Dreams and time travel


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Kind of a two part theory here for ya.......In many of my dreams I have travelled thru time. Actually I didn't even consider them dreams because the experience was all too real. Thus the second part of my thinking.....that is dreams being an alternate reality from our awake time. Anyway any and all thoughts would be appreciated. I'm new here and look forward to many stimulating discussions.
I remember two dreams I had that were very significant about "dream time travel".

Back in the 80's, one night I had a dream that I was flying over a beach that was populated with U.S. astronauts.

The next day, I had an even stranger dream. I was flying down to a local mill here and was watching the mill as it exploded into flames and started sinking and heard screams from people.

That very same day, about 4-5 hours later, the space shuttle blew up.

Was it time travel? Probably not. Was it a premonition? Yep.

Public appology to CAT.

Dear Cat, I am sorry about the said of the Isrally Nationals a while back knowing about and photogrpahing the WTC disaster, while it was happening.

I think it a funny set of circumstances, when everyone in the international community as said on Jeff Rese.com, knew about the comeing WTC tragedy, however at and durring the time, we the American public, it seems were the last to know.

I guess the Brits, as well as the French, Russian and Israllies, were so tired of telling a the U.S., authority of what was to come, they had figured they might as well for posterities sake, send someone to photogrpah it, while it was happening?

Didn't know the whole 9/11 play by play, untill I had read the Rense.com update.

I'm so gladd that the government is going to let us all go into space, colonize the moon and travel to other parts of the galixy.

I mean we can all trust the government where NASA is concerned, can't we?

Yes this and virginal call girls, will be the wave of the future.

Luv ya, Dan
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When we sleep our minds enter into a state of altered consciousness. Even the frequency at which our brains function change slightly. In this altered state we are prone to experience, many times without recognizing it, different realities. It is very similar to what we call timephasing, although not entirely exact. The difference resides in that when we dream we do not control the destinations of such journey, however when we timephase we are very much aware of our wherabouts and our destination in timespace.

Until later becomes now.
I must interject here about dreamstates and the "Realness" of this states.

Mankind has the ability to reach other states of reality in dreams. The ancients knew this, and some groups of peoples have retained these truths in their cultures, usually groups that have been isolated from the "Great Religions", the "organized" religions of man, which have sought to intercede betixt individuals and thier conceptions of "god", so as to control civically their loyalties and to increase the power and wealth of of those in the upper hierarchies. This is the history of human civilization, and with it has come organization and improvements, in technology, communication, medicine, mathematics and sciences, etc. But the downside has been the orphanization of man from his spirituality and the inherent power of his thought. So there are upsides and downsides. It is all a journey that we are apart of.

But in reference to mankind's ability to reach beyond our physicality in our dreamstates, this is historically evident.

And, one can study and be an apprentice to expanding our capabilities in the dreamstate. One can reach a certain vibration of the soul, and go in to the state in which you can travel outside of your body (astral projection) or to simply allow your conscienciousness to "view" the beyond (remote viewing). Works for the present, the future, the past. The boon of it all is controlling it. Or focusing it.

Some people are more inclined toward this state than others. Or maybe some are just more open to the ideas of it.

I have been "seeing" things all of my life. Like I meet someone, and from a look in their eye or a countenance, I "see" a sad moment of their life, or something they regret doing. I can find people, wherever they are, especially if I am really upset or concerned about them, or have a strong connection to them. It has taken me years and years to understand for one thing that others do not usually have this ability, and another to understand that it freaks people out. So I don't talk about it alot, so I feel weird "seeing" something about the personal life of an acquaintance, things I wish were just there for them to share if they wished, but it isn't.

Anyway, dreams can be like that. But also dreams are also just dreams, when our brains organize and "compute" the experiences of our lives, and if we watch them, they can tell us what our subconciousnesses are up to, etc.

But, if your have a particularly clear dream, one that has such detail for things that you have never seen, or that speaks to you like a beloved parent from the heart, it's probably more than a simple dream.

I have probably said too much..se la ve

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Im new in this kind of forum and this is my first time to join. Im one of a die hard fan of Time Travelling. Since when a was a kid i always dreamed to travel through time and sometimes it came up in to my dreams. Im always amazed when i dreamed of it, how i wish i could travel through time specially in the past, i love to go back in my past. I hope someday i would...