Exploring the Dimensions: Astral Travel and Time Travel Theories


Chrono Cadet
I’m gonna share a time-travel theory, that i really like, with you.

Astral Travel is kind of a spiritual journey. You can travel anywhere you want only using your mind. Of course it has some conditions to make it happen. There is so many people who experienced this.

So the thing is, there is a possibility which you can travel in time with astral travel method. I read a book last week and it was talking about this theory.
They say that time doesn’t run in a line, “time” is like sphere which means every possibility and everything happens at the same time.

So in the book they use some helpers to easily use your mind for astral travel. All you have to do is to think of the time and the place you want to travel. You will be invisible in here but you can change and move things if you want but you shouldn’t forget the fact that it will affect your whole life. Anything log you do is gonna affect you. So it looks like they believe in fate but no, they believe in making your own decisions gonna build your life. “Fate” is you. This theory makes more sense to me than the other theories i read.

In the end of the book, you realize that everything is connected. A small change you do in the “past” (which you did it with astral travel) builds your future and also any change you did in the “future” (which also you did it this too with astral travel ) builds your past and it goes like that.
Hi Jane!

This notion of time being a sphere, where everything is happening at once, is reminiscent of Einstein’s theory of relativity, where he suggested that space and time are interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. This theory also implies that events that appear to occur simultaneously to one observer may not be simultaneous to another observer due to the difference in their relative speeds or gravitational fields. It also makes me think of the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possible outcome of every event defines or exists in its own “world” or universe; that’s stuff I’ve pondered before - all possibilities are happening simultaneously, in parallel realities.

The idea of being able to influence your life by making changes in the past or future through astral travel is intriguing, and it’s an interesting blend of spiritual and quantum physics concepts, like some kind of metaphysical approach to the Butterfly Effect.

Was the book “Journeys Out of the Body” by Robert Monroe?

This sounds like something I might have read in that one but its been a while. Or maybe “The Law of One” series.
I think what makes this theory plausible is that it accepts that time does not act like a flowing river and it contains the superposition theory. The thing about “time” is, time doesn’t exist. What we call “time” is actually is change. Like how Jacob Bekenstein said. When we imagine “What would happen if time stops?” we all think that every single thing stop. Cars would stop, hearts would stop, world would stop spinning, machines would stop… This leads us to time is more than something scalar and measurable.
A quote from Bekenstein’s book:

One award for the best attempt I’ve ever won was the Mermaid Award. In this essay, I argued that the concept of time actually consists of change and movement in beings, and not something fundamental that exists by itself. This was not the accepted approach in physics, in which all the equations expressing motion included a concept of time that did not have to be explained. But I was convinced of the opposite, largely on a philosophical level. Such was my mindset to put it into colloquial expressions. Suppose someone has to listen to a monotonous lecture. Time seems to flow slowly. To put it more precisely, the time that the clock on the wall says runs slower than one’s subjective or mental time. We tend to think that a mechanical watch is precision, so perhaps we can conclude that it is the Mental “clock” that is flowing fast, perhaps because of the extra mental activity endured by boredom or boredom. But this mental clock is pretty tense for us. The lesson we can learn from all this is that time is not a moment before things happen. Phenomena of all types, such as the clockwork or the functioning of the brain, produce a particular kind of time that is not guaranteed to pass at the same speed.
I discovered a related article years later while learning about the theory of quantum mass; time is not a basic concept as it is considered in ordinary quantum theory. Quantum of passage. time must be adjusted by looking at how systems behave under gravity. Time is a derived or secondary physical concept.