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Hi it's Adam I just wanted to say I have time travel dreams and other paranormal dreams Does anybody else have dreams like this? also Could you explain your dreams as well either time travel and paranormal?
Is anyone or anybody going to answer my questions? Sorry for being serious and a jerk but I want to know other dreams and experiences that people have had.
First, please explain what you mean by "paranormal," in dreams?

In reference to time travel in dreams, yes I firmly believe in this as a function of dream phase shifting where certain mortals have the ability to actually shift into other time lines while they are sleeping and witness firsthand what is happening in their lives in other times and places, remembering that the context in which we exist in other spheres of time may be totally different. We are not the same named person of the same named family, live in the same named place, and be in other entirely different circumstances than where we are currently. This anomale, I am persuaded, allows the natural dream shifters to move both forward and backward not only in time but in space on their own realized time line, as well as to others not mornally in their/our conscious awareness.

Zavier - [email protected]
Well i had a dream about driving a train into monkeys,while hitting people over the head with an aligator,
so ive quantum leaped into somebody that does that huh?
damn and i thought this world was weird!.

Its a good thing you have reality to come back to. I would think hitting people with an aligator would get tiring after a night or two.

But as you say, lets hope that the content of our dreams is not overly indicative our spirtual advancement.
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Hey Shadow, I know that at times we can have a similar dream every now and then. I had 4 dreams today (that I can remember, in a 10 hour period) that I wanted to run by you. Tell me if any of them ring a bell:

1. I was a hired infiltrator of a Heaven’s Gate type cult, I was in a room full of others dressed in white robes waiting for a ceremony. Purposively they were to be trained in these divine arts, were one would be able to levitate and make things disappear in thin air, and heal open wounds. I saw these magic tricks being performed by some of the senior cult members. The final test for all jr. cult members was to drink this red liquid that would make them disappear and become God like. Well I wasn’t about to let that happen… My orders were to prevent that from happening. Since it didn’t make them God like, but more dead then anything else. I was in the far room, looking outside past the wide glass window. I began to entice the crowd to question him, and ask how and why. Bringing up the facts of the news media and of the reports of the death it’s caused, and the founder being a fraud. It was enough to distract the leader of this cult, who I then ran up to confront him, catching up to him, I found him by this break table smoking a cigarette. Me and 3 other cult sympathizers I managed to de-program, helped me capture and expose him for all to see. I held him at laser gunpoint as he pealed an orange with his dull pocketknife. I ordered him to put it away or I would blast him, but one of the female sympathizers thought I was being to mean and told me to “stop being so mean.”

2. I was shopping at this large souvenir store by the docks. Where they had lots of old antiques, vases, coins, and ropes on the walls with foreign crests. Lots of interesting rings and jewelry. I purchased clear plastic tape, amber colored glue, blue sprinkles, some blue and green egg stone, and a couple of pins that I don’t remember what they look like. It was still daytime, and I was standing by the line to check them out, but they never got to me. By then, it was 12 midnight, still standing by the line waiting for these people to check me out. The lady that ran the store knew me and asked for my assistance really quick. I was pissed off of wasting all those hours in line for nothing, that I pocketed the merchandise and went along to help this lady move some stuff.

3. Casino looking environment, weird designs and shapes of human movements. Passed by someone who seemed to recognize me, and who I might have recalled from a past dream. Confirmed, individual did know who I was. Got to talk with individual, disclosed much information about what’s going on in our current lives and what will happen. Deep connection felt, a definite bond of familiarness, but still unknown as to where I met this person from before. Dream ended, and restarted (déjà vu). Walking by casino just like before looking for someone. Walked by the same individual in the same area as before, but did not stop to question individual (like the last time). Still surprised to have noticed each other for some odd reason again, even though it did not go as it originally was intended to go. The look of “what happened” was all I saw when I turned back to see this individuals face who I will not forget.

4. Entered this huge in door dock, with large murals on wooden walls. Images of ships and old photographs of people, with engraved names and dates indicating the late 1800’s. My identity was that of someone of rank, a captain perhaps. Saw many familiar people, my objective was to ferry alone on a tiny sub (more like a pod). I was supposed to follow some familiar individual on a sailboat, but my sub wouldn’t run. I tried getting out to push, but I remembered that I couldn’t swim. I was splashing and drowning, when I was then pulled to the dock by rope, by the very individual that I was in search of.

That’s all I can remember for now. There is of course, lots of missing pieces of information in these dreams. This is the closest recreation my conscious mind could remember upon waking up.


Some times the dream content is not very important. It is the fact of dreaming at all thats important, especially if it is a realistic dream that you can remember fairly well. Again WHAT you remember may not be as important as the fact that you CAN remember.

The trick is to know that you are dreaming AS you are dreaming. Realizing that it was a dream after you wake up doesn't count for much. However, by realizing that you are in a dream state while it is going on, you are waking up in the dream world and therefore can take control of the dream and have it go as you wish.

Only the content of your dream #4 seems at all remarkable. Was it logically consistant? Could you identify the submarine as being an actual historical sub? (All war ships are cataloged and photographed and published in the Janes Military encyclopedias.)
Was the person who found you there a person that you know in real life?

I believe ufo dreams are special because they reek of outside intrusion into our dream state.
Last night i dreamt of corn/wheat fields or something,although in the dream i was picking off the seeds and they were sugar puffs!
LOL so cereal related,
when i woke up i turned on the news and there had been another big crop circle reported on the news in another corn field,
coincedence? not sure cos i ate a bowl of sugar puffs before i went to bed

i also dreamt of a policeman in a tree i was looking out the window and you know how the top of a tree can look like a man or have a shape well i looked in binoculars and saw him,next minute i know hes gone,then i look outside and see him waving around a bottle of whiskey and being drunk,but he was an american policeman and im in the UK

i dunno what that was about but it was very clear,there was also echos of evil and demons,something was clearly not right with the image.

Sometimes dreams are just the minds way of clearing rubbish from a tired brain,we collect alot of junk from thought patterns and watching tv and it all gets mixed up.
Hey Adam, remember it's me Skye. Just a night ago, I had a strange dream, where I saw myself, I mean I met myself, same clothes and all, I didn't think much of it. I also saw my friend meet himself, it was bizzare, at the same time I saw this, it was a video on my computer, two actually, and my computer was being taken over by some evil spirit. I saw it all from my bed's veiw too, like I was sitting up in bed. When I saw the video's I saw them from my own eyes. It was pretty cool. She <me, the ohter me> said Who are you? I answer "I'm Skye" I can't remember the rest, it was cool, and that day I ended up sleeping until Noon. Normally I don't. lol go fig.

~Skye<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.

As to dreams being a file transefer to the 'Windows recycle bin", well maybe, but it could just as well be a practice attempt by our mind at creating a 'test' reality.

MAKING realities is what minds do best.
Test reality???

why's it need to do that?
surely it is aware that upon awakening it is back to reality,and no matter what you dream,youll still wake up to the same reality,
unless you are a raving lunatic whos eaten a rather large portion of magic mushrooms i very much doubt you can doubt reality.

The mind does not make reality,it merely recieves what our 5 senses pick up,
you could remove reality without killing someone,someone who is blind,deaf,dumb,cant smell/taste touch or feel would have such limited experience of reality as you know it,
if you are born blind or deaf or whatever then you do not know what it is to have vision,
does the blind from conception see our visions?
no there mind makes a landscape of what the other senses had picked up,but it is not true to our own dreams,for there experience is much different to our own!<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Who are you?" ...
"We are explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others."
I think that you’re both wrong. Dreaming is not just about making realities, true it does make them, but it’s of testing them however. Of implementing the solutions to out daily lives, through those imaginative trail and errors.

In my line of work and in my life out side of it, I am constantly thinking up of ways to cleverly solve problems. And in my dreams, I am still thinking up of ways of connecting confusion and figuring it out with reason. I.e. dream interpretations, symbolism to events in waking life, etc.

Some dreams, I have actually made my own reality of lucidly dreaming in them, and breaking through all the rules.

Could lucid dreaming be of a result of being capable to confront problems in the waking world? What about if you come to this realization in the waking world? Since realizing that your dreaming requires that you make sense of something that you would other wise dismiss? Few question the reality they are in, and pass it off as any other. However, if someone were to help point it out to you and make you see that it may not be what it seems to be, will your understanding of it break you free and find you above it?

The question that should be asked then, what have we over looked that would be so obvious to us when we realize it? And why didn’t you think of it before.

I forget many great ideas that way. Realizing them, and storing them in my memory seem to overwhelm even me at times. Knowing to good for my own good, or if what I know makes me a threat?

One way or another, I will not stop from finding out. And being like Truman, and finding that there is a wall there intentionally painted blue to keep me from wondering that there is nothing more there, just to keep me away… Is the biggest crime that I will personally devote my eternal life to making those responsible pay.

I must admit lucidity is really fucking weird man,i totally freaked in the middle of this dream once;
i was having some weird dream and at some point something made me realise i was asleep,its quiet rare for that to happen,i was thinking of a way to escape but a train turned up,i got on the train and i was looking around the train and thinking "if im asleep how comes this seems normal"
one thing i noticed is how unclear written words and time seems to appear,i noticed you cant read properly and you could look at your watch and it say 10:35 and the next second itll say 6:30,also any physical interaction with electrical equipment seems to be impossible,the equipment dont seem to work,
anyway at some point in the train i noticed i seemed to switch from the dream to a cross between being awake and asleep at the same time,this made me feel like i was paralized,i swear i was awake in my bed but i couldnt tell,cos i couldnt move,i heard a weird buzzing sound,like an alarm but it wasnt,it was in my ears,
i then seemed to snap out of whatever that was and thought i was awake,however i wasnt,cos within 3 seconds of thinking i was awake i was seeing weird stuff again,i was back on the train getting arrested or something,they said i fell asleep on the train,then i woke up and told my mum about the dream,then i woke up again realising all that was a dream,finnaly i was awake,it seemed like forever but i had just fell asleep in my clothes for 3 hours,it was weird,ill never forget it.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Who are you?" ...
"We are explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others."