"The future ain't what it used to be."

Fellow man lend me your hears.


My fellow humans In less than 9 months the first signs of the civil war will rear its head.
I have come back not for a computer this time.
I came back without authorazation and at the risk of being court marshaled and imprisoned.
But in the year 2038 the year I left something awful was happening. And it was due to the civil war and the nuclear warheads. I have only a month to inform a selected few on what to do to stop this civil war. It has to be done but I can not do it. They will come after me. The military they will find me with the help of the invaders. But I have to do this. The fate of all of Earth depends on it. What is happening now makes all before the civil war, nuclear strikes, starvation look like childs play. Those who want to know the type of people im looking for and what I need of them please PM me.

I will say this the military and new government are behind this. They have let the invaders who
announced there present to the world take full control. There technology knows no limits.
Something must be done or every human being will be extinct within 2 years.


I will have 100% positive proof of who I say I am. Video evidence of the time travel device and of it in action. There will be no doubts this time. For if I do nothing 40 years from now the human race will be extinct. The proof will come very soon. On September the 16th
at 9:00 pm eastern standard time I will reveal the proof. Spread the word on the other forums. The proof will come in the form of a video and a prediction on North Korea. A exact date of when they will show proof of there nuclear capabilities. They will within a month but I will give the exact date. I will be in and out.
Why do we need to wait until the 16th? Shouldn't you be able to divulge evidence now? Do you not want to alter the worldline or whatever by giving a prediction too far in advance so as to allow the history to be changed and you to be wrong?
And just where have you been? Zap in to my time and life, wine me dine me. You had your way with me and then you just leave? You left me with a child you know! While you have been galavanting across the space time continuum, I've been changin' diapers. You have some splainin' to do. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/mad.gif
Your shouting, repeated use of the word damn, and poor grammar and spelling, and other stylistic factors make it pretty obvious that you are NOT the same John Titor that posted back in 2000/2001.

How do we know that you are not a member of our corrupt government, sent back to try to prevent the civilian uprising before it happens?
yeah... and also, if you needed to stop this "civil war" so bad, why would you wait until there was only 9 months left and you had to hurry everything. and how would the military come and find you, if it appeared to them that you'd only been gone a few seconds... and the "worldline" thing, stopping the "civil war" would do nothing to your future, or thats what you should claim to believe.
Then it is true, perhaps?

There will be a million person Mickey Mouse March on Washington with signs saying "Mickey Mouse" and people wearing the famous counter-clockwise running "Mickey Mouse" wristwatch next year??

Gather your friends and neighbors.

On September the 16th
at 9:00 pm eastern standard time I will reveal the proof

So what's up? poser. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif
AHAHA you have to be kidding me any one who has met read or understood the concept of the story of john tittor knows that he would never say anything like that. He was a man or man to be that taught us to live our lives the way it was meant to be lived, he never used language or random hints like so POSER! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/mad.gif
I had a dream 5 nights ago about what john was talking about and who was going to strike who first and i have had this dream all my life over a space from age 11 onwards.

BUT i dont wish to talk about it at all because what we say and what we dream can lead into reality.

I would rather be part of fixing what im in control off and let the ones who make the dream fix there dreams. for if it is all true then we all fale and none of what i say will matter untill we all do it again again agian till we get it right.

weather its in this time line or the next we are all connected by the power of a dream.

and the chemical reaction we call life and love.

here is my dream again hope you feel its worth achiving
Here is my vision for time travel.
Here is my dream.
Travel at the speed of light and i hope you will see this.
The universe is a garden and the sun has a start like a seed in the ground and as it grows and moves through space solar flairs sprout from the sun like leave on the stem of a plant, the earth moves around the sun like a creaper till at the end the sun turns red and explodes like a rose opening its pettels for the first time. Humans are the pollen of the universe that will leave the earth and start life in a new garden on a new planet and continue life in the universe.
This is my dream.
Can you please teach humans how to reach out and live longer to polenate a new planet using music, movies and books and time travelling as the teacher.
All the best.
Blair A.k.a Dj TriPpEr.
Keeping the vibe alive.

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