Energy Extraction from a Black Hole


Quantum Scribe

According to the Pensrose Process this feat could be achieved provided that there is an available rotating Black Hole nearby.

In order to achieve this we need a Black Hole with rotating capacities of a mass type M. Some distance from this M mass Black Hole we need a particle, this one with energy Ee. Since this particle is to be found outside the ergosphere it needs to be of a positive Ee charge. Once this is set, launch the particle in to the event horizon of the ergopheric hole. Upon arrival of the particle into the ergospheric event horizon, fashion a way in which the particle will be split, such as an explosion.

When this explosion takes effect, the particle will be divided into two, each fragment having an energy charge of Eo, which is +, and Ei, which is negative. This Ei being negative will be drawn into the maw of the Black Hole. The Eo charged particle, being positive, will be flung away at a considerable distance from the Hole.

Since Ei is negative, the energy Es of the fragment that escapes the hole is greater than the incidental particle Eo. Moreover when the Ei particle reaches the Black Hole it will reduce the Black Hole´s whole energy-mass value. When this process is finished we have a Black Hole of energy McSquared- the absolute value of Ei, and a particle of energy Eo + the absolute value of Ei. In other words energy has been extracted from the Black Hole.

If this is done repeatedly the energy-mass of the Black Hole will begin to diminish, to the point of minimizing the rotation of the Black Hole and then causing the truly spectacular event.

A Black Hole is an already collapsed star under it´s own gravity field, right? Well if enough energy is extracted from a Black Hole, it will start to loose cohesiveness and will start to dissipate, and in time it will begin to release the content inside. That is stellar debris and of course a great deal of light. An explosion of light.

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Re: Energy Extract frm a Black see energ calabra..

*See energy calabral of C. Sagan, realtive layers injestion manifolds, black holes, equatorial region.

Past work, where the lower gravity belt, a realtive equatorial ranges, give V1 entries, of pan-max utilization of either going into multilayer directories, or flow rate, as causal flows into injestion points, some forms only black holes.

A double kerr phenominon, is always thought as of being, a true non-local pint in spacetime.

Intresting light on said 87 works, Hawking et al, on such said, as black holes eventually evaporating away, as Hawking said then, as snow cones.

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Note static pickup of said thermal values, from any said horizion, depends in part, on event wall structure nature and size.

A kerr double simulation as said by Moore et al, is not the same as a real kerr in grand scale as proposed by Tripler, as well as other?
There is an easier way

Basically, every so often, the energy field of a black hole causes a particle and its corresponding antiparticle to pop out of space near the black hole. This is what we see as radiation. They then speed away from each other. If we can create a black hole, (see my post on singularity creation in the time travel board) and enclose it in a bubble, we can Isolate the particles and antiparticles, smash them back together and have an INCREDIBLE amount of energy released. Some say a half a golf ball will propel a space shuttle (boosters, fuel tank and all) into orbit.