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Frank can quack like a duck.

Dear Renaldo'

On the asked infor that you had wanted on E.T. contact.

Many of the books such as by Jacques Vallie and Wendelle C. Stevens are valuble.

What you must be cautious of, is making an offworld contact via telepathy, however have some Earthling intercept the signal and try to pass themselves off as an alien.

Some of the contacts have been, people asking to be taken up into space and then rapidly being granted this.

Some people making friends at work, with E.T.s in disguise, and then finding out later, that they were not Earth humans.

Some people who have been chosen to have been made contact with and then the E.T. will come at night to them.

You usually know fake humans trying to be E.T.s apart from real E.T.s.

When you send a mental signal to space, try to use what power you can for that time you send the signal.

Don't tire yourself out, however find a place in space, by feel, that you think that your mental signal will best travel?

Send times should not be so long, as to exhaust you, however short enough to get the message out.

Try, wait and retry, but don't let this effort either hurt you, or disappoint you.

If you do make contact, then ask the aliens if they can cure your vidamen comfeys.

If you do make contact, if its not too much, you can tell them about me and I would always like to contact them too.

There are not set rules here, forinstance Penny Harper, who has made a number of contacts, was simply riding in her V.W. bus and said out loud, "Hey guys, take me up there"?! and the contact happened instantly.

So try a number of different ways, keep things in perspective, however don't be too scared or obsessed with this venture?

If you make contact and need additional advice, then let me know Renaldo?

Love best of luck, best wishes, Uncle Beestromo
Re: Why society functions as or like it does?

To the forum, whoever might care:
On the subject of superpopulation and decentralization, as it opposes to inter-society phenomenon>

On the subjects of Jessica Smart and Patty Hurst, as these phenomenon's relate to overall population heads.

In the predictions held by a few time travelers, I wonder if any had tried to tell what was wrong with a society, when this society had become too crowded?

I feel that both the forceful abductions of Smart and Hurst, have to do with the phenomenon of needed decentralization?

>These predictions deal with the need, that where once an economic system looses any portion of its value or meaning, then the retainment of certain people, would reenter some said value, in the holding of these people.

With Hurst, the worth was with her connections to the newspaper magnet, Randolph Hurst and what her value could have been, as a pull on the media, in order to illuminate social problems by those less fortunate.

With Smart, the ploy was that a conscripted member, of a community nearby, was recruited by traditional tribal capture, as a tenet to a possible conscription to a marriage.

>Note on Smart, what deviates from the traditional tribal stance, with reference to Smart.

Is that since the would-be suitor did not barging with, or return payment to a conscripted possible bride.So the line and letter of traditional tribal conscription of a bride, was never adheadred to, within the classical sense, of this intended conscription.

I feel that with reference to going back in time, to less complicated values, which make a society work once more, both Hurst as well as Smart, were, or have been well place indicators, of the coming decentralization occurrence.

This phenomenon occurred within the Mayan Civilization, as well as others in this region, due to overcomplexity of social rules, imposed by the hierarchy.

The Mayans had become so intrinsic as a civilization, they were almost hard to understand.This one factor of social understanding, besides the fact that they had achieved many great things.

However they also practiced human sacrifice along with imposing a considerable weight placed upon the people that this hierarchy was supposed to take care of.

There might have been a point in time, to where the people who were bound in servitude, to such a concerning ruling faction,, could no longer take this heavy handed rule?

They simply let down their burdens of formal cloths, designs that made them part of this ruled class and went back into the jungle in order to eek out a living.

This doing and dispersement of the people, made the upper hierarchy falter and fall into chaos.

I feel that with John F. Kennedy's prompting towards a new and more streamlined world, there was the move towards space, for Earthbased mankind as a player to take part of, with reference to colonization.

However his efforts it seems by others, had been thwarted?

With the loss of the shuttle Columbia, the central leader has only briefly assigned those who had fallen, to a certain heaven, by his decree alone.

This by any means, was a short order assignment, it seems with little compassion.

I must ask the key question, was there any interpretation of overpopulation values, as one of the reasons as to why there might be a coming civil unrest, since we atleast know the source and cause of the problem?
Thank you for suggesting this website. I found the science intriguing. And, the socialogical phenominum of new religions springing up concerning ETs fascinating.


The appropriateness of chance is astounding.