"The future ain't what it used to be."



ok, this morning i have started my Time Sphere Graph. with images that i want for everyone to see. if you can please take 5 minutes out of your life and care to look and read at what i say. i would be very thankful. since i couldnt post my images here. i put it into my email and would like to send it to who ever that would like to see.

i heard what creedo said about peoples giving out viruses and all that BS. i just want to send this to you in good terms. if you could give me your email, i would send it to you that very same day. Trust me, i come in good intentions.

especially to Creedo, CAT, TTA, Clara, Shadow, Sonofbabylon, and who am i missing? errrr... and everyone on this forum. Oh Yeah!! how about one of you guys read it and send it to the others. since im new on this forum i cant be TRUSTED!!!!!

by they way did anyone sneeze or cough around this time?

Send it to me , i'll try it at work ... not my computer

I'll let you all know.

[email protected]
Hey Samuel thanks for being the "bait" that tracks down if i am bad lol i sented it already, you must understand and read carefully. when your done let me know what you think and send it to your other friends. such as CREEEEEEEEEEDO.

"i cant believe you had to go to work and check it there, what has this world gone to?".

charm what kind of images are these. It would be helpful to know before I post may email. clara
Its my beautiful Charming picture Clara... hehe. no really i created some images of what i was trying to tell everyone earlier. its an image of a Sphere directing what i mean about it. its ok if you dont want to post your email... TRUST!!! yes Samuel im going to send it again also Slight too.

TTA hahaha im glad you decided to take a peek.
hehe naw really i come in good intentions like i said man. viruses are for geeks who fight online. if you are able to see the image then that is good, some might say they cant see well. i guess that sucks then. but on the other hand thats just what i felt it kinda looked like. witht his cheap window paint i couldnt manage to do better myself. must need a better program to work with. if you feel my image isnt correct or something wrong with it please tell me here. or email me.

im trying to graph it. giving numbers to prove my point, with X Y and Z. but that seems confusing at first. i hope i got to the certain point where i truly understand what im trying to say. if not then i might need therapy lol. maybe a lil insane clases. anybody else want to see????? by the way TTA i think that isnt your email address for some reason... hmmm

Hi Charm , i got the email ,.... you screwed up my computer now, you little ...
No , just joking guys no virus here , its all good. Very interesting theory Charm , i will have a few comments later on today , gotta go to work now. Take care!
What do you mean you don’t think that’s my e-mail address? It is. What’s AZN suppose to mean, you Asian or something? I’m 25% Chinese
, from the Far East my self.

Well I gotta go get in line for Spider-Man tickets, so please keep your comments to me until I get back.


P.S. Clara, your taking a big risk making you e-mail address public now. Bad move
should have done what a few other members did, and asked me to forward it to you.
hahah 25%, whoa, you fulla suprises. 100% here and im from the southeast TX, word!!!... Represent hahaha
well Clara can post her email on here if she wanted, and she did. dont tell her what to do man. naw i meant dont give her bad advice. no wait, nevermind. i sent to all that asked for it. its nothing big really. TTA did they ask you to foward it? i cant believe this. nobody TRUST... ME... maybe Claras not like that others TTA.


yeah its really mine, but nothing to brag about. i still see flaws in it. i need numbers, cant seem to find the coordinates for it. if someone could help me.... eh? anybody? haha thats okie. your welcome Slight, i try my best. how come TTA and CLARA hasn't comment on what i sent them? probably think its *beep*, or something else. anyways TIME to sleep.

charm I recieved your sphere that is really neat. there is only one question . Light does not play by these rules only matter. light can travel beyond this sphere into the future.not time travel but energy moving at the speed of light . to prove this someone would have to prove that everyting is just energy in the first place .does light have mass can it be concentrated down to have weight which is matter. I do believe it does because the gravity of a black hole can suck light in. What forcce propels light forward, energy , so enough energy could propel particles that were a small a light into the future. I'm so scientist but I do think this is valid in saying that time travle is possibe to the future . I do believe that time travel to the past is only possible as energy not matter. I have stated this many times on this post . In order to view the past you must be able to view energy. I do believe some of us have that ability. it is encoded in our DNA. This ability is being surpressed in order to hide the truth of our past from us. One day this will be exposed and we will know what actually took place not the nonsense they tell you in history class. clara

First of all for your information I'm far from being chubby! I could hula hoop with a cheerio, infact I need to wear a belt with spandex! Second of all I viewed your sphere and its very primary! We could play a gave of Chinese Checkers on it!
But if you are on a mission to prove that time travel is impossible! I'd certainly like to hear any and all ways that you can disprove this information it could be beneficial in waying out the facts!

If I'm understanding this correctly according about your sphere graph basically you are saying that matter and energy never leave the point from which they came into existence. Hmmmm very thought provoking! I might as well just stare out retardedly into the vast blackness of space and then throw myself into a coffin and presume myself dead already!

But Clara surprisingly enough has a strong particle light point! Its seems even Clara can grasp the fact that physic glimpses of the future could not have originated out of a mere nothing. You would be surprised to know that not even Atoms die they are reborn like the stars. And so therefore in order to be able to glimpse the future one would have to have already been there at one point in time. Or perhaps the glimpse of the future was sent back from the future and so therefore time itself it "counterintuitive" (my favorite word!) Because that is exactly how I perceive it!

Charm we have so much technology today. Machines are assembled by machines on an assembly line faster then bill gates can pick his nose and make money. But do you really understand the concept of how light can be trapped and recorded? Just look at a CD! Can you explain this in conceivable terms how this functions. Well, its all done with lasers and lights. And in understanding this you can open your mind to the great possibilities of recording and documenting time.

Did you know that there are acoustical holograms? Holograms made from sound instead of light. The information is gathered with a microphone and the code is displayed on a TV tube. It's possible to photograph the hologram for permanent storage, should
someone pull the TV plug or change scenes. It is possible to shine a light through the photograph and visually
regenerate a scene originally encoded by sound.

Shadow also had a good point on another recent thread here about UFO and us programming our selfs though a thought process that they are real. That holds allot of controversy in the physiatrist field. But I tend to believe that they truly are interdimensional beings in the great multiverse that originated from our distant future. And possibly demonistic in nature.

There are so many things to contemplate! And I think this forum is a great place to start dissecting the theories and facts.

So I welcome your thoughts Charm!

Yeah, lets play a game of chinese checkers. however you play it.
well if you could hula hoop through a cheerio, i will give you a cookie for your achievement. oopz.

first off, yes light will be sucked into this wormhole. because light has mass. i believe its called photons or something not sure. have to check again but light does have mass. also energy. energy = light. therefore energy has mass.

yes you could say that CAT. you are already dead. your presence does not leave the sphere. every death or atom in this sphere does not leave. it may change to different things but never leaving.

and yes i understand how CD's work. the laser reads the light. but reading time? how can light read time, when time has no mass and time does not exist. only to what we think it is. you can read time with your mind. thats about it i think.

no i did not know sound could be then change to an image. pretty neat. but what does it matter to time?

again i have to go eat CHEEEEEEEERIOS!!! i might find a skinny chic hula hooping hahaha
... naw

Dear Lucky Charms

Pardon me for asking but just how do you fit a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional plane? Wouldn't things get squashed flat? Wouldn't this make people look funny like when they have their faces smushed to a pane of glass?

Wouldn't all the inside and outside space around your sphere just be going to waste? I mean how do you KNOW that these spaces aren't being used by a bunch of hedonists like cat for nefarious purposes? And all of this just beyond the reach of your spherical model?

I hope you continue to have fun with your hobby, but just because you've tied a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair doesn't make you an astronaut.