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EMG "Electro-Magnetic Gateways"...


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EMG \"Electro-Magnetic Gateways\"...

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RE: EMG \"Electro-Magnetic Gateways\"...

Welcome To The Search For Free-Energy & Anti-Gravity at C.T.G Research Labs, The purpose of this site is to promote knowledge about free-energy and anti-gravity devices and to get other people interested in this rapidly developing field. We hope that presenting our research on the Internet will inspire new ideas in others, it also ensures that information cannot be suppressed, since once it's on the Internet it's out forever.
RE: EMG \"Electro-Magnetic Gateways\"...

How To Build A Gravity Car! (Antigravity?)

Introduction: Last summer I published my 5th book, "Shape Power",
which describes in detail the experiments which Joe Parr and myself
have been doing. The simpler experiments we term the "Gravity Wheel
Experiment". Joe discovered the basic effects and perfected the
instrumentation. I was interested enough to hop on the band wagon and
duplicate the simpler aspect of the experiments. The results from
these experiments showed that we can...
RE: EMG \"Electro-Magnetic Gateways\"...

Pertaining to the information provided herin,
I would like our "Temporal Explores Network" within this forum, and other guests & Members of TTI, to review this information, disect it, invest in the experimentation provided, to decipher any scientific, or "Alternative" Quantum EMG plausability factors, which "Can Be Measured & Recorded & Repetitive in producing duplicatable results".

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