"The future ain't what it used to be."

Fast forwarding and reversing time



It's heartening to read all of the quality ponderings, theories, and beliefs on this board. It is entirely unlikely that we will never learn the answers nor even develop the means to test most of the theories of time travel. With this in mind it all seems a futile exercise. But it's entertaining, which, in the context of this paragraph, may turn out to have more value than the truth.

I've had some entertaining ponderings, theories and beliefs that I would like to share.

Its romantic to think of controlling time like the skip button on a CD Player where the one pressing the button is immune to its effects. Many times when we think of going back in time we think of staying on Earth (not ending up a million miles away from the moving Earth) retaining the knowledge we possess and using it to our advantage in the past or learning from the future.

The closest thing we can come to human time travel with the current technology is to preserve ourselves by dropping the temperature. Time doesn't move more quickly, life moves more slowly. Time loses its effects as they pertain to the world around us. If we can resume consciousness years down the time road we would effectively perceive that we have traveled time.

In order to travel through time we would have to posses the ability to control all matter. Some theories I maintain of time control have time reversing or accelerating forward and effecting all matter. The task then is to retain the knowledge or imprint it upon our past or future selves. Imagine freezing a bio-chemical imprint (or whatever it takes) of ourselves and unfreezing it when time has resumed to its normal speed.

Think of everything that is happening in the universe from nanosecond to nanosecond and slice it like bread (a near infinite number per second). Tag each one with an identifier. Use these identifiers as reference points to go where you will. If you can impose just your section of the slice you will be a time traveler.

For the time being we are bound by time. It is a part of our essence and structure more than any element. It contains and governs our substance. Time is the relationship of all matter and space. For us to measure time we need matter and space and vice versa. In the beginning there was time not nothing.
I really liked your musings...Good piece of work. Your right, there is some quality thinking on this board.
Interesting musings.

I once read a short story once (by Isaac Asimov??) involving an astronaut who somehow got frozen into an icicle on Pluto. Every 10,000(??) years or so (the time it takes Pluto to revolve around the sun) Pluto would get close enough to slightly melt the icicle so that the astronaut would temporarily wake up from his cryogenic sleep so that he could look around at the stars, etc. until he refroze as Pluto started moving away again.

Life would then seem like a VERRY time-lapsed film.

I imagine that we could slow down the growth (death?) process so that you would be yourself but 100's or 1000's of years in the future. However, would the people up to and to that time in the future take care to make sure you survive the process? Would they want to wake you up? Maybe for anthropological curiousity. Also, you would then not be able to go back to tell people from your time what the future is like. I think the idea of being able to wake up in the future has totally different ramifications than travelling in time.

There is a great book on this "Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition" that talks about people who would like to project themselves into the future either by cryogenically freezing their bodies (or just their brains) or transferring their consciousnesses to computers or robots that are essentially immortal.

They even imagine developing the technology to reconstruct entire solar systems into whatever shape that suits them. At that point they may be able to create some great revolving cylinder that can distort space/time and allow them to travel back in time. But then would they be interested? Probably they would like to do it for the challenge, but they may want to spend their time fishing in particles streaming out of the universe so that the universe won't dissolve into nothingness and they can truly be immortal! Or course, one of them will get a little too ambitious, pull one particle too many in, and cause the entire universe to start collapsing towards another Big Bang, and the whole thing will start over again!!
I like your 'in the beginning...'

Further down the board I did a whole dissertation on how time is just a figment of imagination and an invention of man that arose out of causal perception in the first place.

You post here is the best anti-thesis to that concept I've seen.

Nice piece.
Hi Dave,

I believe your concept of the slicing of time refers to the theory of chronons. In fact they are much less the a nanosecond. More nearer 10^-24 or even 10^-48. It then seems logical to presume that there are "slices", or still frames between these chronons. There are an infinate (or very many) amount of events happening in the universe in just one of these slices.

You refer to using them as reference points to travel in "time". Indeed this would be the only method, as the point of destination is static and definate, therefore it is reachable.

The problem is not as much as controling all of the matter in the universe, in fact it is controling your own consciousness. Whether these "slices" actually exist or not is debatable, it is the spatial and temporal physical parameters in which you can percieve things.

The power of free-will does indeed prevail. If we wanted to time-travel then could, if we wanted to remembers the future, we could. It is that we have chosen not to, at least not yet. This reason for this choice is somewhat secret however.

Our universe is certainly not the most perfect one, but it is the one we will have chosen to live in.

We can only wait.

"It is the impatience of the time-traveler that stops him time-traveling"