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Everthing we see, touch, use, the univerus
all comes down to energy past the atomic state. Everything has a specific ammount of
free energy even you, me,the computer I'mtyping on, my point is that all energy was created at a specific event, past all our births, past even the earths creation.
So if someone made a Time Device the energy in the device was made trillions of years ago so you will be able to go as far back as the energy in the device would allow.
Going forward in time is tricky but possible
if their is a real way of getting back to the current time that someone left.
My flashlight emits light now. That's how it works. Does that mean that the energy it's made of worked exactly the same way 1000000 years ago? Of course not. It was probably part of a rock back then.

My (fictional) time machine can send me around in time. Does that mean the energy in it worked exactly the same way 1000000 years ago? I think not. It was probably part of a rock back then.
Jaradev brings up a good point. If the laws of physics change or even reguage over time a time traveler might meet with some disruptive surprizes. Like what if a million years ago an earth electrical ground measured +80.million volts over the present (ie over his present charge). Upon arrival he might get hefty lightnig bolt in the face.

How about a severe case of a gravitational form of the bends (decompression sickness). In the movie TIME COP, timetravel was referred to as the most dangerous thing since the invention of the atomic bomb......and this is probably so. Not the sort of thing one should be fooling with in a basement lab.