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I am not particularly into the subject of clairvoyancy and all that, but I had a dream almost a year ago that was either a hint of the future, or just a coincidence.

As you may have guessed, the thing I'm talking about is September 11, but it wasn't until a couple of days after that I suddenly remembered "Sh*t, I had a dream about a plane crash only a few days before it!"

In the dream though, all I saw was a plane flying over with smoke coming out of it as the turbines were making bad groaning noises. The plane was dropping down out of sight behind buildings around the airport area about 5 miles away where it was trying to land, but everyone who saw it knew it was going to crash, and it did.

This is probably just a coincidence, I don't really recall ever having dreams of plane crashes any time before that, but like I said I only remembered ever having that dream because of what happened in reality.

It's probably nothing, but I've since had a recurring dream of the main building in my city being destroyed. I've never seen a plane crash into it until the last dream, before that all I remember seeing is a big hole blown in its center as if by a bomb, and I could see all the floors of the building teared open inside. Only in one dream did it actually collapse, and in the first dream another tall building near it had a big hole blasted in it as well.

As i said only the last dream I can remember seeing a plane colliding and i was on the street below looking up, and parts of the plane and building were flying everywhere. Strangely even in the dream with the plane, there is no fireball or flames, only lots of debris and clouds of dust. In the one where the building actually collapsed, It looked like ground zero in New York with piles of rubble and dust everywhere.

Has anyone else had dreams similar to a major tragedy just before it happened?
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>>>has anyone else had dreams of a major tragidy before it happened?<<

Yeah, I dreamed my girlfriend drove a stake through my heart.
Does that count? Nah, its all metaphorical right? And the best thing about it was that the pain wasn't real either.

Its all in your mind Razoid, its all in your mind.
Technically yes,about 6 years back when i was at school i dreamt that while in french class there was a nuclear attack,i looked out the window and could see the nuclear devastation,everything,really real,i woke up,and lone behold a couple of weeks later there was that whole fiasco with france and nuclear bombs with there testing and stuff.

Another time i dreamt of train crashes and later they came about.
Theres been a few small things but i cant remember them exactly.

Probably coincidence.
I have never had one of a major tradgedy, but many that came true of my normal life I have had. It seems most seem to be an important part in my life, no matter what the event is, be it talking to a friend online or seeing a simple item on a counter with my friend next to it, and a certain time of day and atmosphere. I have MANY dreams of my own future, small clips, only a few seconds to a minute long, never remembered til seconds before they happen. Normally I have the dreams weeks to months or even two years in advance. I've had them since I was little, about the age of ten, they've gotten more numerous lately. I can never prepare for them when I get that Deja Vu feeling, I realize it was a dream, and I know what i"m gonna do, but as in the dreams, the moments play out, I can never stop them, sometimes I try to change it slightly, but it never works. So that's all I have to say for now.

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