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einstein's long island project?



einstein\'s long island project?

i am very new to this... someone told me that einstein did prove time travel was possible in his long island project. they said that he actually sent a boat full of people through time, and brought it back, but all of the passengers died at some point in the trip. is this true? if so, where can i read up on it. i never even thought twice about the concept, but this is SO interesting. so email me if you know.... THANKS!
Re:einstein\'s long island project?

I believe you are referring to the "Philedelphia" experiment. It's a controversial issue with some of the paranormal researchers. I don't buy it, but it's one of those thorny events like Roswell that just won't go away.

I think if you seed yahoo or lycos or any of the search engines with the phrase "Philedelphia Experiment" or just "Philedelphia" you'll hit a few sites on it somewhere.

If you do, tell me if this is what you were looking for?
Part Philadelphia Experiemnt, part Montauk Project

Lee pretty much had it right. The Philadelphia Experiment suggests that near the end of WWII, a US Navy ship was trasported from Norfolk shipyards to the Philadelphia shipyards, and back again, perhaps through a wormhole. The Montauk Project (of which several books have been written) suggests that after the disasterous results of the Philadelphia Experiment (supposedly, many sailors died), the research team and equipment were moved to Montauk in Long Island where they carried on their mad scientist experiments for many more years.

Re:part Philadelphia Experiemnt, part Montauk Project

I suspect that the Philadelphia Experiment was much more mundane than many people have made it out to be. The USS Eldridge was wired with VERY high powered magnetic and RF generators, in an attempt to cloak the ship from enemy radar -- a 1940's version of the modern stealth aircraft. The main difference being, modern aircraft employ mostly passive systems, while the Eldridge attempted to employ an active system. The active system produced huge amounts of electrical and magnetic fields. These fields are what produced the mental and physical illnesses, the hallucinations, and the deaths of many of the crew.

I believe there was nothing mystical or magical about the Philadelphia Experiment (contrary to many of the "blown out of proportion" reports).
The ship was NOT transported through time or space, and the ship did NOT become invisible. I further believe that it was a failed experiment that the Navy, soon after, abandond. I find it rather amusing that people simply refuse to give up on the notion that the Philadelphia Experiment caused a US Navy ship to be instantly transported to another location. These same people believe that an alien space craft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

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