"The future ain't what it used to be."

Ethics of time travel


Suppose that tomorrow we all discover the secret of time travel, and developed the technology to bring this dream to reality. Now that we have the capability, should one exploit it? I for one know that if I had the ability to travel to the past or future, I would be tempted to go to my past and try to fix past mistakes, and/or travel to my future and see what the world has evolved into. I'm sure that many of you would be similarly tempted. But, who has the right to tamper with events in the past that may put others, alive or maybe even unborn, at risk? If we have the capability, is it wrong to use it to our advantage? Just some food for thought.
Don't worry, You can't travel in time within your own dimension. That element doesn't even exist. There is only the "now" in each dimension. So you can't mess up or change your own dimension. However, there are many parrallel dimensions simular and even identical to ours and some even in a different stage of history than us. You can make changes in those dimensions or come back with knowledge of our future and redirect our history. But you can't destroy the timeline, only modify it.


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Wait a minute. You lost me there for a minute. Explain to me again why it wouldn't be possible to travel in time in this dimension, but possible to travel to another dimension and mess up the time there and return to this one as if nothing happened. We havn't been watching to many Slider episodes have we.