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There is much to be said about the connection of electromagnetic fields in relation to thier association with Time~Travel, but first we need to examine the properties of electromanetic fields, and cuurent research in this arena.

To begin, let's examine how electromagentic fields can influence structures of mass, in order to levitate them. Below are some examples, and their corresponding links, please feel free to add more, if you find any others pertaining.

Thank You.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX http://www-hfml.sci.kun.nl/hfml/levitate.html

*It is possible to levitate magnetically every material and every living creature on the earth due to the always present molecular magnetism. The molecular magnetism is very weak (millions times weaker than ferromagnetism) and usually remains unnoticed in everyday life, thereby producing the wrong impression that materials around us are mainly nonmagnetic. But they are all magnetic.

*How do they do that ? Is it levitation ?'

'No, they have Tara on their waists and Litolac in their hands. These produce certain vibrations which neutralise the cold magnetic force of the planet, allowing for neutralisation of the gravitational force. Even a weight of millions of tonnes compares with that of feathers. Then, by other vibrations, resembling those of ultra-sound, they can steer themselves precisely to wherever they choose, as they are doing now. On this planet everyone wanting to travel some distance uses this method ... Illustrations. Having no doors nor windows on these buildings is extraordinary in itself, but once inside, it was stranger still. As I have mentioned before, the overall impression was of still being outside. The startling beauty of colour was everywhere in the greenery; the branches of the trees dissecting the blue-mauve sky above.

*Barry's Magnetic Levitation
These coilguns with control circuits are great! Now... How can you use them for magnetic levitation?

This is slightly off-topic from coilguns, but magnetic levitation has many common design principles and is a little easier to build!

*Additiional Links..........

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very interesting...now apply it to your free energy power source design.

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Very good Doc, now you're talkin' "TESLA!!!!

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-----Theoretical physics is a mistake with its confusing
mathmatic extrapolated modeling usually taken to the nth
degree--that creates variable conflicts rather than a more
down to earth empirical model of cosmic realities that
seeks invarable relationships which can be tested and
retested. Here at the Gravity Research Program a unit of
UFOM-USA. We have taken the empirical approach gone back
to the college physics book and rechecked some of the most
basic physics assumptions on an empirical basis---and we
have found some basis mistakes in assumptions and logic.
We are not interested in "free energy" or alchemy or
Einstein Astrology--



Project Summary
Quantum Vacuum Forces Project
sponsored by NASA GLENN - Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
QED is probably the best verified theory in physics. It makes some startling predictions about the importance of quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field in empty space. It predicts a near infinite vacuum energy density. Quantum fluctuations have been linked to particle mass, to spontaneous emission, to the speed of light, and to the topology of the universe. The presence of surfaces changes the energy density in the vacuum fluctuations.

"'No, they have Tara on their waists and Litolac in their hands..."

And empty space in their heads I might add.
*Thinking Randomly I do recall that the text you read "'No, they have Tara on their waists and Litolac in their hands..." has nothing to do with your injected muse, as to imply they were perhaps filled with too much oxygen in their brain, in fact If you were a more astute scholar of archeological data that was pertaining to this article, it also was an attempt to explain what an aincient race attempted to describe as advanced technology form an earlier language not spoken by anyone in today's society.

This was a translation from some recovered ancient Hebrew scrolls! I do not proclaim to have been there as a witness to this event, but there certainly are many things that exist within our "accepted" history that have indeed left us all with many contradictions, and "unanswered questions"

I suggest you dig deeper......
if it is truth you seek, then you must first let go of your own prejudice.

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I have always suspected there is a deeper underlying connection to the way energy & mass are designed, and how they respond, or have the potential to be manipulated by influencing electromagnetic fields, not just any ordinary EMF, but those with selected frequencies with specific intent for a purpose that would astound even the most astute scholars of modern science & medicine today!

I still uphold my belief in this, as there is just too much evidence, and witnesses to demonstrate it's many diversified abilities to produce these astounding accomplishments.
one good analogy is that of genuine "Healers" that have the uncanny ability to heal people of various inflictions, that when a selected few of these "healers" agreed to subject themselves to a barrage of tests to study this phenomena, it was latter discovered that they all had one commonality, and that was the ability to influence the body's of their patient's natural vibrational frequency, on a subatomic level. This ability, or gift, was in somehow responsible for generating unusually high amounts of electromagnetic field energy pulses emitting from their hands. their bodies had become a natural generator, by speeding up it's own vibrational pulse rate, and then using the hand like a "radionic antennae" . There are some people living among the rest of us, that are not like the rest of us, and they existed among humanities gene pool, long before the birth of Marvel Comic's "X-Men"
Hmmm....make me wonder as to where one line ends, where the other begins, Art Imitating Life, or Life Imitating Art, now where have we heard that before? perhaps it is not a "Line" at all, perhaps it is more like a "ring" representative of the "Circle of Life"


I copy pasted the following from a link provided from "Earthgrid" (Thank You.) please pay special close attention to the reference pertaining to "EMF" properties utilized with this radionic device. Very interesting indeed.

And what does this have to do with "Time~Travel"...you may ask, well you are much wiser if you do not need to ask this question, but for those of you that do not understand this association, I suggest you read more of the previous posts here, and do a little more research, Rotating electromagnetic fields, have "everything" to do with Time~Travel, and it goes much beyond that as well.

The original “Multiple Wave Oscillator” goes back to 1934. Engineer George’s Lakhovsky, born in Russia and living mainly in France, created the foundations for this instrument by virtue of his work on the cell as an electrical oscillating circuit. In common with the founder of radionics, A. Abrams, Lakhovsky assumed that diseases were primarily an electrical phenomenon. Disease can only arise if the cell has changed with regard to its electrical characteristics.

Abrams, with his oscilloclast, was trying to irradiate the patient with electromagnetic waves to compensate for these variations in cellular electric characteristics. Lakhovsky also designed an instrument which generated an electromagnetic alternating field between a generator and a resonator. But, unlike Abrams, he generated several sinusoidal signals of varying frequencies and overlaid them (hence the name “Multiple Wave Oscillator”). It was then possible for the patient to be exposed to this alternating field for therapeutic purposes. Lakhovsky’s MWO was an instrument with extensive indications.

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The tunnel effect?

Two professors, not related to each other, claim that they have sent a wave with a speed faster than light. According to Raymond Chiao from the university of Berkeley, who claims to have reached a speed of 1,7c it's impossible to send some information with the signal. Gunter Nimtz of the university of Koln (Germany) says his wave travelled at 4,7c and carried Mozart 40. The question here is not if it's possible to send something with that wave, it's interesting to know that something (an electro-magnetic wave) can move faster than light. If such a signal is able to do it under certain circumstances, maybe an object or a person can too. And maybe that object or that person can travel in time... Chiao and Nimtz call it the 'tunnelling' of an electro-magnetic signal. It comes down to sending an electro-magnetic signal through a special wave conductor.
Time Travel & the Caduceus Coil - 01/17/98
From: Emanon Inventors Association
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: hi
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:53:51 -0800

Hi Jerry! I wrote up some material I think you might be interested in. If you feel like putting it up on your website, knock yourself out!

It goes along with the original "time travel" story I sent you months ago. I believe this new material explains what really happened to my friend. It also might explain, in part, how the SUPPOSED U.S. Government's Temporal Transmission Research Project time-travel equipment functions.

The T.T.R.P. is, as I mentioned, a SUPPOSED time travel research project. The following is, as Paul Harvey would way, "The Rest of the story": A little history about the caduceus coil (a.k.a. the tensor coil):

Its main proponent, and inventor, Wilbert Brockhouse Smith developed this coil sometime during the 1950's (Smith died in 1961).

Originally, Dr. Smith was involved in the top-secret program "Project Magnet". This project, allegedly, was a government-sponsored program to produce an aircraft which operated on the same propulsion/flight principles of U.F.O.'s. "Officially", at some point, the program was terminated. At some point, concurrently, Smith was tinkering around with new styles of coil windings. It was during this period of time when he developed the caduceus coil.

The coil is said to produce electromagnetic waves which travel parallel to the coil windings. This violates electromagnetic convention as the standard rule for creating electromagnetism is that the waves are produced perpendicularly (with respect to the coil windings).

Also, supposedly, a caduceus coil transmits these electromagnetic waves at super-luminal velocities (i.e., at faster-than-light speeds).

It is interesting to note that, last year, a Canadian scientist was credited with sending a radio broadcast using "radio-like waves" which were travelling faster than the speed of light.

Smith claimed that timepieces, which were within the caduceus coil's region of greatest magnetic field flux density, measured time at a different "rate and direction of time flow" than other timepieces which were outside of the coil's magnetic field influence.

The caduceus/tensor coil (with proper frequency/voltage) supposedly creates scalar electromagnetic waves that travel at super-luminal velocities (i.e., faster-than-light speeds).

As an electronics engineer, there is one thing that comes to mind regarding this. When an electromagnetic field is created, any thing within the densest portion of that field tends to take on the same potential, polarity, frequency, and velocity of that field. This applies both to life forms and inanimate objects.

Some people refer to an objects, or life forms, energy as its "aura", electromagnetic field, or Kirlian field. In fact, there is a seldom known, little used, formula known as the "Johnson Effect" which can be used to ascertain the power levels of an objects, or life forms, electromagnetic field. The reason it was discarded is because it leans towards inaccuracy at frequencies above the Earth's magnetic field frequency (about 7.8 Hz).

With respect to what I've mentioned, I believe Einstein's theory of relativity states that if an electromagnetic wave were to (somehow) be propagated at velocities beyond the speed of light, then that wave would move backward in time.

Or, more specifically stated, that the Universe's "time" would start going backward relative to the "time" experineced by the wave (which, if a wave could have consciousness, would experience a normal, forward, progressive "time").

I believe this is what happened to my friend when he was operating his machine. By the way, he was wearing a digital watch when this happened (the first time). However, the static charge he experineced blew the digital timer circuitry inside the watch.
What is really bizarre is I read a story out of the "Weekly World News" (OF ALL PLACES!) that stated the U.S. government was involved in a project called the Temporal Transmission Research Project. The story stated that they place an object inside a hollow aluminum tube and then subject the tube to a high- frequency electromagnetic field that travels faster than light.

In this fashion, supposedly, the tube (and internal contents) are supposed to be able to travel into the past. We all know that aluminum is a great conductor of electricity.

The interesting analogy between that story, and my friend's experience, is that his coils were hollow, were producing extremely high frequencies, and (I believe) were functioning as a caduceus (or tensor) coil.

The W.W.N. story also stated that a government scientist had volunteered to go back to the year 1918, remain for 25 minutes of subjective time, then return. They go on to say that he went, but never returned.

Continuing, they said that the project members then decided to look over old publicatations (from 1918) looking for clues as to what happened. After about two months of searching, they contend, they found an old microfiche copy of a now-defunct police journal which had a very strange article in it.

In the article, it shows what appears to be (in a picture) a metal tube about two feet long and containing the crushed remains of a man. Also, in the picture, is what looks like a cellular phone (lying on the ground) about one to two feet away.

There was a caption below the picture, but I vageuly remember what it said (I was more interested in the picture).

The reason I was so interested in the picture is because of something I noticed about it. I've been working in darkrooms, and with cameras, for more than 30 years and what I saw blew me away.

The picture was taken at night and shows the tube, the "cellular phone" (if that's what it was-suppose it was a "recall device" to allow the man to get back to his own time?), some police officers (in old-style uniforms), some old style police cars, and (in the background) a row of spectators.

The thing that aroused my interest in the picture is that these spectators looked as if they were a good 60 - 80 feet from the camera. You see, the modern electronic flash (even the ones with the biggest xenon flash lamps) can't illuminate (in darkness) more than about 40 - 45 feet at the MAXIMUM.

In the old days, the "press 25" flash bulbs (on the other hand) were able to illuminate (in darkness) well up to 80 - 85 feet or so.

So, it is my contention that MOST of the picture is genuine (that is, taken in 1918). I don't know about the tube and the "cellular phone" though. I can tell you, though, if the picture is a composite (the tube and "cellular phone" being "pasted" into the picture), whoever did it was a master of "special effects/trick photography".

I don't know if the Weekly World News would have THAT kind of money as those type of imagery artists are damned expensive to hire. Also, in the picture, I noticed several blades of grass that appeared IN FRONT OF not only the "cellular phone", but the metal tube as well.

I believe my friend's coils were functioning as a caduceus.
Vanguard Sciences/KeelyNet comments

Some might snicker at quoting the Weekly World News as a source, however, every now and then the tabloids will mention something interesting that can be checked. I know, because about 4 years ago, a few paragraphs were printed in the Globe newspaper about a fellow who had figured out how to make things invisible.

I called the Globe and asked for the fellows name and address. They refused to provide verbally but said their policy for followup requests must be made by mail. So, I sent them a letter with the story name, the page and issue.

Within about a week, I received the name of the inventor, his phone number and address. I called and we spoke for a couple of hours. Fascinating theory that he got from Star Treks' Cloaking Device.

He pursued it and now has a company listed on the web.