"The future ain't what it used to be."

Existence of time?



I have to admit, you guys have totally opened my eyes on exactly what Time is. Like most people, though, I've never really stopped to think about it. I (as well as my best friend) firmly do NOT beleive in Time Travel, whether it be Terminator 2 or the Full Circle ending to the Robotech series.
I have thought alot about things the mind does; I want to beleive that there is a Force of Life (though I beleive in no God) and that it is possible to manipulate it somehow through force of will. Unfortunately, I also beleive that the mind does ALOT of abstracting and such to put away the complexities we encounter. Because of this, I think that Time is one of those abstractions, as well as Life. As has already been said here many times, Time is just a way for the mind to make sense of certain things. In order for something to EXIST, it must have some tangible form, and if so, it must also be able to be manipulated.
Thanks for your time.
NOT well said!

Sorry, Steel, but I totally disgree with your statement: "In order for something to EXIST, it must have some tangible form...". Magnetism esists, but has no tagible form. Gravity exists, but.... etc. And I happen to believe God exists. He is incorporial, but He does exist. I can not prove it to you scientifically, but I take great joy in the fact that He does exist, and that's good enough for me!

I am one of those "thinkers" who has dwelled countless hours on the question "What is TIME?". Does it flow in analog fashion, or is it segmented, sort of digital in nature? I once read where someone calculated those time "segments" to be approximately 10^-40 sec. in duration! (probably one of those Theoretical Physicist nuts).

Well, all this is academic, anyhow. We are in "The last days", and because of this fact, there isn't enough "time" to understand or exploit "time". There is a much more important issue regarding "time" that we need to dwell upon... where will we be spending eternity?
Re:NOT well said!

I'm truly sorry you feel this way. I'm truly sorry you believe all that nonsense about the "Last Days" too. What crap! Fundies have been saying that for hundreds of years now right along with a lot of other crap they refuse to let go of because thier religion gives them a good cop-out for not contemplating their own mortality.

Don't get me wrong here, faith is fine as is belief in God. But if one's faith blinds them to the realities around them, it becomes just that. Blind faith.

Faith can open the door to wisdom. Blind faith closes it, leaving the perpetrator to forever wallow in ignorance.

See my post to Ali above. I'll ask you the same question. If we are in the "Last Days" if "The End is Near", what keeps you from just laying down and giving up entirely. Hell, it's all about over anyway. Why bother with anything. All is lost! It hopeless!

If you THINK it is, for you my friend, it is.

What apocolyptic crap.

I've heard YOUR version of eternity and I'll pass on it whether you like it or not. You are not qualified to tell me what the "more important" issues are.

I'll make those descisions for myself without any help from you thank you.

If you want to preach here, you'll need a bigger megaphone than you can carry my presumptious one.
Re:NOT well said!

I tend to disagree with you about tangibility. Both magnetism and gravity are forces. forces act and can be acted upon. simply standing is showing a tangible property of gravity - we're fighting it. time isn't as obvious as force. magnetism is tangible: how would compasses work? time can be thought of as tangible, but its not time that makes clock or watches tick. food for thought. thanks.
Re:Re:NOT well said!

Oh my! Time to switch to Decaf!

Anyhow, the "nonsense" and "crap" you refer to is spoken about in The Holy Bible. You seem very bitter about these things, probably because you are a lost soul. If you would get down on your knees, and ask God to reveal Himself, only then will your eyes be opened to the spiritual things you refer to as nonsense. The things of God are foolishness in the world's eyes, and the things of this world are foolishness in God's eyes.

I enjoy science, and discussing interesting things with educated people (e.g., "Time Travel"), but these things pale in significance to our relationship to God.

Go ahead, Lee... Have the last word. But please cut down on the coffee!
Re:Re:Re:NOT well said!

Religion has had the same treatment as time......it was blown way out of proportion, enough so that people take it for granted.

Bring on the coffee.