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Dream Death


I've heard it said that if you die in your dream you will die in real life to, has anyone else heard about that? For all I know it could be true, I have never died in one of my dreams neither has any of my freinds. Another reason I think I might die in real life if I die in my dream, is that I do everything else in real life that I do in my dreams. If I'm laying on one of my legs I can't move it in my dream.
What if you die ina dream and then you come back to life in the same dream, I have a friend to whiom this happened, those taht mean she died abd resurected in real life ?
I woke up dead in a dream.

Think that was a past life thing, having to do when I was a vampire.

Remember being pulled along, in a partially hay-filled horse drawn cart.

Had a ruffled shirt on, from the 16th century. I think and knee length tight pants, that were a light mustard color.

Remember waking up and even sitting up, but I was dead as a door-nail.

My recall was the color of my eyes and the realization that I was not living, however living at the same time.

I knew what I was right away, I guess I got off the cart and ran away while the horse drawn cart was taking my someplace.

It was a weird feeling.

I know for sure that middle Europe did have a bad vampire infestation, long ago.

This dream verifies this.

This would have been by a long ago relative and I would have only carried some of his gene markers, not the entire vamp DNA sequence string.

So no vampire hunters please.

As normal as anyone else.
I can remember dying in dreams twice.
Once on a boat a crocodile bit my head off.
Another was a twice-recurring dream. First one i was watching a lion behind a fence and then walked off, then the second time i walked off only to have the lion jump the fence, chase and kill me.
Both deaths just resulted in darkness and silence.
if you die in a dream, you die in real life. This idea come's from the fact that when you dream you are in an unconcious state. The brain never actually rest's (the bottom part of your brain is still completely working, as the rest of it sleeps). Therefor if you died in your dream, (and your in the 1st person, not watching yourself die which is common), your most likely dead in real life as your brain completely stopped.

1st person dreams are a lot less common then 3rd person though. There's been many of people who have said they died in their dream's, but usually their watchin it. Some don't even realize if their in 3rd person or 1st person (how would you know? your in an unconcious state. how can you tell the difference between 1st and 3rd?)

Of course, I've had a dream of dying. But it was in 3rd person. It had sad music and everything! lol.

I remember reading this book (can't remember the name) about dream's, in fact, ill explain the reason i picked up that book (sense it goes along with the subject.) I was in a really paranoid stage in my life, always afraid i was going to die, and I was just coming off drugs (not prescription). I was going through withdrawel. So one night I was asleep, and I dreamt that I was dead (don't remember how i died in the dream, it may have started after i died). An angel came to me, and showed me my grave. Thunder struck on my grave. A rain shower. I looked down at my grave, but it wasn't my name on it. It was the name of a greek god (dont remember which one but i found it strange considering i never heard of the god in my life and i just so happened to get his name in that dream. Found it was a real name when i looked up a book of greek gods). The angel left, and the skys cleared up and i was alive again.

After reading the book, I came to the conclusion that my dream meant "a cure". Eversense that dream I have slowly came out of the withdrawel symptoms and right now my only problem is im lazy and tired (but that's natural for some people).

In the book it said EVERYTHING in my dream could mean a cure of something bad from your body. The angel, the grave, the death, the clearing of the skys, etc.

What my point is... even though i did a poor job of explaining that because i had a hard time recalling that dream off the top of my head... is that dying in a dream could mean a completely different thing. It could mean the death of something bad (as in a disease or something), or anything else.
Creedo said:<font color="red">
I woke up dead in a dream.

Think that was a past life thing, having to do when I was a vampire...

I know for sure that middle Europe did have a bad vampire infestation, long ago.

This dream verifies this...

As normal as anyone else. [/COLOR]

Your dream verifies that Vampires existed? I dreamed that I could fly once by running really fast. Does that verify that I can fly? I tried, didnt work.
You seem perfectly normal to me.
Vampires arnt real, a disease that humans can contract causes the person to exhibit so called 'Vampiric' tendencies - these are pale skin sensitive to sunlight, sensitive eyes to light, low iron content in the blood and an increase in the strength of smell which when in the presence of Garlic cant be a good thing. During the time of the middle ages such a disease could have been more common than today and people with such a disease were likely branded as vampires, the low iron content in their blood could have given them a craving for other peoples blood (doubt it though, probably just something someone made up and it got passed along in stories and eventually vampires became blood suckers.)
Creedo did you say 'when you were a vampire?'. I was always to think that vampires were desceased humans without souls. now if thats true when they get staked or killed wouldnt they go to hell since they are not of God and are responsible for taking many lives? How ,if so, did you redeem yourself to be able to be reencarnated to your present form?
all i know is that dreams are very weird, even though they have a simbolism for what goes in our subconscious... i dont think ive had any dreams in which i died, but once i dreampt something fell down on me and i fell down and was motionlesss, with no life... it was in first person... but what was really weird about it: it was one of those dreams in which your not really dreaming, but your not really awake... and you feel like whats going on in the dream is going on in real life... so i felt something hitting me and my body falling down, but it wasnt real and i knew it... so im laying down in my bed in the same position i am in my dream, knowing its a dream and its not real, but i cant MOVE! i try hard to move but its as if the nerve that makes me move is disabled or something... and its really freaky... after almost a minute and alot of will i was able to move my hand and then later the rest of my body... it freaked me out... and gave me a different view on what the imagination can cause the body to do... or not do...
I once dreamt that I jumped off of a diving board into a swimming pool but there was no water and I landed on my head, killing myself instantly. Everything was black and silent and then I woke up. Quite alive.

Anyway, who told you this, and how do they know? Did it happen to them and they came back as a ghost?

The point? Don't belive that nonsense about dying in your dreams means you will die in real life. You may even believe that I had a friend who bought some fried chicken, bit into it and found half a rat.

Sweet dreams.

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ive died many times in dreams

ive woken up right before i knew i was going to die ( in a car going over a hill about to crash) with my entire familly..including a little girl.. when in a later conversation with my mother i told her the story of my dream how the entire familly died along with a little girl which later on she told me how she had a miscaridge with a girl. very very wierd

in one haunting dream i still remember to this day i actually felt what it was like to die..i felt my heart stopping and feeling no pain or feeling anything actually then darkness...i then woke up very very disorientated. very odd one too

ive dreamn't ive died at least 3 or 4 times and i to believe that if you die in a dream it
"its actually meant to symbolise a transformation"

im a very lucid dreamer..i regularaly tell myself im dreaming and begin to change whats going on for the better. you should really try to become a lucid dreamer its alot of fun...i also believe it makes you a more aware person <font color="blue"> [/COLOR]
me, i never said the word "dream" in a dream, except only once.

it was bad, very bad. I don't now what, but everything was bad. I felt pressured and just blurted out the word "dream" and I jumped awake.

I can't cnotrole my dreams for the life of me, at least I dont think I can.

please dont start with the matrix references, do not dare compare me to neo, no "free your mind"'s please
you can totally become a lucid dreamer..
i suggest you rent the movie a waking life or read the entire movie and its meanings here http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gte484v/wakinglife.html ...after this movie is when i started being able to interact with my environment dreaming.
try saying i will remember my dream sevral times over before you fall asleep this helps some people..i myself didnt need to for some reason

and cut down on the pot smoking if you can...haha