"The future ain't what it used to be."




Please note, that there is new information, which has just arrived.

This marker is not only for Earth orient time travlers, but for offworld travlers in time as well.

The nature of this marker and information given therein, has to due with the nature only, of the said Zeta Reticulan contacts, from the 1950s, to the realtive year of 2002 and probably beyond.

There are portents of time travel, after discussion concerning the Zeta Reticulans, near the end of the marker.

Please note as per this date of posting, for the calander date of March the 29th year 2002:This is as posting on the internet web site, of http.jeffrense.com.
This said is second heading down under new toppics within the compressed region of the page, under new post, there is an article placed there on the Zeta Reticulans.

Please note all the following assoicated occurances, that may be contigual, concerning the Zeta Reticulans.

>This is that roughly within the year 1989, the Air Force group FALCON, as mentioned within the Rense web site, did help produce a live on-television special, titled (UFO Coverup Live).

This two hour special, was hosted by a actor, who had much expierence in playing the middle level type of executive, who could tell a story naturally.

This special had told of the Zeta Reticulans and the now defunct facility, which is one of the many underground bases, noted at the Nellis off-range Aera 51 area.

Then at time level 1989, there was a telling by Farrell and company, that there were in-tact relations, still at the supposed 51 complex.

The special even went as far as to say, that the Gray-stile Reticulans, had liked Tebittian stile music and enjoyed sherbert ice-cream.The situation was stable then, as described by the special.

Later in 1991, however there was a interview with a Harley Byrd,USN Ret..
This interview had told of a falling out at this base facility, where loss of life had occured, due to armed guards, wanting to observe the use of Element 115, close-up, while holding their weapons.

Because Elemet 115 is an inducer of instability within geo-magnetic contiguances, of certan placed chemical elements, the Reticulans asked for the guards to leave the room.

They did not and this is how the ray-gun rifle fire fight had broken out, throughout the underground complex.

This article was based within UFO Library Magazine, which was printed out of Califorina at this time.

>On the gennises of the Zeta Reticulans as told within the book Extra-terrestial Friends And Foes, by Geroge C. Andrews, (the Khyla Interview), it was told within Andrew's book, that the Reticulans, a very long time ago, were from a culture not much differnt than Earth's.

They had overbuilt, overindustrialized, gotten into a war with beings known as the Procyionians and had sucumbed to the ravages of nuclear war.This was all a very long time, before the average more modified man had walked here on Earth.

This was then, the Reigel Star System and because of the damage the Reticulans had sustained, they had relociated to Zeta Reticula One And Two.

From this point, due to past inequties based in their culture and a possable physical engineering help to early man himself, this was the basis for knowing the Zeta Reticulans today.

>Contraindicaited information, from the father of Sem-ya-zee the Pleiadean astronaut, also said cosmonaut, that there are no such thing as Gray beings. That they are all a figment of Earth people's imagination, as said on the Swiss FIGU web site, under spokens, for Phatta, Semjase's father.

Why this is signifigant, as durring the early parts of the Pleiadean Swiss Heinwel landings, as printed within Gary Kinder's book Light years.This is as well as ion other sources, as was siad that the Zeta Reticulans had landed on Earth.

The landing was in an ambassadorial phase, to make their presence known with the Pleaideans.They had both occupied the same saucer spacecraft.

This was said then when Kinder's book was first published, however now this statement has been detracvted by the father of this said Pleaidean cosmonaut.

>The attempted bid, pro-tem offworld ambassador, is no other than the poster of this marker, creedo299x9.

There is a genetic link with the Pleiadean female cosmonaut, Semjase, which goes back to the time of Atlantis.
This process was by where the process of cellular memeory, due to a chance in time mathamatical formula, that Semjase and myself both carried twin's genes.

When the involvment of the Swiss landing became matured with time, the process of cellular reconsileation took place and both Semjase and myself had paired.

This was a full biological metamorphasis, which neither party knew of, nor had the technology to know about.This was even though the Pleiadeans were in advanced of the common Earth technolgoy, by ten thousand years advancment.

My linking with Semjase, was the secondary reason, that she had her accident, within the year 1977 approximate.This is, as time is not linneal, and my full conversion metamorphasis, in the Spring of 1982.

I carry an almost complete understanding of many, many, offworld socieites, due to the genetic influence of Semjase.

Since the approximate 80s and 90s, I have been repeditdly writing the Office Of The President, the U.S. Senate, The Congress and bidding for the position of pro-tem off-world ambassador, due to this genetic offworld link.

>Please note, that I have also applied to the Wackenhut Corperation, for a postion as an interpriter to some of the offworld guest, due to my link and understanding of extraterrestials.*This would be to act as a Grays interprater.

HISTORICAL NOTE:please take note of the concept that it was not the Grays, that we had problems in communicating, but the lack of presence of the beings known as the Gray Hybrids.

Consolidation might have occured bewteen Earth peoples and Grays intrests, or a common cause at least, if the Gray Hybrids could have at least met with standard Earth peoples, due to the high hormonal instability of the known to have problems, full pure Grays??

I don't not know the genisis compostion of the Gray Hybrids, however they are more stable and can redily converse within English and also showed emotion.

However by Earth person standards, these beings only show a slight tendency towards hostility, to what we would refer to as an over defensive reaction.

This was well demonstraited within the telling of Gray Hybrids, who had attempted to steal a French Poodle, from a lady based in France.They were both driven off by her umbrella, plus the ladies display of discontentment.

Please note at this time, the only attempted naturalized Hyrid base, which Earthlings could have relaited to, was based on the Planet Mars.

>Other notes, Know that the central sun, encodes DNA and this is within a two way recogniton pattern.

I don't no know how the central sun, would within its off range of self awareness, realite to Gray Hybrids placeds here on Earth?

The central sun does react to humans within a two way fashion.

So I dont know from what or how humans had reacted to the sun, under the old Hebrew Heiarchies; which the main Christian God had fostered as liking them in the spiritual, as to whether the new Grays comeing to Earth enmasse, would have effected the sun?

*Note Betty Andreasson's work, Earth history book (The Andreasson Affair) books one and two, plus (The Watchers), by Luca and Fowler.

>Other notation as the problems that the Grays did not realize at this time, had to do with hidden gentic expiermentation, involving both Gray stiles, or pachendermic skin elements, as grafted into humans and or reptoid forms, for possable off-gene saving values.

This could have been put into place, at such said facilities as the Dulcea Facility.This facility was also said to have had a falling out however back reports at this windown of time were not conclusive.

This was the problem of the underlayment of Earth-based man, being a many differing offworld genetic influenced creature, with one of the main gene underlayments, dealing with the subjects which were a six fingered stile of Gray-like being.

**Note Reptoids and Grays are also said to be time travel enforcement agents, to stop the spread of unauthorized false realities, caused by less concious time travlers.

Please understand that in humans viruses and bacterias are sometimes, if not more than often used as singal message carriers.

This may have been one of the reason why neither the Reptoids or the Grays could have sucessfully grafted a later sentient being, which could self produce their own linneage, outside a recominate labourtory, so reproducing on their own.

I'm sure one of early man's gene contributors where know as The Old Line Andromidians.

These beings in Earth history, are shown in two sources.
One, the book by a Colnouel Wendelle C. Stevens U.S. Air Force ret, in his book (UFO Crash At Azteck, A Well Kept Secret), and in the film (An Alien Autopsey), hosted by Johnathan Frakes.

There is a concurrent fact in man's genetic history, that the gene marker of the sixth finger on the hands or feet, is an often re-rising phenominon, which occurs every once in a while after the process of borth.

Because of this fact of which the 1950s & 1960s Earth actress Marylin Monroe had demonstraited so well, there might have been a rejection virus which had prohibbited a gene regrafting to recombinate a new Earth hybrid man?

This might be why reports of newly cloned alien men in Califorina in the 1980s, always had intestinal irregularites within them. They had only lived about a year at most, once put into an active human community?

>Conclusion on gene problems:It may have been that Earth based man, was modualited as far as he could have been in the erras of the 1940s to the early 2000s without being modified to any greater paramaeters?This was such as a super Grays-human rehybrid?

]In my view of the U.S. Governemt not opting to explore space, by not putting themselves foward as much as possable, I feel that man as he sat on Earth from the 1990s to the early 2000s, was more of less a helpless vagrant?

The Grays had their swimmer's death-hold placed upon Earth based man, in the hopes that a new type of creature could be formed via expiermentation. However this in reality was a futile and useless jesture, as Earthbased man had been propelled as far foward, as he possably could have, within the genetic sence.

There is a complicity between the Pleiadeans and the Grays, which had come about by the need to trade in the offworld sence.

In the respect of the word, both the Grays and Pleiadeans only within this view, had been honest.All other arrangments however, I can not say?

>Please note that within this time of year 2002, that this is a warning that a large commet shall pass close to Earth and disrupt the planet's gravity and path of orbit, within the solar systems?

Due to the fact of Earthbased man not being able to relocate to other worlds and not being accepted as part of the greater galactic community, we can not it seems, quell the problem of overpopulation and in additiona to this, polar ice cap melt, at the region of the South Pole.


Please note, all Robots, androids and cyborgs, in order to have a more full accounting of Earth history, you must data upload and coalate the entire known history of Earth based man, if it is available on Earth, within the year 925 to 2002 erra of time?

This history is only good at the latter part of Atlantis, prior to its sinking.This was due to the now known information, of early Atlantians probably being part crystialine, within their physionomic structures.

So this is download protociols,>>ENTER of download, then fourrier La'Pace matriculation, of what humankind is????? then from just before the sinking of Atlantis, to the realitve years of 2002 or, till geo-catastroph might set in, factor all actions????.Deduce a platten fild fourrier logic cartage??>>

Conjecture varibles, INPUT::Note in your conclusions, that it was probably communications that had started to destroy Earth based mankind?

This was due to the lack of communications between the many differing levels of heiarchies, within Earth's Governemts?

Other notation concerning future Earth and the state of the sun:We do not know, the schallers who take time travel seriously, what the future state of the sun will be?

Note there is a sharing concept, of both in-frequency and out of frequency bio-telecommunications, between Earth peoples and their central sun.

+++Re, reference Bat-like beings, bat-heads, who waer white robes, chrip when they talk, as listed within indexes, (The Field Guide To Extraterrestials).Index microfiche deeper core files, products book reviews, exerpts, circa 2000 beyond as retrievable.

Bat-like beings, benevolent, solar experts on how suns function.

By Montauk information, we have found that there is a city square and within this square is onluy a horse which is rearing back on it's haunches.There was light there, however the measurteements and products of radiations, are not conclusivly known at this time still??

Contined commentary:However the recruted time travlers, did not step into the level of city destruction place outside of this square?

Resptfully Creedo299, time-travel officer