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an other reply, faster;

To Gavin, first post - If time travel needs a device (that doesn't move, something that you get inside), this means that time travel will be possible only until this device exist. Time-travel will starts at the time the device is created, and be impossible, after the instant the device is not accessible anymore (break, capout or stool par the government!).
Dear Dob,

I would have sent chocolates too but I ate them all.

As for velocity of light this too is a way to go and atleast we know it will work.

However, I theorize that compression is the same a acceleration. For if one considers that the amount of energy required to compress a quantity of mass to an infinitely small point is the same amount of kenetic energy needed to accelerate a mass body to the velocity of light.

I believe that it is not the velocity of a mass but the amount of kenetic energy applied to that mass that causes time dilation and time travel into the past.

In fact, and this is probably already known if it is true, the affect of the speed of light on relative time might work together with applied kenetic energy to form the relative zero that Dob or Richor-18 had mentioned in the posts above.

Now the common factor between a compressing object and mass that is accelerating towards the velocity of light is applied kenetic energy.

Now since kenetic energy is mass in the form of energy and if current physics theory holds then kenetic energy must either be mediated as strong force, weak force, gravitational force, or electromagnetic force.

I have heard it rumored that the unconfirmed Higg's Boson is suspected to be responcible for mediating inertial properties between subatomic particles.

Depending on which of the four fundemental forces kenetic energy is will determine the nature of the mediation of the kenetic force.

I believe that kenetic energy is electro-magnetic in nature and therefore occupies a given frequency range in the electro-magnetic spectrum.

I was considering that the applied energy of kenesis to infinity uniformly around a shperical mass would result in the exponential decay of the radius of the mass arriving at zero point in a finite period of time so long as the applied energy is in a state of constant state of acceleration because an infinite compression will be acheived in that period of time. Now the mass may not constrict to infinitely small point if the applied exponential kenetic energy to constrict the mass increases exponentially at a slower rate of speed or by a lesser quanta per given unit of time then the rate of exponential increase of applied kenetic energy by the mass to resist compression. Since by applying an exponential increasing energy to compress mass results in an increased resistance to compression according to the law that states that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction, the quantity of energy resisting compression at zero will be infinite at which point the energy trying to compress the object will be infinite. Also, kenetic energy is applied first and then the mass resists the compression by returning a quanta of energy equal to the quanta of energy being applied. To increase the amount of kenetic energy applied is to increase the nunmber of discreat kenetic bosons being transmitted into the object per unit time. This results in an increase to the number of kenetic bosons being applied by the mass to resist compression. The number of unit of quanta's passing a given point would be measured in amps. The static force built up by the build up of resistance to compression in the mass would be measured in volts. The frequency of the kenetic applied energy increases as the number of quanta being applied increases. Since the mass is always reacting to the energy being applied to compress the mass, the resisting or opposite reaction is always applied after the kenetic energy to compress the mass is applied. This means that the kenetic energy is always greater then the opposing kenetic energy and therefore always has a higher frequency. Now as the energy applied to compress the mass increases exponentially at a slower rate then the energy applied to resist the density of the mass increases. This results from the increase in frequency as the molecules decrease their distances from one another.

This results in an increase to the number of rotations in each molecule and an increase in the number of rotations of the electron around the atom per given second as a result of the decreased circumferance in which the electron and molecules orbit around the atom and around each other.

This results in an increase to the frequency determined by the number of orbits per given unit of time. Note that in this case the electron does not increase velocity, or if it does the increase in velocity does not cause the increase in frequency.

This is something to look at when considering the different colors of light refracted through a prism. The decrease in frequency of the light might not be caused by the decrease in velocity. However light photons are not electrons so I might be wrong.

Anyways, to get back to the point, the number of kenetic quanta's being chanelled into the object increases as does the resisting kenetic quanta's resulting in a greater number of crests passing through each other per given unit of time resulting a more defined region of surface wave resulting in a more continuus surface wave that increases in density as the number of crests per given unit of time pass each other through the medium to be compressed.

It is rather like the ceiling fan. The faster the fan turns the more continuus the radius of the circle appears. Instead of having four defined bladed you have a fussy continuus circle which appears more an more solid as the faster the fan turns. At the velocity of light the fan would look like a single continuus circle as the spinning shadow of on the fan becomes smaller and smaller as the silloette of the spinning blades increase in size as the blades spin faster and faster becoming continuus and infinitely dense at the velocity of light at the spinning shadows become singular at the velocity of light. This shows that the fan compresses to an infinitely small point since the angle between one of the edges of anyone of the four spinning shadows and the opposite edge of that shadow reaches zero as the shadow approaches the velocity of light.

As the overall density of all the kenetic energy in the mass at one time increases to infinity the phase difference and frequency difference between the kenetic energy being applied to compress the mass and the kenetic energy reacting to keep the mass from compressing approaches zero. At an infinite density the frequency of the kenetic energy is infinite and the kenetic cause to compress and the kenetic affect to not compress accur simultanousely.

Now the applied kenetic energy to compress the mass is infinite. Also, the applied kenetic energy to resist compression is infinitely strong. Since each accur in the same space at the same time you have two infinities accuring at the same time.

Now if one were to continue to increase the applied kenetic energy to compress the mass exponentially the energy to resist the compression would act upon the mass to resist compression before the energy being applied to continue compressing the mass is applied which means that the mass has a negative time component. A mass that has a negative time component is a mass that is traveling back in time, and since the effect accurs before the cause, the mass has a negative time component at beyond infinite compression.

To apply more then an infinite compression to compress a mass will result in compressing a mass to beyond it's own center mass. And since we have shown here that to apply a greater the infinite kenetic energy at an instant results in a reversal of the direction of time to that object, an objects past exists beyond the center mass of that object. Thus if one could split apart a quantum field to expose the superluminal tachyon energy that exists beyond the centermass of every partical and field, one might be able to expose those tacyhons to this dimension.

If we then charge those channel or transmit those tachyons into a mass those tachyons when interacting with the mass counteract the forward component of the time dimsension slowing the rate at which the mass travels toward the future.

Since the sorrounding universe travels into the future at a greater rate of speed then the mass itself the mass, although still traveling forward in time will exist further and further into the past as the present which is accelerating into the future travels further and further into the future.

Now the past is once the past starts catching up to the object and surpassing the object as more past becomes the masses future all the tachyon mass that is between the present and the point in the past that the mass is located will be confined to the mass resulting in an increase in tachyon density of the mass resulting in an increase in acceleration of the mass into the past.

That is why tachyons increase energy as the tachyons aproach the velocity of light from a superluminal speed.

What does everyone think?


Edwin G. Schasteen
RGrunt, I think you've beated the record of the longuess reply, congratulation!

If I get it properly, from your point of view, time travel is easier to access than with common tools then to achieve it at speed of light, by finding some way to accelerate atoms at sublevels. I feel a bit efraid by this taught, placing somebody in such field of 'mass' stuff will crush him like an insect. And, as soon as is it electromagnetic, the being will loose the iron inside him (I don't want to figure how this would look like, but that would be nasty).

I taught of the astronauts, living in space make you live longer in the sens that they go at very high speeds around the earth, living few months upthere can make a difference of 5 days(less) relative to us on earth. Up there there's no gravity, they float in freedom in there spacecab. But from a biological point of view, astronauts developpe some kind of disease; I won't explain proprely but it is something about the molecule, on earth some of our vital cellular molecule tends to point all in the same direction, to the ground. In space it's the free-for-all-big-mess, every molecule tend to point in all direction, and that provoque the white globule (or something) to 'stuck' between theses molecules; the astronauts get sick easier (so they have to keep in shape by doing exercice, but this doesn't fix everything...).

I know this have shurly been post before, but I found it appropriate to bring back to the surface. Do you agree with those points?
Those are good points, however with current research into microengineering/nanotechnology, and genetic engineering, i think that perhaps (soon) we will have the ability to adapt & overcome these obstacles, and progress in many ways of human evolution that frees us from our current limitations.

shall we discuss our CC-Q-TS?

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Yes let's discuss our CS-Q-TS, conscept. I believe that I posted our basic groundwork vaguelly in one of my previous posts.

Dear Dob,

Thankyou for the reply.

Edwin G. Schasteen
Hmmm, interesting thread. I for one, think speed is not the answer, but molecular breakdown.

All things "breakdown" at a molecular level. Given enough time something will deteriorate, will it not? What if we could match (or extrapolate) the speed at which something will decompose or something did decompose?

Something will decompose=future
Something did decompose=past

If a device could be made that could match the molecular timing at which an object decomposed, I feel one could determine a time where this or any object existed intact or at a juncture one could get to.

Suppose you sit in your machine and determine the breakdown "speed" of an object near you. You extrapolate back and match the objects molecular breakdown and move in time to its origin. You could reverse that option travel into the future to where the object would have been if it had not "broke down".

Naturally objects such as stone or rock have a slower molecular breakdown and exist longer. People once no longer alive breakdown faster! But every item has some kind of molecular speed at which it exists and transfers its energy into something else. Match its "vibrational" structure and move with it.
this is a question for rgrunt. About the "space-time bubble". What would be the difference in time between the outside world and the enclosed bubble? i understand the concept, i was jst curious what the difference would be.
actually in referrence to the molecular suggestions, we would be examining potential methods to break down the molecular components of the body, and reasemble it into the buble via a means of quantum injections that are sent in packets vey much like the data that is being transmitted to deliver this message over the internet.

This quantum bubble, would be shielded to withstand any outside influences from interacting with the contents (the traveller) and be connected by a series of broadband quantum Time~Streams which contain all the information connected to the orginating world-Line from whence it departed, as to ensure zero divergence, thus enabling the traveller to return to their original worldline from any given point in Time of their coordinated destination.

(CCS-Q-S) = "Closed Curcuit,-Quantum-Time Stream"
For Everyone,

As Time02112 the CC-Q-TS or Closed Circuit Quantum Time Stream is comparable to the inductive verses capacitive electrical devices. An inductors resistance is 1/2(pi)*Res Freq*L, where L is the inductance in henries. Thus the resistance for an inductor increases to infinity as the resistance increases to infinity. An inductor is a closed circuit system which means that the electricity is conducted through a short(some sort of conductive medium). Now the resistance of a capacitor is 2(pi)*res freq*C, where the C is Capacitance in Farads. Now a capacitor is like an inductor accept for one small difference. A Capacitor is electrically connected through an open Gap of vaccuum or a resistive medium. So the capacitor is electrically "open" because the electrical current arcs from the cathode to the anode through either an electro-lite or through just plain air. The resistance of a capacitor increases to infinity as the frequency decreases towards zero.

We have considered to ways to create a time machine. The first is to manipulate time in the past and present into a temperal circuit using time and the mass of our ship to become a conductor of tachyons. Now the ship conducts the tachyons but the ship interconnects to time is such ways as to emulate either a capacitor(The ship connects to the present while in the past through a direct energy conection by attaching a electrical cord that remains in the present as the ship travels into the past so that one end of the cord is conected to a grounding clamp here in the present and the other is connected to the end of the ship somwhere in the past.).

This is an inductive temperal system and the resistance of the time machine.

This is the closed circuit time machine.

The other system is the capacitive one where the system is completely seperated from the present so that the time machine entirely leaves it's previous world line so that it can not be affected by the present through the fourth dimension. The capacitive system can be created by unclamping the grounding wire and reeling it into the ship so that nothing connects the ship to present.

Zero divergance is created by enabing a direct path back to this dimension by the inductive system because the grounding cable serves as a constant connection between the ship and the present dimension. It is like tying a string to a tree while going into a cave so that you don't get lost.

All you have to do is follow the string back to get out of the cave.


Edwin G. Schasteen What do you think?
Is it anything like tying a string to your tooth and a door, then slaming it shut?

What if your machine ends up in 4.5 Billion BC and has 12 hundred pounds of killer bacteria on it when you reel it back in?

I won't be my fault thats for sure. Just looking at a 'BIOHAZARD' sign is enough to scare me white.

Explain me this. How many possible parallel universe are there according to your calculation, if you are a real phycist.

Let's say I went to past and kill Hitler and Mr. x will take the role of Hitler. you will go back and kill mr x so there will be another Mr y and so on. obviously today there are more people in this world than in WWII so if each one of the candidates should bekilled to stop WWII other wise it can't be stopped.

Let's talk about parallel universe then. according to your theory there should be equal or more amount of parallel universes for each person who will go back to past. If I go to the past and kill Mr. X's father, Mr X will not esist in this parallel universe so it will be different than this universe. A parallel universe supposed to look like this universe, if not Mr.x's father will not exist on that universe.

So tither way it is not possible, at least not the way you are explaining it will be.
I will explain it more next time.
According to the "idea" that there's an infinite number of parralel times, I suppose we're on one of the worst one (it's a bit pessimist) it's a matter of "what have been modified yet"... and I thing that not much have been modified, so.
This is a pretty long thread based upon a very short first message, perpetuated by arguments brought about in the replies.

First off: To what purpose?
Sure, the few people who follow this and other threads will get a sense of the overall arguments and be swayed by them. But people like me, who aren't going to spend a lot of time on every thread, will miss common arguments because we don't look for interesting discussions on uninteresting topics.

So I was wondering if somebody could post an informative topic subject and then the others can discuss on that. Afterwards, perhaps the moderator can take them and get the line posted as a FAQ or something on

Sounds like the arguments go round and round...

Second: Common ground
People talking about time travel talk are talking about different things. Can anybody ever give in to a question and say something like "Yes, time travel as you perceive it is impossible. However, current theory suggests that time travel like THIS is possible..."

there is no way one can go back in time and change history. there is always the question of free will. that is if there arent any natural laws preventing one from doing so. as for wormhole based time machine, u cant travel to the days of the dinosaurs
Dear Mr Magoo,

Good point about the bacteria. I was going to make the external skin of any craft out of high temperature super conducting ceramic. The high temperatures needed to sustain the superconductivity of the special ceramic tiles of the craft will kill any bacteria on the surface of the craft. I just hope that we don't send it back 4.5 billion years and end up killing all the earths human, and/or our distant relatives chimpanzees, great, great, great................................great............Grand-pair amebia.


Edwin G. Schasteen
wouahahaha! What a mess!

Everybody is talking about something different in here?!! Conversations and questions are crossing each others! That's cool, it's energy, it's interest and it's a mess, mouahahah!

I'm not the first who posted something just about the meaning of the participation in this thread, the last to bring up the question was Yankee...

DAVIPER: I means by "parralel universe" (have you seen that one in South Park?!), a way to explain that; soon as time-travel is achievable, all modifications in time would make parralel "stories", in that case, there's no question about paradoxes (like the grand'pa paradox by exemple) because as soon as you change something (in the past) you create a different "world" than the one you were previously in. So, if you go kill your grandfather(...) you won't disapear, you'll stay alive, in a parralel world, and you grand-dad will still be alive in a "parallel" world that you won't have acces until you "unkill" him...

Got it clearer? Sounds funny does it?
Why not putting GOOD samples instead of the killing. Anything you do before or after have results, but we still don't know in which condition. The more we think of possibilities the more we contradict. Let's better figure out the way to "prove" it. The same job we're doing now. We're not scientists, but capable of solutions by suggesting, so it'll be more "instructional". Don't you agree it'll be helpful for those doing the work?!! Let's see who's the smartest one. Let's compete!