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Please help, I had a dream last night that had some guy say my double digits were 44 and 88, if this helps my b day is 8/16/84 It's been bugging the crap out of me all day. Please help!


44: 4+4= 8
88: 8+8= 16
8844 is 8 and 4 = 84

8 + 16 + 84 = your birthday

I conclude that your subconscious can add.
And that is probably a good thing so don't fret.
Of course I can add, but do you know what double digits are? Besides the ones 11, 22, 33,44,55,66,77,88 and 99? I've heard little about them, it's not just numbers but an odd phenomina.

The mystery is in the message sender and message reciever, not in the message itself.

"The medium is the message." Gee, I've always wanted to say that.
the numbers are trying to get your attention. If they can make you see them then they can know your every thought. kinda scarry huh! watch what happens when you see them . be especially observant of yourself. I think they can make you do and say anything they want like a puppet. so watch out clara
Wha? Make me do anything? And I don't know who it was, it was just plain freaky. I've been trying to find them around by adding up every number around me but no luck, and don't they happen when bad things happen? Or when anything does?


P.S. This face ==>
is very freaky.
The double digits can occur anytime. They can happen when you least suspect them, or when you see them coming, (like in my visions). They are there to put us in place where the future has determined us suitable for their great plan. We are actors acting out a part, and we are following that part without fault. Our minds and thoughts are linked to a great omniscient power. And some may believe that it's God. But how well can you assume that when you see the technology for control, and add up the equation for control?

Don't assume you have out ran your enemy just because you have gotten away far from it, your enemy is everywhere. Just when you feel that you have out smarted it, you then realized that it has over passed you 5 times or more in your life. Attempting to escape their wake of destruction, you see that while you were running, you were doing their work for them all along.

Already created and set in place are contingency plans to have you fall in place where you were meant to be. You can't change it; they know what your next move will be before you even thinking it.

I should know. All of my efforts have failed in vein. I am now reduced to a state of realizing that they set up my birth into the TimeTravelActivist the whole time. A conspiracy, I discovered; within one.

My life now as I see it, as now a 22 year old, and seeing all of the people that I have made contact with over my life, was perfectly orchestrated and set up to be that way. I could not conceive it done any different. Any different I would have never been who I am today. And it is that identity that conflicts me now with the double digits and Time Travel.

I will never stop being the TimeTravelActivist. That's a given, my curse is also my cure. But my approach of understanding who I am and whom I'm facing has become renewed in light of this internal conspiracy to create me.

I vow to make somebody responsible pay for taking away 3 years of my life. The greatest injustice of all is to mess with the ones who's sole ambition in life, is to do the right thing.

Whoa, TTA, that's deep....

Wow, I figured maybe since I was old enough to comprehend it, that we had little control over what we do, that no matter what, something is going to turn us the way they want. wow drat, darn bell

tta, I still don't get it. if they are making you do everthing and everything has been planned out then why the numbers. wouldn't it be better to do it in secret never letting you know anything. Maybe the numbers are actually a way out of the maze. kinda like a secret door. How do you know that something else wasn't programming you and the numbers are letting you know this. you have to admit that people who don't see the numbers haven't a clue that they are being programmed. there is no way for them to see what is happening and to take action to stop it. when I started seeing the numbers and watched what was accuring I started becoming aware of peoples choices. this gave me the ability to not react and therefore not ingage in the drama at hand. I will admit its hard but nothing that is worth anything is ever easy. if you cannot escape it or stop it then learn to use it to your advantage. You have accused me of surrendering to it but I don't see it that way. I use it to my advantage it is better than letting it rule me. clara
Clara, the way you say it it sounds kinda like the Matrix, you know it's there but you can't escape it or do crap about it. Maybe the numbers are a glitch somehow.

ok maybe the numbers are a glitch. if so then I am not following through with the plan right. somehow I am making choices and doing things that were never programed for me. well if you ask me thats great!. whoever is trying to control me is losing control right. I have learned to act in a different way not just mindlessly following along. like I said maybe thats the way out of the matrix. I wish to be my own programer not somebody else or not even other aspect of myself that may get me in trouble.
would this not be freedom. Maybe somebody or something is guiding me to freedom. could be god aliens robots diminsional being angels my own higher self who knows. maybe there all the same we just use different words to discribe them. Its not easy. and I think someone on this board said something about the year of the mirror. well when you look in the mirror what do you see. maybe true freedom will give us the ability to create our own reality. I think I create mine with the choices I make. You have to agree all there is is choice every minute of the day.
example: My husband and I were driving the other day and when he pulled out on the highway a lady came up behind him very fast and very close. He got so mad and started cursing that F*** b***ch,you get what I mean. his faced turned red. He takes blood pressure medicine and high colestarol medicine because he reacts this way to situations. I told him he was letting that person control his life. he was a sickly man because he chooses to reacte in this manner . an attact upon another is an attack upon yourself. He then got mad at me and told me to leave him alone . so he basically lost his own power twice once to the women then to me. I just laughed and schruged it off. Maybe one day he will wake up and smell the coffee. Until you claim your power you will be living a sick life. and thats the truth clara

You are on your way to the front of the pack. Don't freak out.

You know that you are being controlled. Ok, lets generalize it and say that you are being controlled by your environment or if you like by elements in\of your environment.

What is your envirnoment? It is that which effects you. Now figure Newtons Law : For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What this tells us is that control and effect is a TWO WAY street. Ergo if your environment (ie circumstances) can control you then you can control your environment.

This is how one controls his life: by fixing, and arranging his environment so that it has more desirable effects on his self. The big boys know this and that is how they get at you, by screwing with your environment.

Get it?
Hi clara,

Very observent observations, good work.

>>>I chose to be my own programer<<<

Don't forget the old addage about the person acting as his own lawyer having a fool for a client.

But >program< is a good word here. 'Program' as in computer program. A computer works the same way the world does. We are the data that gets processed. Having a say in the programming is a big plus.

Stop picking on hubby and give him a big hug.
A way out of the maze, huh? Hmm, well let's see. Today I had a dream of taking a flight to a place that I once enjoyed and woke up at 10:55 a.m. And how about this, a vision of watching an old Star Trek episode, before it came on, and seeing that vision come true. It's the episode were Kirk and the away party are on this planet, who's inhabitants are being controlled by this huge lizard shape rock. I didn't finish watching it all, since I had to leave for an appointment with someone.

But what's the point of this; what is it showing me?

One; a dream of returning to a place I call home, and second; a vision of an old Star Trek show whose theme is on human slavery.

Now I understand the part of the drama with your husband, which you speak of. Trust me that used to be me. I've settled down alot since my youth, I always blew up over everything. And may still do on occasion, but not as much.

Perhaps there is some connection to our emotions and how we act to those who are controlling us with these numbers. I no longer react to the same degree of anger that I once did before. But don't get me wrong; I haven't accepted it either. I just don't see a point in getting angry if there is nothing I can do about it. However being the TimeTravelActivist, and posting, makes me feel that I am doing something about it. And reaching a mass amount of people and informing them that Time Travel is bad, I feel that we will eventual uncover that these numbers are temporal based all along.

But back to your husband getting upset and "an attack upon another is an attack upon yourself." Perhaps anger is their pay off from us seeing the numbers. They do so in a way to create or cause a reaction obviously. What if no reaction was exhibited, then maybe we would be like trained dogs who can't help barking and have that bark diminished whenever we hear a loud sound, or are shocked.

After all, the numbers are about control. Or maybe not so much about control, but perhaps conditioning.

Unfortunately, we really can't know which it is, if we don't gather a large enough group of people who see the numbers, and do trail and error to truly find out which it is, we may never truly know.

Yes, I get it. And perhaps you're right; my environment at the moment is not by choice. And I am not at the caliber that I feel adequate enough to take down the Time Traveling menace single handedly, as before. However, my environment is biased and unfair, and it is almost impossible for anyone of any American intelligence to be understood yet heard at all.

Not to mention that having a reliable piece of hardware to get my message out is also a factor in my environment screwing me up.

It just goes to show you, evil women can break your balls no matter who you are. Even if you are the TimeTravelActivist
are you creating your enviroment or are your emotions creating it . Ok the sceniro about the dogs . My dogs get up and go crazy when ever someone comes in the yard or to the door. If its someone they know or someone they don't they always react the same way. As soon as they see who it is they get all wiggly and happy. they act this way because they are without intelligence. they live by there base instinct. If they were smart they would get up and see who it is and then if it was someone dangerous they would bark, if not they would wiggle. Humans are ittelligent being acting like dogs most of the time. we reacte before we check out the circumstance. that is only natural because we are part animal. but what if we could change this. would it be best to change it through conditioning and practice or through upping our genes with a species that does not carry the animal instinct. It seems that this animal instinct could wipe every human being off the face of this planet. Are we to let man become extinct because we our to lazy to take the time to condition oursleves or train ourselves not to overreact. Maybe somebody out there has had it with us and has decided no more free will if they won't do it for themsleves we will force them to do it. WE WILL FORCE THEM TO EVOLVE TO A HIGHER STATE OF BEING. Maybe there are those that said look if they keep this up they will eventually harm us with thier nuclear radiation. We must do something to protect ourselves from thier childish fighting. so the plan is put in action. the scientific minds come up with an idea. lets give them the numbers and everytime they see them we will make them act up just like a bunch of crazy apes. We will also give them clues about what is happening. If their smart enough they will notice these clues and realize we are there directing them. sorta like biofeedback. evenutally they will learn to control themselves and see that everyting that happens to them they are causing. It will work on some but not on others. once they get control of themselves and are acting in a sane manner we will direct them on where to go to meet others like them .Others that have claimed there power.
they will start learning how to create in the positive and will enjoy the world around them. those who can't cut it will continue with the program until they see or become enlightend so to speak. Once this is accomplished we will then be able to meet them and have a joyous reunion. they will not be afraid because they will know we never wanted them to be slaves only to learn to create from love and happiness so that they could be free.There is no other alternative evolve or become extinct. If you knew how many worlds choose the extinction route you would comply and stop all this silliness. clara

hey guys this wasn't me, I'm cannelling I'm sure there plan is much bigger than this but thats all I'm getting at this time.

Oh yea there is a possibility that the draconians will take over but only if you let them. If this happens you will have wished that you were extinct. Not trying to scare you just giving you the facts.

Clara' you hit it right on the head with your statment, maybe they are going to force us to evolve.

For them, it does and should not work that way, because actually what some E.T. realms are, are oligarchies.

They want to power rule everything and can not leave us alone for our own face value.

Gee this is funny, why is one year that the Pleiadeans say that the Ashtar High Council is bull and then by these web wonder-ins, all of a sudden the Ashtar principles and the Pleiadeans are buddy buddy?

Right, you guessed it, they keep changing the players within the game.

Nevermind all the Nazies that the U.S. Governement took into to help run this government after world war two, remember we have lots of goons out there, in outerspace too.

They will tell you the mystic qualities of whipped cream and make you believe it.

Bull is bull no matter where you travel within the universe.

Cheap editorial dress.Put some spay & wash on that stain, then hide it in your closet for nine months and you end up a millionair.

Oh by the way, you have to make friends with THE FRIEND FROM HELL
from the Pentagon, so that when you tell her your most intimate secrets, these secrets are splattered all over the New York Post the next day.

WARNING:This cheap editorial post, does not, I REPEAT, DOES NOT, intimate any infrence to the subject of oral sex, or all American tapiocca.

God knows that we need good tapiocca sales within this good ole US of A any more?

Thank you, please rise carefully and in an orderly fashion, please leave the building??!

Creedo 299 cheap editorial note

You confuse me when you say Channeling? In effect you are opening your mind to outside forces.

I have something to say about this! I could be driving in a car or looking up at the sky and all of a sudden a thought enters my mind like a lightning bolt, or like a Bat making contact with the ball. Time has slowed just long enough for it to make contact with my thoughts. I have allot of these inner thoughts and I often wondered where they originate from.

Which is what promted me to go into the field of Criminology. Understanding whats happening in the subconcious minds of people that commit crimes or do absurd behaviors. And why is it that some people can control these thoughts and impulses while others cant?

Boy, the double digits would map the problem along with entities such as Angelic beings/Time Travelers/Aliens/demons having an influence on our thoughts. Just like the example of the voices that you heard in your head Clara when the house was filled with smoke and you were in the shower! Yes! Good and bad forces were at work there and even though you thank G-d for the good forces you must come to realize that in one form or another you are being watched and controled.

keeping evil spirits away is an ongoing fight and struggle that you will have to contend with for the rest of you life! kind of like being an alchoholic! And all of us are succeptible to this in one form or another. But there are those that never drink or pick up a cigarette in their lives simply because they are not drawn to it and so therefore they are left alone. But us we are fighters and rebellers and the spirits know this! they will torment us to the end of time just because we were tempted once!

I still think their main goal is to evolve us spiritually! but there are two choices, one spirit is pulling us into mass slavery
While the other true and just calling is pulling us tords an individual relationship with G-D. Where a separate room is being made for each one of us in the realm of Heaven. I dont know about you but I choose the individual path less traveled.

HEAVEN I think thats bullshit. I think the big lie is that you are going somewhere one day to live in total peace and harmony. thats crap. thats the wool there pulling over your eyes so they can be on top. there is only NOW and when you live in the Now they don't exist. back then I wasn't living in the now and thats how they entered . If I am present in every moment they can't make me turn on the stove and leave it. yes the being that came through this morning only used me to type not to try and kill me. At this point I know the difference and can let in who I want and keep out who I don't want. Black magic and white magic is the same it is the intent that matters. do you not think that the tobacco companies where using black magic and didn't even know it when they invented ciggeretts. They were allowing that force that didn't care if it killed people to come and and give them ideas.They after money they could have cared less if it killed you. but the people who smoke have no protection and have allowed themselves to be bamboozled. that is why I keep telling you to claim your power and wake up to the forces that will keep you in the dark so they can profit from you . what do you need a knock on the head.

I do not think the beings that are trying to protect us from these forces will come down here and do it for us. but they will tell us what is going on. You just think you are defending your free will but the fact is you have none and you don't even realize it.They have been using black magic on you for so long your oblivious to its existence and thats exactly how they want to keep you. Its all about money honey and there ain't no way there gonna break the bank to save your butt.your gonna have to do it yourself.

them talking: we will help ya but were not gonna do it for ya !

Me: once you face up to the facts you can get on with your life and start doing things that benefit everyone. they aren't easy to deal with because they tell you stuff you don't want to here.
Like someone said here last week it is the years of the mirror. they will reflect back to you what you are putting out.
theres only one way and its not UP but FORWARD. and if you ain't headed in that direction your outta here.

Sorry guys they did want to talk to you to get there message out.
I will agree I did let them use me. there gone now. If you ask me who they are I really coundn't tell ya but its obvious they are not gonna hurt ya otherwise they would just slip over there and do ya in. so lighten up. It seems to me that we really havent' figured out what this spiritual thing is yet. maybe you have the wrong impression of what it means. Maybe they will return and fill you in on the proper meaning as to clear up a few things.can't promise anything though cause I don't know when they will return. clara
What happened Clara, you were on a roll yesterday of sounding like someone who actually knew what they were talking about. But now you're back to your old self again, making absurd generalities, and promoting your Alien agenda of cross breeding with them.

<<Maybe somebody out there has had it with us...>>

If they were as bad as you, I wouldn't blame them

But seriously though, perhaps you should try channeling someone who's got a high school education or better, and knows how to reason a little bit
. It wouldn't hurt to have some standards as to who you are willing to allow to enter and use your body.

After all, you wouldn't want to earn the undeserved reputation of allowing everyone to have you, without first knowing you
. Unless you like that "wham bam thank you ma'am approach."

Plus, is channeling for you like having different attachments for your head? Don't tell Creedo though, he may get some ideas and decide to have a little fun with it