Earths diminishing magnetic field


Temporal Novice
Hello All,
I am new to this time travel interest, but would like some opinions on the theory that all periods in time exist already, but in different frames.

My Question:-
If the universal co-ordinates of our planet change as it moves through the universe,
and the earth actually loses a percent of its magnetic field strength every so many thousand years,
where does that magnetic field go to??

(1) is it absorbed locally into the surrounding universe??
(2) is it dispersed altogether in the universe??
(3) is it reabsorbed by other passing bodies??

Reason for the question, if it is absorbed locally into the universe then it is like a trailing
magnetic fingerprint, or series of magnetic frames which must hold a weak form of all the magnet
activity on the planet at that moment of time.

Any opinions or known facts on this subject would be appreciated.
Regards Mike Geraghty
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Interesting thought. Have you read the article by Max Tegmark entitled "Parallel Universes: Not Just A Staple of Science Fiction, Other Universes Are a Direct Implication of Cosmological Observations" in the May 2003 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN?

Great aricle to get your noodle thinking. States rather matter-of-factly that present theories about parallel universes seem to be supported by empirical observation and data. Branches out to describe the three current cosmological subsets of this view of our universe/multiverse.

A good read.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.