something mathematical, but I would figure it in a logical way but it would be like everything else, phylosophy on basic.

This braught this idea to my brain... after a shake-up and a brain storming, something come out:

-We tend to say: if you don't move anymore you don't get old anymore. Actually, it's seem visually to be inverse, you have to go to the speed of light (...) to go in the futur, you get older slowly than the rest of the world. But, who really move?

-If you get a spaceship trying to time-travel by speed (for the futur) you'll have to find some free "racing path" in space.

-After all, by asking the question "who moves?", you get a very relative answer. My interogation are around this point:

<[ How fast does we go right now? To each other - no difference, but to the center of universe or to other beings in other galaxies, we certainly live at a different speed? This induce the fact that if you use the speed to time-travel in the futur, there is certainly a certain path to take to make it more efficiently? >]

Finaly, because I still believe it's about speed, going faster than the relative "0" would be the way to play the relative world "backward"...? Time-travel back?

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