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Experiencing Double Digits 11,22,33 etc... ??

The subject speaks for it's self. If you are or have had this kind of experience, please post them here.

In the next few days or so, I will re-open my website and uncover these phenomena’s for what they truly are.

I welcome any questions regarding them, for it will assist in my FAQ page. And I urge you all, to at the very least consider what I may be saying as being the truth about this phenomenon.

Thank you,
-Javier C.
I can't believe it you are seeing numbers. wow, I was just surfing and found this sight. My numbers aren't double there triple like 333 ,444. what does this mean . What connection do we have. strange huh! do you know anyone else who is seeing them Why haven't you ask anyone on the other discussion. I said something today to see if anyone caught on but no one has except I think it was shadow who ask what it was but I didn't tell him to save him the trouble.
Well here goes. My sources ask me to give you a little information to help you along . It seems you have become stuck in 3 rd density but getting a small glimpse of 4th. I'll explain.
Something has shifted in your DNA. causing you to move periodically to 4th density. This is an evoutionalary step .It happens throughout the universe to those that are in physical form. It is a leap so to speak that accures to help a planet move forward. We have to continue moving forward in ORDER to gain New technology, New awarness and to expand our right to claim our destiny. This is how it works. Once the DNA has been activated it allows you a glimpse of another reality. This can be very scarry. With you it has come as numbers. You might think you are being hounded by demons but in reality it is just those in 4th density or maybe higher who are trying to wake you up to your own power. There are some who are ready and some who aren't
you evidently are ready. They are waiting for you to claim control. Once you do this everything will change. 4th density will become even more real. then you will be able to work with it. Once your DNA has been activated you cannot turn it off. You will either stay stuck maybe for the rest of your life or move forward. It is completly up to you. Its like once your eyes see and your ears hear you can't go back unless of course you poke your ears and eyes out and I know thats not an option for you.
Lower density being are totally dependent on their Gods they are being observed without even knowing it. Its a must for them. They could not exist without it. When your DNA is activated you are being observed and know it. Which is very unpleasant. like a kid in the classroom always being watched by the teacher because he is always acting up. When you move forward You become the observer (god) thats when you get to meet the others who have become gods. You no longer need to be observed or controlled because you have claimed your power. Then you can move INTO the position of helping others to claim their power also. That is why I am helping you. When a certain number of people do this it sets off a chain reaction. Our goal is to make heaven on earth And claim our place in the cosmos then we will be allowed to meet out brothers and sisters FROM the stars. Hope I haven't flipped you out to much. I am here to help anyone who needs it because I love men and women everywhere no matter who they are. Anybody else out there that needs help Just ask the universe will send someone .I'm not gonna say their lessons are easy and it takes work on your part but the reward will be great.

For more information on the double digits click INTO the Time Travel Conferences forum and go to the "Numeric Coincidences" thread FROM Shadow. Read throught the whole thread to get a general idea of the double digits.

Thanks Cat. That helped alot. Creepy crap though. O.O lol I need to look INTO some of my memories and see if I can find some double digits.
Time Travel Conferences forum? I haven't seen that anywhere on the site. Can you direct me to it please?

I didn't know there even WERE time travel conferences! I hope I can find some in my area. That would be really interesting to attend.