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enogh power for time traveling.


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many people may think that time traveling is imposible,and if it is possible from where can we find enough power to power the time machine?
well, scientists said that blackholes are suitable enough to power a huge and complecated machine as that of time traveling,but this kind of power is almost unreachable.
so why cant we creat our own black hole here on earth and use it to figure up the basics of time traveling.
we casn creat it by following the exact stages of the evolustion of the univers and the space conditions, thus creating the right conditions for the blackhole.
beleive me it can work and am working on it.
And when one plays with fire of this magnitude, without fully knowing what they may unleash, it could spell a good deal of trouble for a lot of people. Such potentials (i.e. creation of the universe) makes a hydrogen bomb look like farts in the wind.
If the power of a thousand sun was opened up on earth
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Try looking up Bob Lazar he reckons they were playing with antimatter in wonderland